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									Computer Assisted Instruction

          Chapter 8 b
Computer based multi-media
   Hypermedia-uses elements of text, graphics,
    video, and audio connected so that the user
    can easily move from one section to another
    and to one difficulty level to another.
   Advantages: engrossing (deep
    involvement), multisensory, connections
    (sounds associated with the pictures),
    individualized, students can create their
    own multimedia files.
Many literature-based
multisensory programs exist.
   Lessons contain literature, music, math, art,
    and science activities.
    •   Fairy tales
    •   realistic fiction
    •   science fiction
    •   biography
    •   historical fiction.
Word processing packages:
   Offer students an opportunity to express
    their opinions about books
   Word choice is expanded by the instant
    thesaurus. Writing the vocabulary word
    helps to internalize its meaning.
   Written passages are easily rewritten,
    improved, and edited.
Using the word processor adds
keyboarding to the curriculum.
   Students are taught to type as quickly as
    they write: about 15 wpm.
   This involves about six weeks of
    keyboarding practice 30 m/wk. Packaged
    lessons such as Mavis Beacon work well.
   Instruction in the use of editing tools: cut
    paste, etc. also take away writing time.
Teachers could write their own
instructional software.
   Studymate offers drill and practice for
    content area facts.
   Spelling programs can be tailor made to
    individual words. Spelling errors are
    collected from the writing. A individual list
    is made and students learn to spell these
4 Kinds of Computer Software:
   1.   Drill and practice-
   2.   Tutorial-
   3.   Simulation-
   4.   Learning game-
Instructional Principles involving
computer software:
   Plan for CAI (computer assisted instruction)
   Students should have interaction with the
   Tell the students the objective of the lesson.
   Vary the programs; monitors students for
    on-task behavior.
   Students work well in pairs at the computer.
   Effective teachers of reading use a variety
    of materials and instructional procedures.
   The Basic reader uses current research and
    offers: developmental reading and
    application transfer.
   Other means are necessary for recreational
    reading, content reading and functional
4 method of teaching reading:
   Basal readers
   Literature based programs
   Whole language philosophy
   Individualized reading

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