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									      New York State

Race to the Top Finalist Interview
         March 16, 2010
David Steiner
President of the University of the State of New York
  and Commissioner for Education
John King
Senior Deputy Commissioner for P-12 Education
NY State Education Department

Will oversee all RTTT implementation work and resources
Laura Smith
Assistant Commissioner for External Partnerships &
NY State Education Department

Will pursue external resources to ensure sustainability of
RTTT-funded reforms and disseminate to educators
information about proven best practices and successful,
scalable models
Bob Hughes
New Visions for Public Schools

Is a partner to the NYC Department of Education and the
New York State Education Department in implementing
innovative teacher and principal certification programs and
turning around low performing schools.
Ira Schwartz
Assistant Commissioner for Accountability
NY State Education Department

Will oversee school accountability and compliance
Improving Teacher Effectiveness
Initial certification           Annual Professional         Teacher Growth &
Based on performance            Performance Reviews         Accountability Incentive
standards                       – Comprehensive             Fund
 – Must demonstrate              evaluation for all         – Individual Teacher
  effective practice             practicing teachers         Development Plans
                                – Multiple measures of       based, in part, on student
Professional certification       effectiveness, spanning     data
Based on performance             both qualitative and       –Rigorous evaluations for
standards                        quantitative inputs         all teachers with at least
 –Must demonstrate              – Student achievement, as    30-40% of score based on
  ability to increase            measured by value-added     student growth measure
  student achievement            growth models, will        –Remaining 60-70% could
 –Multiple measures,             represent a significant     include rubrics-based, in-
  including student growth       component                   person, and/or video
Professional certification is                               –New evaluations inform:
independent of tenure and                                         –Differentiated PD
must be earned within five                                        –Tenure, Promotion,
years of receiving initial                                          and Career Ladder

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