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  A publication by the Rotary Club of Breakfast Point

    The Club meets every Thursday at 7.15 am at the

                 Breakfast Point Country Club

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         To the Point - Thursday 3rd July, 2008 – Issue No. 2
Presidents Page
                        Thank you for all the people who went to
                        "check out" the Capitals on Friday night at the
                        Ashfield RSL. They had a wonderful time
                        although there might have been a few stiff
                        muscles the next day.
                         There was some talk about some becoming
                        Capitals "groupies" but we can report that the
                        Capitals will be terrific at our Jazz in the Park
                        on Sunday 14th September. Do you realise that
                        that is just 10 weeks away so this is an urgent
                        plea for everyone to start to focus on this
project. We need everyone to have a task and be able to carry out the
activities without having to rely upon just a few. We'll review where
we are at this mornings meeting. Please put you hand up to help in
whatever way you can.
The issue of the Board composition is also pressing. We have most
positions filled but we need to formally adopt the structure. We need
to get this small but important issue sorted.
I'd encourage people to bring guests especially where the speaker
has a topic that you believe would interest them. Just let Margery
know. We need to decide but some Clubs offer prospective member
a "free" first meeting as a guest of the Club. Other always charge.
Where guests offer to pay, we would accept the money. We need you
feedback. We also need the full details of guests so that we can
follow up with them.
Also any topics or speakers to Terry. Either Pam or I will send a
thank you note but we need their full name and address.
I thought that Adam Ordush, last week's speaker was passionate
about supporting the children of Nepal. Understanding that we can't
always help everyone who comes to our Club, do you think that we
should do something to support their efforts. One thing we can do is
put him in touch with RAWCS (Rotary Australia World Community
Service) which consolidates the collection of and shipping of needed
items to overseas countries. As far as I know, Nepal is on their list.
What do you think? We should have a RAWCS coordinator in our Club
- would you like to help?
Also we need to get our Social Committee into action. Terry has
taken a lead here. Would you like to assist him?
Let’s enjoy our meeting today.
Brian Lawrenson
Last Week’s Report
 Mr and Mrs Barry Britten (parents of our Stephen Britten) and from
  Holyroyd Rotary attended our meeting to ‘complete the Charter
  Night gift’ which was to provide a most attractive Rotary Emlem
  top for our bell – well done Holyroyd Rotary!
 ‘Jazz-in-the-Park’ Update
   Major prize(s) are still ‘in limbo’
   We may need to purchase ‘something of substance’ for our
    ‘prestige Raffle’
   We need to have raffle tickets finalised by the end of July to
    ensure raffle tickets are available for selling ASAP
   Doug Pritchard has contacted Concord Hospital regarding the
    particular project that we will be supporting;
 Rotary Dinner at Breakfast Point Country Club on 19th July
   70 is the maximum number that can be catered for.
   Appears there will be an opportunity to invite friends to this
 Members’ replies to ‘Outside Rotary Meeting’ Activities sheet has
  been assessed by Terry Keenan.
   Results indicate that ‘dining experiences’, musicals and theatre
    would be well supported by members.
   Next step is to decide the format of this initiative as well as get
    someone to ‘run with it’.
 Treasurer indicated that our annual levy will be $240 (a small
  increase needed to the original amount.
 Chrissie had exciting news about our involvement in sponsoring
  two girls from Burwood Girls’ High to the Science Forum
 Design of our Club’s banner was discussed.
   Terry Keenan once again supplied two ‘mock-up’ designs for our
    members’ consideration.
 Design of our Club’s aprons was discussed
   Two configurations were shown for our members’ consideration.
                     Induction of Alex Ebert
We were very honoured to be present at the induction of our new
member, Mr Alex Ebert.
Brian Lawrenson and Macia Hampton-Taylor officiated and we all
benefited from Brian’s and Marcia’s discussion of the ideals and
aims of the Rotary movement.
New member Alex gave a most gracious speech indicating that he
was looking forward to participating in Breakfast Point Rotary’s
endeavours in servicing our community.

         To the Point - Thursday 3rd July, 2008 – Issue No. 2
          Adam Ordish from the MITRAA Foundation
We were indeed privileged to be addressed by this truly impressive
young man, who spends so much time in Nepal focussing on
providing education opportunities for women and girls. The
Foundation was founded by Adam and his wife Bec after spending
five years in Nepal as volunteer teachers. It was the Nepalese
‘warmth, generosity and spirit’ which inspired them to do something
more after competing their initial stint.
One interesting MITRAA initiative is the “Daisy Chain – Women
Empowerment” which costs $AU1k to sponsor 20 women to provide
education, business planning, seed money and ongoing further
monitoring support for up to one year.
It was a joy to listen to Adam and his love of Nepal and the Nepalese
people was truely uplifting.

Duties Schedule
Duty                     This Week (10/7)         Next week (17/7)
Set up & Clear           Kerry Brooks             Kerry Brooks
Meet & Greet             Stephen Britten          Ethnee Brooks
Reporter                 Kerry Brooks             Kerry Brooks
Speaker Intro            Tom Croker               Karen Mortimer
Speaker Thanks           Terry Keenan             Barry Petersen
Meeting Chairman         Brian Lawrenson          Brian Lawrenson
What’s On
Date    Speaker                      Topic
3/7     Adam Ordish                  Member of Mitrataa and will talk
                                     about Nepal and their work there.
10/7    Neil Kennan                  Town Planner and on the inside of
                                     recent Wollongong
                                     Council scandal
17/7    None planned                 Time for three on me.
24/7    TBA                          TBA
31/7    TBA                          TBA
7/8     Silma Ihram                  Muslim/aussie cultural
14/8    TBA                          TBA
21/8    Donna Cleary                 Actress. songs and stories

Reminders:       Rotary Dinner Sat 19th July at BP Country Club

Photos, topics, comments, reports to Kerry Brooks:

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