Spin-off Effects by xo8KQ7


									Spin-off Effects
             • instructional coaching
             • Content Knowledge for Teaching
               Mathematics Measures (CKTM)
             • system interest
             • new teacher induction
             • links to OISE Research Project
             • provincial interest – ETFO, LNS,
   Change in Content Knowledge



       Pre-Test Feb. 06          Post -Test Jun. 07
Spin-off Effects
Change in Content Knowledge (CKTM)
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education,
University of Toronto
Research Study
                   Bridging the Research/Practice Gap:
                               Dissemination of a New
                        Curriculum for Patterning and
                         Early Algebra as the Basis for
                             Professional Development
    OISE / DSBN Research Study
•   Dr. Joan Moss: OISE, U of T
•   Ruth Beatty: OISE U of T
•   Dr. Catherine Bruce: Trent University
•   Researchers, U of T
•   DSBN Math Team
•   14 Grade 5 teachers
•   Many wonderful students
The OISE/DSBN Research Team
OISE / DSBN Research Study
                Research components
                  – Pre and post tests
                    (students and teachers)
                  – Surveys
                  – Observations of lessons
                    and student
                • Co-teaching
Liaison with Hamilton Wentworth District
School Board

• A day with Cathy Fosnot
  – DSBN S.U.M. Teachers
  – HWDSB Grades 2 and 5 Lesson Study
Next Steps
• S.U.M. Stage Two: core group
  – timetabling vs. staffing
  – teaching through problem     solving
     • math congress
     • bansho
• S.U.M. Stage One:                    new
• OISE Algebra
                            To quote one of our students
                            “Mrs. Lott, I’m just getting
                            smarter and smarter every

     together, so are we!

And so our journey

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