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Rules and etiquette for baby showers


									       Rules and etiquette for baby showers
Everyone enjoys a baby shower, from the creative games and activities to the
gifts and refreshments. However, no one should ever feel obligated to bring a
gift, and some may feel offended if you have more than one. So how do you
please everyone?

If you are a first time mom, it is common and helpful to have a baby shower. Here
are some rules:

      If no one throws you a baby shower, don't get offended. You and your
       mom or friend can plan one together. Ask if they'd like to help plan and
       then add them to the "Host/Hostess" slot on the baby shower.
      Don't add your registries on the baby shower invitation. This makes people
       feel obligated to buy you something. Instead, when someone calls to
       RSVP, you can mention your registries if they ask what you need, but be
       sure to tell them they aren't obligated to bring a gift.
      It is typical to throw a baby shower one to two months before your
       expected due date. This allows for time for the mommy-to-be to return the
       items that are duplicates and organize the nursery from everything she
       was given.
      Although many things have changed, in general men were not invited to
       baby showers except for the husband/partner toward the end to help open
       presents. Now, co-ed baby showers are starting to become more common.
       If you're looking for a traditional baby shower, only invite your girl friends
       and family.

Second baby showers are becoming increasingly common, however sometimes
they aren't necessary. Sometimes when second baby showers are acceptable

      If your second baby is of the opposite gender than the first. Even if you
       bought gender neutral things before, you will still need clothes, diapers and
       wipes! You may not need the more expensive items such as bottles, swing
       and high chair, but if you didn't buy gender neutrally, you will need those
      If there has been a considerable amount of time between the first and
       second (or third, etc.). After 5 years, most baby equipment, such as car
       seats, high chairs and baby beds are not recommended for use. Also, you
       may have gotten rid of your baby stuff from the previous baby, hand have
       to start from scratch again.
   If this is your first baby with someone new. If you are remarried or in a new
    relationship than the last time you had a baby, it is acceptable to have a
    baby shower. For many reasons, but specifically for the new family
    members and friends to be able to participate.
   If you are thrown a "necessity shower". Necessity showers are thrown if
    someone already has a little one, between one and three years old and
    has almost everything. Guests are invited to bring diapers, wipes and other
    necessities that run out and eat your money quickly.
   If you are thrown a surprise shower. Surprise showers can be fun and
    come in all shapes and sizes. Some surprise showers are just for a few
    friends and family who want to get together to to gift small presents, and
    some showers can be themed, if the host/hostess has the time and energy
    to plan to do so.

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