When A Rivalry Into A Friendship

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					When A Rivalry Into a Friendship

Persija yes I am a supporter Persija, bitter and sweet when supporting this club has a lot of how I feel, a
lot of stories when I can see the support and celebrate the winners at this club in 2001 was a memory
that I could never forget, and in 2005 I almost lost his life at that time there was a commotion distadion
GBK Senayan fairly large with Roma supporters who Persija in the final league opponent, but I still
allhamdulillah given by allah swt age until now, until I wrote this article.

Sometimes I also feel offended when Persija supporters often blame ya for example dikambing ever say
"well if Persija definitely play jakarta jam" I think people who berpikirian like that, only a fool ya wong
wrote jakarta Persija not already playing really bad yes so do not blame Persija and supporternya.

There is another that says "if you play certain violent Persija" Well again I say only a fool would have
thought like that, ya do not at all average out Persija supporters rioted. Many among the thousands of
supporters Persija really come to the stadium in an orderly entry into the stadium to buy tickets as well
as other supporters-supporters think of me personally they do not all like the unrest even among
already saturated with violence.

For example, supporters and supporters persib Persija it like cats and dogs, she said I could not tell
which one is a cat which the dog so this is just an example only, the hostility is arguably the second
supporter is rooted so to reconcile the two supporter is very difficult so even though I believe one day it
can get along well both supporters and sit together in the stadium.
For example I, indeed I used to hate viking (persib supporters) because I've had no experience when he
met some people wear these when visiting supporters to the ground Pasundan, so land base persib
supporters, precisely the peak area ketchup bottles when I'm rest with the parents and I'm want to buy
cigarettes I met with some of these supporters, as it was I was wearing an orange shirt there is a symbol
of football club I support (Persija). I am suddenly approached them, when one of them was about to hit
came a few bobotoh (persib supporters) who tried to intervene and protect me.

Well luckily there was some bobotoh that had protected me if they do not exist may not know what will
happen next to me. Of the incident I had while making my judgments have to get rid of hatred to all the
supporters' persib "was not all like that.

Since the incident I tried to open ties to some of the supporters' persib "and allhamdulillah now I have
some friends who should be a rival for the club that I support. Already many are fed up with this hostility
and tired of seeing so many have fallen victims of the two supporters, the victim of a fall when the
football club, which meets or when only accidentally met on the road.

Is it wrong if that should become our rival even become our friends, and whether it is prohibited
spertinnya not return to us each.
The point is respect each other and how we respect them and they will respect us.

We are tired of this feud, we're tired of seeing would fall victim to this when hostilities in the preserve.
We're tired, we were tired to hell for all of you who think this is important let our enmity and friendship
let us go together even though we are rivals.

Inside the stadium we are rivals, but outside of the stadium we were friends

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