How to Study for Dr. Maynes� Chemistry Tests by HC120626173214


									How to Study for Dr. Maynes’
      Chemistry Tests
          And get A’s
• You do take class notes, don’t you?
  – Helps to remember the material
  – Going over them refreshes your memory
  – Use them in conjunction with the Unit Review
     • Makes sure you look at the most important stuff
• Review the homework problems
  – Some may be questions on the test
  – Take notes when we go over them
  – Ask questions about the ones you do not
  – Keep them in your notebook for review
     • Which is easier to do if you answered in complete
       sentences as you were supposed to
• Introduces new concepts or provides practice
• May provide another way to look at the
  material compared to the “lectures”
• Again, a good source of problems for the tests
• Since Dr. Maynes is available, this is a good
  time to get one-on-one help without giving up
  your lunch period
• Keep Building Skills, Chem Quandaries and
  Modeling Matters – read over before test
• Not just a time to socialize and play
• Often reproduced in some way on the test
  – Questions
  – Problems/calculations
  – Simulated data sets
• Ask questions when returned
• Save lab reports in your notebook
• Review before test
• Quizzes highlight important stuff
• You should expect to see it again
  – Sometimes the same question!
  – Sometimes re-worded or extended
• Study the quizzes
• Make sure you know what you got wrong and
  what is the right answer
      Dr. Maynes’ Review Notes
• Designed to guide your study
• Highlight important points
• Suggests definitions to emphasize
• Actually mentions 95 – 99% of material in
  questions on the test
• If you don’t recognize and recall something
  you read in the handout, find time to ask
  about it
                  The Book
• You are expected to have read the
• The best way to “read” a science textbook is
  to take some notes while doing so
  – Make believe you are making up “crib notes” on
    index cards
  – Then use the cards to study
• There’s very little of chemistry to “memorize”
• Most of it is relationships and logic
• But memorize:
  – Certain few constants and key values
  – Names and symbols
  – Information available from the periodic Table on
    the wall and how to figure it out
  – Certain few mathematical formulas

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