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									John Kebbell from Rochford Essex England
   - complied by Judy Mann

In my quest for the birth of “my” John Kebbell who was born in 1810/11, I have
come across at least four John Kebbell families having children in London and
area during the same time period with two of them so far naming their first born
sons John, born in the 1810/11 time frame. It’s taken many many hours of
research to sort them out as John the elder in each case had a wife by the
name of Sarah Ann, Sarah, Ann or Ann Sarah!

As you know Peter Kebbell had a brother John born in 1788.

A John Kebbell born in abt. 1788 married Sarah Parsons. I have been able to
follow part of this John Kebbell’s family. – see separate word document for this

I have been in contact with Thomas Kebbell, one of the founding owners of
Kebbell Homes in Watford Hertfordshire. Thomas
has a good knowledge of his ancestry and put me in contact with his brother
George who lives in Australia who did their family tree several years ago. Very
quickly their information helped me isolate the John Kebbell from Rochford Essex
and rule-out this family from my quest.

Their John b. 1810 and his brother Thomas left England in the 1841 for New
Zealand. In turn the Thomas I was in touch with, immigrated from NZ to England
with a brother and founded Kebbell Homes after WWII.

John Kebbell b. 1785 Bromley St. Leonard Middlesex ENG (parents unknown)

Because the parents of this John are unknown, I’ve compiled the information in
case there is a connection in the future.

John married Ann Sarah Mitchell in 1809

                         Descendants of John KEBBELL

  1        John KEBBELL        1785 - 1827
.. +Ann Sarah MITCHELL                1791 - 1879
........ 2       *John KEBBELL        1810 -
............            +Anne Randall MAYO
........ 2       *Thomas KEBBELL 1817 - 1890
............            +Flora McDONALD - 1919
........ 2       Louisa KEBBELL 1818 -
........ 2       William KEBBELL 1820 -
............            +Emily Somerville Clarke CHILVER
........ 2       Harriot KEBBELL 1821 -
............            +John Richard TURNER
........ 2       Katherine KEBBELL           1823 - 1842
........ 2       Maria KEBBELL        1825 - 1878
........ 2       Mark KEBBELL         1826 -
............            +Louisa BOWLER

* to New Zealand in the 1841

I have additional but limited information on the John and William families.

There is a physician in Brighton in the census. He’s the William above.
Mother Ann and sister Maria lived and died in Brighton as well.

Mark also became a doctor and immigrated to NZ

Various baptism records, certificates and census info is available upon request.
John Kebbell’s will is available upon request too.

I don’t know any information on the New Zealand and Australian Kebbell family
and would refer you to George Kebbell of

From: Mr. Kebbell
To: 'Judy Mann'
Sent: Tuesday, March 22, 2005 11:12 AM
Subject: KEBBELL Family History

Dear Judy Mann
Your e mail is most interesting but I have not actually been able link up our families.
I am from New Zealand but now live since the war in UK. The first Kebbell’s to go out to NZ
were Thomas K and John K

Thomas ( my ggf b 7.11.1845 d 19.12.1918 ) and John arrived NZ 1841
– John b1811 d 1870

John lived in a large house at Rayleigh in Essex but I am not sure about Thomas but from my
records chart I note that a Thomas Keble lived at Eastleach,Turville,Gloucester who died 1559

Many Kebbell families live or originate from Essex and one of my uncles when visiting us in UK
met with some family at Dunmow in Essex. In Burkes Peerage I note that there are many
Kebbell families in Essex and elsewhere so it is very difficult and time consuming to link them up.

I think some of the family lived in Gloucestershire and two sons were at school there and later
went out to NZ to join their familiy.

I cannot connect up Winifred Wallace but as they also lived in Ilford Essex somewhere along the
line their must be a connection.

From a leaflet it says that the name KEBBELL was a baptismal name ‘ the son of Kibble’ and it
quotes names and places around the UK
Our family crest is an elephants head couped proper Motto NIL DESPERANDUM so that may

If you sent me your address or fax I could send on some extracts from my records
II have a well detailed tree of the NZ division of the family as it was compiled by my brother and
another member of the family but I do not think they have traced many pre NZ records. I did
meet with a John Kebbell who was an artist and lived in London but have rather lost track with
him over the years.

This is all rather random and probably of little help but best I can do.

My best wishes
Thomas Kebbell

From: Mr. Kebbell
To: 'Judy Mann'
Sent: Thursday, June 01, 2006 9:47 AM
Subject: RE: Kebbell families from Essex

Dear Judy,
I have been rather a long time replying to your very interesting letter but have been trying to link
up some of the names and dates from my computer schedule of Kebbell and related family
names .    Not very successfully but here is some information noted at random as I turn over
the pages.

A Francis Keble ( or Kebbell ) lived at Lechlade Gloucester 1688-1744 and many other names
with variations of spelling Keble Kebbel etc in that area

The record starts with Thomas Kebbell to NZ 1841 m. Flora MacDonald 1845 and
John Kebbell to NZ SS Mandarin 1841 m. Anne Randall Mayo

Thomas Kebbell ( G .Grandfather ) and John had 3 sons George - John - Mark

John Kebbell JP b. 08 Sep 1840 or 1841 Ilford Essex to NZ 1856 on Phillip Laing
 d 10 Jun 1931 m 1878 Mary Grace RAE at Sydney Australia lived Levin NZ
Their daughter Marjorie married Norman Kirkaldie her brother John Randall St. John Kebbell
was killed at Gallipoli in 1915

John Kebbell brother of Thomas b 1810 at Bromley
to NZ SS Mandarin in 1841 d 1879 live Stroud Green
m Anne Randall MAYO at Yeovil 1878
-hence the link up of names.

George Mayo Kebbell b 1842 to NZ on Phillip Laing 1856

Both John and Thomas Kebbell married after arriving in NZ
** insert by Judy – actually the 1841 shows Ann Kebbell (need Mayo) with son John living with
her parents – same on 1851 census – so John and Ann must have been married before he left
for NZ and possibly leaving Ann expecting George.
Civil Registration shows a marriage for Ann Mayo in Dec. Qtr. 1838 Yeovil **

There is an ANN Kebbell unmarried d. 1842 at Sandon Essex

The only name on the Wanganui Register that I am not familiar with is George Mayo Kebbell
but I will contact my brother who is now in Australia and he will I am sure be able to give me
some better details but as a boy in NZ I did not know that side of family..    Will be in touch
when I can learn more and only hope this rather messy letter is of some help but generally I
can find refs to all the names you have listed  My compliments on your researches.
My brothers e mail - and he is better informed on family names
and dates and I am sure he would be delighted to hear from you.
Very good wishes

Thomas R. Dion Kebbell { nickname being Charles in the UK but not NZ }

Thomas Kebbell and his son Nick

From: G Kebbell
To: Judy Mann
Sent: Tuesday, June 06, 2006 11:45 PM
Subject: Kebbell Family Tree

To Judy Mann
  I am not sure that I am able to help with your research of the family but will send what
information I have.
 My records start with John Kebbell Commissioner of Land. b.1785 in Bromley St.Leonard,
Middlesex, England d.20th Oct.1827.
 address.Stroud Green, Nr.Rockford,Essex. M.1809 in England Ann Sarah Mitchell. b.1791 in
England. d.25th March 1879 in Brighton,England. 43 Landsdown Plc, Brighton England.
Daugther of Richard Mitchell.

Their family seem to be

 Dr Wiliam Kebbell b. 10th May 1820 in Stroud Green Bromley, Eng d, 23rd Dec.1893 in
Brighton. m. 17th Oct.1850 in Cheltenhaam
Emily Somerville Clark (or Chilver ) not sure.

Harriot Kebbell b,29th.Oct. 1821 in Bromley Eng. m. Aug.1848 Rev. John Turner

Katherine Kebbell b.14th Aug 1823 in Bromley Eng. d, 26th Dec 1842,

Maria Kebbell b.14th April 1825 in Stroud Green Rockford, Eng. d.15th Jan, 1878in Landsdown
Place Brighton Eng.

Louisa Kebbell b.10th Nov 1818 in Bromley .Ehg d.9th Oct 1905 in Gloucester, Hyde Park
London, m. Dr. Edward Newton F.R.C.S.

Thomas Kebbell (Tom) Farmer in Norfolk U.K. Sawmiller, flourmiler at Levin , Wellington b. 4th
April1817 in Bromley Eng. To N Z 1841 on SS Mandarine . d. 22nd Jan1890 in Wellington
harbour ( drowned) same day as day as John Kebbells two daughters Katie & Dora .
m. 7th Nov. 1848 Flora McDonald in Scotland.d. 19th Dec 1919 in Wellington.

If any of this is of any use to you I could have a copy of the family tree printed and send to you
There are 39 pages 43 by 30 cm if you would like them,
Will also send a copy of Family Name Origin in another E Mail You may find that interesting.

   George Kebbell

----- Original Message -----
From: G Kebbell
To: Judy Mann
Sent: Tuesday, June 20, 2006 7:39 PM
Subject: family Tree

You arer a wealth of information on the Kebbell family and I have really enjoyed reading your
emails. I have prined then out and will put all the papers together,had no idea all that was

 John Randel St John Kebbell went to Wanganui Collegiate School and his name is on the Roll Of
Honour in the school chapel.He was wounded at Anzac Cove but it was 12 hrs before he could
be carried to the hospital boat and that was to long and he died.
I do not know anything about Toby Kebbell but thought he may have been a grandson of Vere
Kebbell but my family tree tell me nothing about Vere Kebbell .I am sure he had a son in the car
rental business and a Daughter that played a small part in the film The Red Shoes,but all that
was back in 1947 when I was first in England. Vere Kebbell had a sister Mrs Philby and that is
where I found the coat of arms and Vere painted it for me. He was an R A in that painting .

I am going to try to send you an email copy of the coat of arms ,you may already have print of it .
There is no moto on the painting but at the bottom of that list of Kebbell spellings there is the K
motto ,do not know how correct it is but it sounds good enough.

 I will send the picture in a seperate email as still not good at this sort of thing

 Best wishes from George

The following are various news articles from the London Times.


John Kebbell died Oct 20, 1827
Stroud Green Rochford
Will available upon request

May 26, 1828 - auction

May 6, 1831 - auction

March 3, 1859

Oct. 18, 1918


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April 1924


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