University of Pennsylvania School of Arts and Sciences Dissertation Fellowship by STB7n70v


									            Kieran Margaret Snyder
                    740 Bellevue Avenue East, Apt. 601, Seattle, WA 98102
                                      (206) 679-1373

Objective             To obtain a position in which I can use my background in computational
                      linguistics and languages.

Education             2003    University of Pennsylvania; Philadelphia, PA
                      Ph.D. Linguistics and Cognitive Science
                              Research/coursework in computational linguistics, language policy,
                                formal linguistics, sociolinguistics, localization, and writing systems
                              10 published papers in professional journals/conference proceedings
                              Several creative writing stories published in literary magazines
                              Over 15 talks and presentations given in seminars, workshops,
                      1996    University of Pennsylvania; Philadelphia, PA
                      B.A. Linguistics; Math Minor
                              summa cum laude; Phi Beta Kappa

Honors and Awards     2003 – 2004 Javits/WA Writing Fellowship
                      2001 – 2002 University of Pennsylvania School of Arts and Sciences
                                  Dissertation Fellowship
                      2001        Dean’s Award for Distinguished Teaching, University of
                                  Pennsylvania School of Arts and Sciences
                      1999        Linguistic Society of America, Fellowship for Summer Institute
                      1997 – 2001 Jacob K. Javits Fellow
                      1997        Institute for Research in Cognitive Science Fellow
                      1996        University Fellow (research fellowship)
                      1995        Distinguished Visiting Scholar, University College London;
                                  Summer Research Fellow, National Science Foundation

Linguistics and       2004 --                       Linguistic Program Manager, Volt at Microsoft
Lexicography          Contractor working on globalization support for new languages in Windows.
                      Providing linguistic analysis of new languages and complex script support for
                      linguistic collation. Generating and maintaining new language corpora for
                      testing. Contributing to spec and designing UI for new linguistic collation tool.
                      Working with developers, language experts, and localizers.

                      2002 – 2003               Linguistic Analyst, Franklin Electronic Publishing
                      Generated, edited, and maintained speech corpora of English, French, and
                      Tahitian for use in computational linguistics as language and localization
                      2002                          Resident, University Child Development School
                      Research and teaching fellow at lab school. Designed language acquisition
                      studies and consulted on curriculum development.
                      2000 – 2002             Linguistic Analyst/Tester, Linguistic Data Consortium
                      Built, maintained, and tested large text and speech corpora for several languages
                      for public availability to linguists and computational linguists.
                      1997 – 2003        Reviewer and Editor, Penn Working Papers in Linguistics
                      Solicited and edited articles for major journal and assisted with publication.
                      1997-2000                        CAMP Project, University of Pennsylvania
                      Member of team working on computational text analysis system. Tasks included
                      programming, research, and editing large group publication/user documentation.

Service               2000 – 2002           Coordinator, Language Games Summit, University of
                      Coordinated language games event for undergraduates. Solicited and wrote
                      games and puzzles for the event.
                      2000 Administrator/Instructor, Service-Learning Program, University of
                      Pennsylvania and University City High School
                      Worked with undergrad and grad students interested in instructing in local high
                      school. Organized and presented seminars for teachers. Taught ninth and tenth
                      graders. Designed and implemented new language curriculum.
                      1999 – 2000                      Student member, faculty hiring committee
                      Worked with faculty committee to select and interview candidates for tenure-
                      track faculty position.
                      1998 – 2002                   Fieldworker, minority language communities
                      Conducted interviews with speakers of Tahitian, Tahitian French, and Hmong in
                      New York-Philadelphia. Completed ethnolinguistic study. Co-founded Hmong
                      Language Ed. Center.
                      1998 – 2002                                       WEPIC Outreach Advisor
                      Advised /tutored high school students and working adults in West Philadelphia.
                      1998 – 2001                                 Academic Mentorship Program
                      Advised undergraduate women interested in science and math.
                      1998 – 1999                               Treasurer, Penn Linguistics Club
                      Oversaw budget and allocation of department funds.
                      1997 – 1999                                    Student representative to faculty
                      Represented and lobbied for student interests in departmental faculty meetings.
                      Major accomplishments include revamping student qualifying exam system and
                      formalizing protocol for faculty advising of students.
                      1997 – 1998                Chair, 22nd Annual Penn Linguistics Colloquium
                      Organized major field conference. PLC22 met February 28-March 1, 1999.

Teaching Experience   Instructor, University of Pennsylvania
                            Summer 2000; Summer 2001 Taught grammar course with focus on
                              oral and written skills. Basics of composition and introduction to
                              linguistics in addition to review of prescriptive grammar.
                            1999-2000 Summers; Spring 2000 Taught several ESL courses. Focus
                              on developing both conversational and writing skills as appropriate for
                              use in college coursework.
                      Teaching Assistant, University of Pennsylvania, Spring 2001; Spring 1997.
                      Teaching assistant for interdisciplinary introduction to cognitive science course.
                      Co-instructor, University of Pennsylvania, Fall 1999; Spring 1998. Taught
                      section of course on linguistics and literature.

Languages & Skills    Reading and speaking knowledge: French
                      Reading/some speaking knowledge: Spanish, German, Tahitian, Tongan,
                               Hawaiian, Hmong.
                      Reading knowledge: Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polynesian languages
                      Computer skills: HTML, Office, LaTeX, SPSS, Varbrul

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