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									A Reality

Article that I made this time to discuss a possible nature of the gw is meaningful in everyday life i.

A little story that I get from the moment I own spiritual teacher explains what the essence, I was more
interested to listen to while studying and then I take the meanings that are stored in each story that I
have given to themselves.

Anyone know about the science of "Sufi" The science is also very closely related to the nature, explore
the science of Sufism is to make i happy because i know the truth there is right and even the truth, I
often talk only in doctrine with the strayed far without seeing again the truth of the words and the
lesson I ever got.

Examples of such lyrics old song from the neighboring country, the song of the climate - the sacred in
the dust. if we look and we absorb the meaning of the songs stored on it is to have a very deep meaning
in our everyday lives.

lyricsnya like this:

You like clear water
In the dusty files
zahirnya dirt was visible
Nevertheless protected the sanctity of

Love is not just in the eyes
Love is present in the soul
Let wrong in their eyes
Let our differences seen between

* I expect you're right thanks
Although despised
But the essence of our love
We are feeling

Reff: one day it would glow
we will open the door step with
where we saw the nature shine
dust so precious, so precious hina

not imaginary that I give
but the belief that real
flaming sea of love
nevertheless bound to kurenang

I discuss a little the meaning of this song I know what spiritual teachers have taught gw gw :)

In the first stanza:
You like clear water in the beam In the dusty dirt looks Purity Zahirnya nevertheless protected

Like a truth that's the ultimate truth which is always covered with dust and dirt, but when the dust was
opened he would shine one day, the word "zahir" which means to shine brightly proverbial dirt that
covered a one day the truth will shine brightly, and would eventually be open to dust and dirt that
covered all the truth. when an opinion which we consider to be very true and can not be refuted, but for
others it is not necessarily true opinion might even be wrong.

In the second stanza:
Love is not just in the eyes of love exists in the soul Let the wrong in their eyes Let me see the difference
between our

Love is not only present in the eyes of love the soul in this sense. when we love anything, anyone, and
because whatever, that love must come from the soul the sincere rather than just the eye alone, let it
always wrong in their eyes and just look at the differences between us because there are only
differences that can judge our own not them or anyone else.

In the third stanza:
Although I expect you to accept my despised us, but the nature of love we are feeling

Because the real nature of love that only we who feel like the meaning that is in the second stanza, for
the truth in love we are to understand not only other people that is why we are in view of the abject and
true nature is always in view either because they never know the true nature of the like.

In the fourth stanza:
Surely someday it will open our doors shine together in the step where we saw the nature of the dust
shine so precious, so precious hina

In the fourth stanza of this has to do with the first verse, second and third, it is true that one day the
truth we hold dear while many people who deny the truth it must be lighted and the door will open and
we walked along in question here is, we and our determination to maintain the truth, keeping a nature
that we believe it is true that step with us. and if the time has come that originally turned into clean and
dirty and humble glow will be turned into a very noble.

In the last stanza to stanza five:
Not imaginary, but the belief that I give it a real sea of fiery love would have nevertheless kurenang
Not delusional that is given but the real fact. It is correct because the heart never gave an imaginary but
always deliver tangible reality if we can hold fast to the truth of a nature that we believe is right in the
heart of this then it is not a fantasy anymore but will be turned into a reality and when he had a feel for
what the name of love that comes from the heart of the deepest lake of fire which broke out in front of
us we will come back again to pass because we can maintain the courage of a true nature.

Indeed uphold a nature not as easy as what we think or do not as easy as writing in the article that I
made this time, they need to fight hard to keep a nature that we believe to be true it still resides in this
heart that knows when it's out of a nature the heart and shows it to everyone who might have denied
the essence of what we believe and we think is right.

Teacher I ever say "sin does not necessarily make us go to hell and the rewards do not necessarily make
us go to heaven" is an essence which he held firm until the end was the same now that I make as a way
of life i. does not mean we should not sin and we think "yet we sin was not necessarily go to hell" it is
very wrong with this word is actually the more confident we are going to live this life with a straight path
even though sometimes we make mistakes due to human where err, it's perfect man "perfect in the
sense of can do anything, can not sin and can do good" depends on the man himself wanted to go to
heaven or to hell.

If you are thirsty then you will ask me about what you do not understand and I'd be happy to open the
tap water for yourself to relieve your thirst thirsty.

I hope this article useful for the read and hopefully this article I can make my friends all the more
convincing the liver in maintaining a nature :)

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