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					    What is Sufism?

        Ahmed Mirza M.D.
   Naqshbandiya Foundation for
Islamic Education ( )
 In The Name of God,Most
Compassionate,Most Merciful
Greetings of Peace
 Peace be with you
    Al-Fatiha-Opening Surah
  In the Name of God,the Compassionate,the
        The Owner of Day of Judgement
   Thee we worship&inThee we seek refuge
         Guide us upon the straight path
 The path of those to whom Thou art gracious
Not of those upon whom Thine anger has fallen,
           Nor of those who are stray
–   “Islamic Spirituality”
–   “Sufism”
–   “Islamic Mysticism”
–   “Esotericism”
– Purification of the heart
– Perfection and excellence
– Most Beautiful
– Knowledge of Certainty
– Vision of Certainty
– Essence of Certainty
      Terminology (contd.)
– Islamic law
– Sufi path, Way
– Gnosis
– Truth, Reality
           Origin of Sufism
– “Purity”- to purify the heart
– “The First Rank”
– “Companions of the bench”
– “wool”
 What is Tasawwuf(Sufism)?

What is Tasawwuf? Good character and
awareness of God.
That’s all Tasawwuf is. And nothing more

.What is Tasawwuf? Love and affection.
It is the cure for hatred and vengeance. And
nothing more

What is Tasawwuf? The heart attaining
which is the root of religion. And nothing
What is Tasawwuf(Sufism)?

What is Tasawwuf? Concentrating your mind,
which is the religion of Ahmad (pbuh). And nothing

What is Tasawwuf? Contemplation that travels to the
Divine throne.
It is a far-seeing gaze. And nothing more.

Tasawwuf is keeping one’s distance from
imagination and supposition.
Tasawwuf is found in certainty. And nothing more.
 What is Tasawwuf(Sufism)?

Surrendering one’s soul to the care of the
inviolability of religion;
this is Tasawwuf. And nothing more.

Tasawwuf is the path of faith and affirmation of
this is the incorruptible religion. And nothing more.

Tasawwuf is the smooth and illuminated path.
It is the way to the most exalted paradise. And
nothing more.
 What is Tasawwuf(Sufism)?

 I have heard that the ecstasy of the wearers of wool
comes from finding the taste of religion. And nothing
             Tasawwuf is nothing but shari’at.
      It is just this clear road. And nothing more.
    Quran & Sunnah

“One  cannot be a Benedictine
without being a Christian or a
Sufi without being a Muslim.
There is no Sufism without
William Stoddart
“He who practices Sufism without
 learning Islamic Law (Shariah)
 corrupts his faith, while he who learns
 Islamic Law without practicing Sufism
 corrupts himself. Only he who
 combines the two proves to be true.”
 Imam Malik
Shariah consists of 3
khlas)Until all 3 are realized,Shariah cannot be
fulflled. When Shariah is fulfilled,the pleasure of
God Almighty results&this is superior to all forms
of happiness.The Shariah is gaurantor of all
happiness both in this world&hereafter.Tariqah
is servant of Shariah&perfects the
Sincereity(Ikhlas). Ahmad Sirhindi (d.1624)
“ Shariah is my words
     (aqwali) ,

Tariqah is my my actions

Haqiqah is my interior states


Shariah (Law),Tariqah (Way)and
Haqiqah(Experience)are mutually interdependent
– No organic link with Islam
Racist Theory
– European Orientalists
Bad Innovation
– Muslim Fundamentalists
Islamic Mysticism
– Paranormal State
Islamic Esotericism
– Inner Dimension without Outer
Social Withdrawal, Opium
       Hadith Gabriel
What is Islam? Submission,Surrender
      What is Iman? Faith,Belief.
What is Ihsan? Perfection&Excellence

“A state of being such that when you pray you
so adore God as though you see Him or at
least realize inwardly that if you do not see
Him, He nevertheless sees you.”

Ihsan means doing good and being kind to
           Body, Mind,Spirit
Islam                Iman
Doing                knowing,
Rituals,             faith,
Social,              reason
Personal             Articles of Faith
Five Pillars         TheologyPhilosophy
Fiqh                 Theologian,
Jurist               Philosopher
virtue&goodness,deepest awareness of
self&direct communion with Ultimate
Reality- God.
Developing traits&virtues of Prophets,
Adam --to- ---Muhammad
      Goals of Sufism
“Acquire attributes of God”
 – Takhhaluque bi akhlaquillah
“Die before your death”
 – Mootoo qabla unta Mootoo
“The faithful is the mirror of the faithful”
 – Al-mumin mirat al-mumin
To acquire nearness of God (Qurb)
 – Practice Ihsan
        Goals of Sufism
To achieve contented self (Nafs-ul-
To cultivate God awareness (Taqwa)
To transform self (Tazkiya-e-Nafs)
– Removing the bad habits and acquiring the
  good manners
Sufis:Love ofGod&His Creation

 All people are the children of God on earth
“ Oh God! I bear witness that all Thy creatures
 are brothers”Hadith
“ Why this meaningless talk about the
 the kafir, the obedient, the sinner,
 the rightly guided, the misdirected, the
 the pious, the infidel, the fire worshipper?
 All are like beads in a rosary.”
                    Abdul Quddus of Gangoh
 The Contribution of Indian Sufis to Peace and Amity.K.A.Nizami
   Sufis:Love of God&Creation
            Adopt the ways of God
  To reflect in one’s own thought and activity the
  attributes of God.
“ Higher spiritual life is nothing but service of
  humanity, It is not (chanting) the rosary,
  (remaining on the) prayer carpet or (wearing)
  coarse garments.”Nizamuddin
  To identy service of God with the service of
  The Contribution of Indian Sufis to Peace and Amity.K.A.Nizami
  Sufis:Love of God&Creation
            Unity of Divine Revelation.
“Say: We make no difference between them (prophets of
God)” Quran:3:78
“All these religions and faiths are branches of the same
tree,They have sprouted from one and the same
root.”Shah Niaz Ahmad

“Learn from the eyes the way to develop,unity and
 oneness.The two eyes appear different
 but their vision is one.”

    The Contribution of Indian Sufis to Peace and Amity.K.A.Nizami
        Words of Wisdom
The intension of Fasting&Prayer is to transform
the earthly qualities into higher qualities & to
discover the essence of Humanity within &
becoming knowledgeable of the essence of self,
a doorway to understanding Divine,as
“Whoever knows one’s self,knows one’s
God”&”Whoever purifies one’s self for forty
days,the spring of knowledge will flow from his
heart onto his tongue” Said the Prophet(PBUH)
“The best people are those
    who are useful to
   Junaid Baghdadi(830-910)
     'The Eight Qualities of the Sufi'
Liberality such as that of Abraham;
Acceptance of his lot, as Ismail accepted;
Patience, as possessed by Job;
Capacity to communicate by symbolism, as
in the case of Zachariah;
Estrangement from his own people, which was
the case with John;
Woollen garb like the shepherd's mantle of
Journeying, like the travelling of Jesus;
Humility, as Muhammad had humility of spirit

Perfection&Excellence in Shariah
Dhikr:Spiritual method to cleanse Heart
“ Invocation,Remembrance, Mention.”
   Allah,Lailaha illalah,99 Names
      Salutations on Prophet

“Invoke the Name of thy Lord and devote
 thyself to him with utter devotion” (Sura of
 the Enshrounded one, 8)

“Verily in the remembrance of God do
 hearts find rest” (Sura of the Thunder, 28)

“Remember Me and I shall remember you.”
 (152)Sura of the Cow,
               Sufi Orders
– Abdul Qadir al-Jilani (d.561/1166)
– Abdul Qadir Abu Najib as-Suhrawardi (d 564/1168)
– Abul Hasan ash-Shadhli (1196-1258)
– Muinuddin Chishti (d.633/1236)
– Bahauddin Naqshband (1317-1389)
        Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani
Eminent Scholar of     Founder of the Qadiriya Sufi
Shariah(Islamic        order, Spiritual Pole of his
Law)&Tariqah(Sufism)   time , Al-Gaus al-Azam
         Suhrawardiya Order
Shaykh Shihab al-Din   He is the author of the
`Umar b. `Abd Allah    celebrated 'Awarif al-
al-Suhrawardi (1144-   ma'arif, an excellent
1234)was a model of    text of Sufism.
                       KNOWLEDGE for
orthodox moderation,   ENCOUNTERING GOD:
founder of the great   Qamar-Ul Huda, Fons Vitae
Suhrawardiya Sufi
           Chishtiya Order
  Muin ad-Din Chishti (1141-1230) known as
Gharib Nawaz is the most famous Sufi saint
   of the Chishti Order of South Asia.He
 taught,renunciation, strict self-discipline,
personal prayer; Sama, independence from
        rulers, generosity to others,
    tolerance and respect for religious
     Muin ad-Din Chishti
“to develop river-like generosity, sun-
like affection and earth-like
hospitality.” The highest form of
devotion, according to him, was “to
redress the misery of those in distress
– to fulfill the needs of the helpless
and to feed the hungry.”
Shah Shahidullah Faridi (1915-1978)
Born in England,Studied at Oxford,read the
Sufi treatise Kashful Mahjub, left his home in
search of a Sufi shaikh. In India, he met Syed
Zauqi Shah.,became his spiritual
successor&lived in Karachi,Pakistan for 30
years.He was a renowned writer on spiritual
matters, and was regarded as having great
clarity and insight. One of his most famous
books is Inner Aspects of Faith.
      Naqshbandiya Order
Baha-ud-Din Naqshband Bukhari,(1318-
1389)Initiatic chain, from the Prophet
Muhammad to Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, use of
the silent invocation of God (dhikr); and a
strong adherence to the shariah( Islamic
         Naqshbandiya Order
Naqshband”naqsh= "engraving“=engraving the
name of Allah in the heart, Band="bond“=link
between the individual and his Creator.
Naqshband means "image-maker," "Pattern
Maker“ "Reformer of Patterns",Way of the
Chain" or "Golden Chain”. Naqshbandi follower
has to practice his prayers and obligations
according to the Glorious Qur'an and the
Sunnah of the Prophet (s) and to keep the
Presence &Love of Allah alive in his/her heart all
the times with practice of silent dhikr.
 (FAITH, PRACTICE and PIETY,BOOK REVIEW by Ibrahim B. Syed, Ph.D., )
          Naqshbandiya Branches:

       Yasavi- Ahmad Yasavi,d.1167

 Mujaddidi- Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindi d.1624

 Khalidi,- Mawlana Khalid Baghdadi d.1827,
The Khalidi Sufi network spread throughout
the Turkish,Central Asian, and Arab world
but was strongest in Anatolia and Kurdistan.
  Shaykh Muhammad Masum
Spiritual guide of Naqshbandoya
Foundation,Islamic scholar renowned for
his depth of spiritual wisdom, radiated a
sincere, humble, yet uncompromising
piety. He transformed the lives of people
over six decades. He was living example
of “The learned scholars of my community
are the heirs of the prophets”Hadith.
     Shaykh Muhammad Masum
Mawlana Khalid Baghdadi(1779-1827)
Shaykh ‘Uthman Siraj ad-Din (1781-1867).
Shaykh Muhammad Baha’ ad-Din (1837-1881),
Shaykh ‘Umar Diya’ ad-Din (1839-1901),
Shaykh Muhammad Najm ad-Din (1863- 1918),
Shaykh Muhammad ‘Ala’ ad-Din(1863- 1954)
Shaykh Uthman Sira al-Din 11(1896-1997)
Shaykh Muhammad Masum Naqshbandi d.2007
 Shaykh Masum Naqshbandi(R.A)
Shaykh Masum   Biarah,Khanqah
Shaykh Muhammad Masum(R.A)
Biarah Naqshbandi Khanqah-Mosque
 Shaykh Muhammad Masum(R.A)
Shaykh Masum at Mawlid-un-Conference,Chicago
  with Shayukh of Qadriya,Rifaiya,Chishtiya
Abu’l-Hassan ash-Shadhili d.1258
 Shadhiliya Order -Principles
In solitudity and in public,
should always be afraid of
Should follow Shariah in
speech and deed.
In prosperity and poverty,
happiness and sorrow, good
and bad, should not beg to
the creations but to the
When God shows his mercy
less or more, should be
Thankful to God.
In joy and sorrow, fortune
and misfortune ,should
believe that everything is
from God.
Shaykh Nooruddin Durkee
Founder of the Lama
Study Center(ISC),Dar
al-Islam Foundation in
Abiquiu New Mexico
Director of an-Noor
Educational Trust and
Green Mountain School.
Books : The
Transliterated Tajwidi
"Orisons" and
"Origins“, Embracing
Shaykh Nuh Ha Mim Keller
American Muslim,Born in 1954 in Odessa,WA
Educated at U of Chicago and UCLA., studied
  traditional Islamic Sciences at Al-Azhar.

Umdat al-Salik (Reliance of Traveller)
Al-Maqasid: Imam Nawawi's Manual of Islam;
Sunni Path: A Handbook of Islamic Belief;
Tariqa Notes (on the Shadhilli path).
Imam Nawawi's Kitab al-Adhkar (Book of
Rememberance of Allah)
Shaykh Nuh Mim Keller
    Shaykha Fariha Jerrahi

Born into a socially committed, eclectic Catholic
family in Houston, in 1947. At the age of 19 she
began a conscious search for God. Ten years
later she met her teacher, Shaykh Muzaffer
Ozak of Istanbul. became the disciple of Lex
Hixon, called Shaykh Nur al-Jerrahi. Nur
envisioned a radical and illumined path of the
heart which he called Universal Islam. When
Shaykh Nur passed in 1995, Fariha took on the
role of guiding the Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi Order.
     Shaykha Fariha Jerrahi
Through this lineage, she and her
representatives offer the nectar of teachings of
the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him,
which guide the seeker to self-knowledge and
immersion in God. The sacred practices of zikr,
prayer, charitable living, fasting and retreat are
all embraced.
Every Thursday, Fariha with her husband Ali and
the dervishes invite all seekers into the circle of
zikr at the Masjid al-Farah in New York City

          Sufism is the way of love
“My heart has opened unto ever form: it is
 a pasture for gazelles, a cloister for
 Christian monks, a temple for idols, the
 Ka’ba of the pilgrim, the tables of the
 Torah, and the book of the Quran. I
 practice directions its caravans advance,
 the religion of Love shall be my religion
 and my faith.”
 Shaykh al-Akbar Muhyi ‘d-Din ibn ‘Arabi
Come, come, whoever you are,
Wanderer, idolater, worshiper of fire,
Come even though you have broken your
vows a thousand times,
Come, and come yet again.
Ours is not a caravan of despair
   Be Tolerant Like Sea: Rumi
In generosity and           In modesty and
helping others, be like a   humility,be like the
River                       earth
In compassion and
grace, be like the Sun       In tolerance be like Sea
In concealing other's         Either apear as you
faults, be like the Night   are,or be as you appear
In anger and fury, be
like Dead
               Thanks To My Son
                JUNAID MIRZA

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