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									                            Properties of Mineral Lab
Grade Level: 4                                                Content Area: Science (p. 220)
Created by: Kristin Odenthal & Char Soucy                     Duration: Lab: 45min +
                                                              Computer Lab: 45 min

: As a follow-up to the Guided Inquiry Lab on Page 250 “What Properties can you use to identify
minerals?” ?” in Scott Foresman’s Science Text or the “All Kinds of Rocks and Minerals” pg 19
in N.E.F’s Out of the Rock text, students will create a table in MS Word, and record their lab
data and use the web to search for (from a given website) and “copy and paste” pictures of the
minerals into their table.
Learning Outcomes (Curriculum and Technology)
Content Area
    The learner will:
     Learn about properties of minerals
     Associate pictures with mineral names
    The learner will:
     Create a table in MS Word
     Use a given search page “mineral Search” http://mineral.galleries.com/scripts/search.exe
     Import pictures from web
     Citing resources on the web
     Computer with MS Word and internet connectivity
     Data gathered from lab (page 250)
1. Complete the lab and bring lab results to the computer
2. Go to Microsoft Word
3. Center a title on a blank page (Table of the Properties of Minerals)
4. On tool bar go to Table
5. Insert>Table
6. Number of Columns (5) and Number of Rows 7
7. First box type in MINERAL
8. Tab> type in PROPERTIES
9. Use arrow keys and go to the second box in the second row and type in COLOR tab
10. Under the MINERAL column, type in the 6 minerals and fill in the properties that you
    discovered in your lab.
11. After all information is entered, go to the Mineral Search website and find a picture of each
    of your minerals to place under each mineral name.
12. To copy and paste: Go to site, right click on a picture, click on copy then go back to the table
    and place cursor under correct name, right click again and click on copy.
13. ***Have students write down the site they retrieved the pictures from. This is a perfect time
to teach the students how to cite their source. (A Technology standard) Go to Citation Machine.
http://citationmachine.net/ Students can cite the source below their table.
14. Remember to SAVE!

                                      Coeur d’Alene School District
Assessment: (Curriculum and Technology)
Content Area
    Correct lab results to determine properties of minerals
    In their science journal, students will describe the properties geologists use to identify
       rocks and minerals
    Correctly created table using Microsoft Word and correct citing of sources below table.
Extension Activities: (Optional)
Have students identify an everyday use of the minerals to include in their chart.

                                     Coeur d’Alene School District

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