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									                       Worldwide Shoes Product with Cost-effective Prices

Happy to gather the shoes of famous brand? Now has many international famous brands that
provide selections at reasonable costs, but still certified. Here are some of the international brand
choice can be selected to add to your shoe collection:\

A. Everbest

Retail shoe shops are present in nations such as Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia, the selling
shoes with informal designs for men and women. Beginning from the model of loafers, pitching
wedges and many shoes for work or for spare time. Product of shoes that had was standing since
1979 is also often provide reductions, such as offering 'Buy One Get One' for the selection of
shoes and bags that are usually held in mid-year.

2. Charles and Keith

Retail shoe store assistant from Singapore has become one of the favorite brand in Philippines.
Until now the company has had more than 270 shops in more than 30 nations around the world.
The design is edgy and stylish, and details studed and pet produced a feature of this brand. For
the cost, the selection of Charles and Keith begins from Rp 200 million to Rp 700 countless

3. Vincci

Malaysia-made shoes are quite popular in the birthplace. In Philippines alone, these shoes are
traded with a brand VNC. For the normal cost, VNC shoes priced from Rp 200 countless
numbers, but when reductions or early summer, this brand usually provide eye-catching the best
costs beginning from Rp 100 countless numbers.

4. Noche

Noche is a kind of shoes from The country. Noche shoes marketed beginning from Rp. 150
countless numbers. One presented a selection of smooth shoes brand is a simple and fashionable.
5. Jessica Claire

Brand from Stone (standing in Czechoslovakia) is, released a selection of womens shoes which
range from shoes, apartments, pitching wedges and high heel shoes cheaply. In addition to the
store Jessica Claire, you can also find a selection of these shoes in the Bata shoe store. The cost
provided by Jessica Claire begins from Rp 100 million for the selection of shoes and smooth

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