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									Call for Indo-Danish proposals for strategic research
cooperation within health science biotechnology 2012
- A cooperation between the Indian Department of Biotechnology and
the Danish Council for Strategic Research
Pursuant to the Memorandum of Understanding of October 25, 2004, the Department of Biotechnology
(DBT) and the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MSTI) have decided to further
develop and strengthen the Danish-Indian research cooperation within health science biotechnology.
This call is managed jointly by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) and the Programme Commission on
Individuals, Disease and Society (PCIDS) under the Danish Council for Strategic Research (DCSR).

The call for proposals
Hereby, the DBT and the PCIDS invite scientists from universities, research institutions and private
companies in India and Denmark conducting research within the health science biotechnology area to apply
for funding of joint Indo-Danish strategic research cooperation. The total economical frame (DBT and
DCSR funding) is approx. € 3.5 million. Up to two projects may be funded. Significant co-financing as well
as the participation of relevant public or private entities other than the main applicants is expected.
Projects for a period of 3 to 5 years
The PCIDS and the DBT will support joint strategic research projects for a period of 3 to 5 years covering
direct project costs, e.g. research activities, research training (PhDs and post docs), courses and international

For both the countries it is of major importance to provide solutions by means of health science
biotechnology in order to accommodate the related challenges in a sustainable way. The objective is thus
through the present joint strategic research programme to strengthen and intensify the research effort within
these areas and to integrate the specific competencies of the Indo-Danish research groups involved.

Application for funding should be directed towards human aspects of health science biotechnology. The
following topics fall within the focus of the programme although other topics within human health
biotechnology also may be submitted
     Stem cells and cell therapy
     Nucleic acid technologies
     Lifestyle diseases - molecular aspects
     Molecular epidemiology - host and pathogen components
     Biotechnology perspectives of traditional medicine
     Cancer - molecular diagnostics and therapy
     Vaccines and diagnostics

Selection criteria and evaluation
DBT and PCIDS will select the proposals according to their respective institutional procedures and
assessment criteria. Specifically considered are (not in any order of priority):
     The societal and scientific impact and the expected outcome of the research project
     The added-value achieved through the joint cooperative research project
     The academic background and level of excellence of the involved Danish and Indian research groups
     Integration of the Indo-Danish research activities
     Managerial and scientific qualifications of the applicant and other key projects members
     Feasibility of the research project (including organisation, milestones and contingency plans)

Only proposals prioritized and selected by both sides will be funded. The final selection is to be decided by a
joint committee with representatives from both DBT and the DCSR in late 2012. The applicants will be
notified in December 2012. The funded research projects are expected to start early 2013.
    Indian Companies as defined by BIRAP, DBT.
Deadline and eligibility
Joint proposals, in English, must be submitted to both DBT and DCSR no later than 14 September 2012.

A principal investigator on either side must be identified. The Indian principal investigator applies for
funding of the Indian share of the budget at DBT (see link below). The Danish principal investigator applies
for funding of the Danish share of the budget at DCSR (see link below).

Only proposals submitted to both DBT (by the Indian principal investigator) and DCSR (by the Danish
principal investigator) are eligible for funding. The project proposal must be written jointly by Indian and
Danish researchers and must reflect unison and close cooperation. It is expected that research activities of
importance to the expected outcome are being conducted on both sides and that the project volume is evenly
balanced between Indian and Danish researchers.

Submission in Denmark
The Danish call for applications is announced at

Proposals must be submitted in Denmark through the e-application system provided at (Please remember to fill in the additional form ‘DSF Bilateral Form’)

Submission in India
The Indian call for applications is announced at DBT’s website:

Further information about the call
At the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (Danish Council for Strategic Research)

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