Roundup Coordinator Planning Guide by 0CMIcc85


									    Roundup Night
 to Join Cub Scouting

Leader's Guide to an Excellent
     Recruiting Effort!
                                      Table of Contents

Checklist & Timeline

Chapter 1 - Preparing for your Roundup Night

        The Pack's Roundup Night Coordinator Job Description
        Cubmaster Responsibilities for Roundup Night
        Den Organizer's Responsibilities for Roundup Night
        The Pack's Roundup Night Planning Meeting
        Maximizing Your Pack's Chance for Success

Chapter 2 - Promoting your Roundup Night
        Flyers and Posters with Boy Talks
        Yard Signs at Your Meeting Place
        Other Opportunities
        Publicity

Chapter 3 - Conducting your Roundup Night
        Roundup Night Checklist
        Roundup Night Agenda
        Using the Script and Parent Orientation Guides
        Recruiting New Leaders
        Use of Other Roundup Night Materials

Chapter 4 - Roundup Night Follow Up
        Delivering the Promise
        Getting the Boys Registered
        Training New Leaders
        Making Sure that Dens Are Meeting
Thank you for taking on the role as your Pack's Roundup Night Coordinator! The task you are taking on is a vital one to
the growth of your Pack, and is important to the character development of the new boys and families that you help
introduce to the wonderful world of Cub Scouting. Yes, you will make a difference in the lives of the families that join
your Pack, and we intend to help make your job easier by providing a simple, yet comprehensive recruitment package.

Within this package of materials you will find this Leader's Guide along with a good amount of support materials in the
form of an appendix on the right side of the recruitment folder. Many of these materials are designed for you to copy and
use as needed. Please feel free to make as many copies as you may need. Other items such as applications and orientation
packets are available for you at your District Roundup Night Training meeting, the Council Service Center, or from your
District Executive and District Roundup Night Chairman. Please be sure to contact any of these people if you need more
materials or additional guidance in conducting your Roundup Night!

We hope that you will find the materials in this recruitment package helpful. We believe that if you use it as it is designed
you will have a great turnout of boys and parents, and a great Roundup Night!
                                       Checklist & Timeline
    Steps to Success!

    Early August

   Attend District Roundup Night Training

   Conduct pack leader meeting to plan Roundup Night, and assign responsibilities for the overall plan (den organizers,
    game leaders, registration, etc.)

   Contact school principal to inform them of program and secure cooperation

   Arrange Pack's promotion effort

   Arrange to conduct Boy Talks (2-3 days before your Roundup Night)

   Fill out flyer order form and send to the Council Service Center or District Executive

   Arrange to have a sign-up table at the school's registration days and the back-to-school open house for parents. (This
    is in addition to your Roundup Night!)

   Become familiar with the Roundup Night packet, especially Roundup Night script and job tasks

    Late August

   Get posters to school (second contact with principal), set out yard signs

   Conduct Boy Talks 2-3 days prior to Roundup Night

   Review checklist for promotion, tasks, materials

    Early September

   Call school principal the day before Roundup Night to:
        a. Make sure flyers have been distributed
        b. Make sure school will be open

   Conduct and attend Roundup Night for Cub Scouting

   At Roundup Night, do the following:
        a. Set up display and room
        b. Organize a gathering period activity for parents and boys.

   Collect all fees and applications for district report night

   Conduct a brief new leader's meeting
                                      Checklist & Timeline
    Before September 30
   Take completed report envelopes and attendance rosters to district report meeting

   Adult applications must have signatures of charter organization representative or institutional head, and Pack
    committee chairman

    Early October

   Conduct Fast Start Training and promote basic training to leaders

   Follow up with unassigned Cub Scouts

   Help get new leaders to first Pack leaders committee meeting and Roundtables

   Insure that all your Den and Pack leaders have the literature resources they need to do a great job, and that all the
    Dens are meeting
                Chapter 1 - Preparing for Roundup Night
                                            Pack Roundup Night Coordinator
                                                    Job Description


   Conduct Pack's Roundup Night Planning Meeting

   Contact school principal to secure cooperation

   Make sure Roundup location will be open and check facilities

   Arrange to do display posters and do Boy Talks

   Attend District Roundup Night Training

   Get posters to school

   Put up yard signs

   Arrange publicity


   Call school principal the day before Roundup Night to make sure flyers have been distributed

   Conduct the Roundup Night program using the script provided

   Turn in all registrations at the District Report Meeting

   Be sure that all necessary signatures are present on adult registrations (Committee Chair and Chartered Organization
    Head or Representative)

   Ensure that Fast Start Training is available immediately to all new leaders, and promote basic training and Powwow
                Chapter 1 - Preparing for Roundup Night
                                       Responsibilities for Roundup Night


   Attend District Roundup Night Training

   Have a sign-up table available at your school's registration day and open house

   Attend your Pack's Roundup Night Planning Meeting

   Promote Roundup Night


   Attend your Pack's Roundup Night

   Arrange for displays of the exciting things your Pack does

   Assist with registration of new members

   Ensure that Fast Start Training is available immediately to all new leaders, and promote basic training and Powwow

   Help get new leaders to the Pack's next Leader's Meeting

   Help ensure that all new members get placed into dens, and that the dens begin meeting immediately after Roundup
                Chapter 1 - Preparing for Roundup Night
                                                Pack Den Organizer
                                                  Job Description

   Attend the Pack Roundup Night Planning Meeting

   Become familiar with how to recruit and inspire parents


   Attend your Pack's Roundup Night

   Act as temporary leader for your assigned den

   Help recruit a Den Leader and Assistant Den Leader for the den

   Help get the new leaders for your den registered
                Chapter 1 - Preparing for Roundup Night
                                            Suggested Agenda for your Pack's
                                            Roundup Night Planning Meeting

Invite all the Pack's leaders plus interested parents. Use all the resources and plans provided, dividing the work among all
willing to help.

A. Welcome and Introductions (Roundup Night Coordinator)

B. Let's Plan the Best Roundup Night Recruitment Ever, for the Kids!

C. Set Roundup Night Date
    1. Select first and second choice dates based on your district date.
            First: ___________                Second:____________________
    2. Who will contact the school; reserve a date that avoids all school conflicts: ___________________

D. Promoting Maximum Turnout of Boys and Parents
    1. Roundup Night should be a special meeting for new boys and parents.
    2. Review the promotion ideas sheet from materials provided. Get volunteers to take different tasks.
    3. What positive, enthusiastic leader with a uniform will arrange for and do the Boy Talks: _______________
       (Provide them with the in-school Boy Talk sheet.)

E. Roundup Night Meeting
       1. Review assignment of different tasks
           a. Roundup Night coordinator: _________________________________________
           b. Cubmaster: ____________________________________________________
           c. Den organizers (one for each 8 new boys for whom you do not yet have leaders):
          d. Greeters:____________________________________
           e. Registrar:____________________________________
           f. Game leader:___________________________________
          * If not enough volunteers, some people can do more that one job that night.

F. Complete the Roundup Night Flyer Order and return it immediately to your district executive or the Council Service

G. Arrange for collection of resources from the outgoing leaders, taking inventory and purchasing needed resources for
   new leaders so they will all be fully equipped to run a great Cub Scouting program!
                Chapter 1 - Preparing for Roundup Night
                             Maximizing Your Success - Details, Details, Details

Once you have your Pack's Roundup Night scheduled you are well on your way to a successful recruiting event. But
getting the event scheduled is only the first step. Planning the Roundup Night involves many additional steps that have
already been touched on in this chapter:

   Scheduling the event

   Conducting a planning meeting with other Pack leaders

   Dividing out many of the tasks to spread the workload

   Maintaining an ongoing relationship with the school principal to make sure that flyers are handed out, posters get put
    up, the yard signs are displayed at the school and/or your meeting place, and that you are able to do Boy Talks

   Arranging for displays and for someone to take the boys aside for an activity while parents learn more about Cub

   Having all the necessary materials in abundance such as registration forms, den rosters, and parent orientation guides

   Making sure that every family has a pen or pencil to use during the orientation and to fill out application forms

   And two most important factors - being ORGANIZED and making it FUN!

      Your attention to these details will help ensure that your recruitment night is a success!
                    Chapter 2 - Promoting Roundup Night
Flyers, Church Bulletins, and Posters

Your Pack will be given two large posters to put up wherever you like to help promote your Roundup Night. We suggest
putting them up in the school you recruit from where parents will see them, usually near the office. You may also wish to
put them up in a local church or other places where boys and their families gather.

As in the past we will be doing flyers and church bulletins with your Pack’s Roundup Night information on it. Please
make sure your District Executive has the correct information

Boy Talks are simply an in-school presentation that you can do in many schools to get the boys excited about your
program in Cub Scouts. We often assume that boys know what Cub Scouts is all about, but we must not leave that to
chance! Conducting a Boy Talk will draw on average about 33% more boys and families to your Roundup Night. A
sample script of an in-school Boy Talk is included in this kit. If you need help conducting a Boy Talk please contact your
District Executive. Some keys to a successful Boy Talk include keeping it short, making it fun, and getting the flyer into
the boys' pockets so that it gets home to the parents. Presentation of a Boy Talk is a matter of style, so please see the
enclosed sample! To schedule your Pack's Boy Talk you need to contact your school principal and ask to visit each of the
classrooms (grades 1 - 4 at least) for a brief period (try to keep to 2 minutes or less). The principal may not allow you to
visit the classrooms, but you never know until you ask!

Yard Signs

Your Pack may request a yard sign featuring Akela, Baloo, and T.C. to help promote your Roundup Night. There is
enough room to write the date and time of your Roundup Night on the sign. The signs should be put up at the school, local
churches, location of where you generally meet, or any other place where boys and their families gather.
                    Chapter 2 - Promoting Roundup Night

Your local school or nearby churches and businesses may have marquees or signs in front of their buildings where you
can advertise your Roundup Night. Try to include just the basics as space is generally very limited.

Uniform Day

Have your existing Cub Scouts wear their uniforms to school on certain days at the beginning of the school year. This will
create a definite awareness among the kids that Cub Scouting has a strong presence in their school.

Personal Phone Invitations

Many schools have buzz-books or school rosters that list all of the school's families. Organize a phone-a-thon to call every
family with boys in your school and invite them to your Roundup Night. Many Packs have mailed a flyer to all these
families as well. Sometimes schools will even provide the labels for a mailing!

Article in the School Newsletter

Call the school to see if you can include an article about Cub Scouts and your Roundup Night. This is a surefire way to
make sure that parents know about your Roundup Night. Make sure to find out deadlines for submission when you call the

Table at the School's Registration and Open House

Many parents new to the area will stop by to see what is going on in the school and will want their son involved. Try to set
up a display of the neat things that your Pack does! Have a few extra flyers on hand to give them.

Church Announcements

Make sure that all the area churches know about your Cub Scout Pack. Ask them to put the basic information about your
Roundup Night in their newsletter. Church bulletin inserts are available to promote your Roundup date. Maybe the pastor
or priest will endorse your program at a Sunday service!
                           Chapter 3 - Conducting Roundup Night
                                        Pack Roundup Night for Scouting Coordinator Checklist

        Before you Leave Home                                           Also Bring for Display
         Prepare your pre-opening activity.

   [                                                                      A Tiger, Wolf, Bear & Webelos Book.
    ]      Wear your uniform
                                                                           Your Roundup Night packet of materials.
           Review agenda and practice your presentation.
   [
    ]                                                                      A copy of Boys' Life magazine.
           Take a pocket calculator.
   [                                                                      A copy of Program Helps.
           Take 20-30 pens and/or pencils.
                                                                           A copy of Cub Scout Leader Book.
           Take some change, both bills and coins.
                                                                           A copy of How To Book.
           Take masking tape.

               When You Arrive at the School - at least 30 minutes before start time:
           Organize your materials and setup room.

           Check with other team members (including unit leaders) on their part of the program.

           Post you pack organizational chart.

           Assist unit leaders with their displays.

           Organize your pre-opening activity.

           Station either yourself or another team member at the door to serve as greeter. Have parents sign-in on attendance
            rosters, give them a Parent's Orientation Guide and welcome families to your Roundup Night.

           Boys and parents should sit together by grade.

        The General Presentation

           Begin promptly at your start time.

           Present opening ceremony by pack (or a troop).

           Introduce yourself and welcome everyone on behalf of Minsi Trails Council, Boy Scouts of America.

           Follow the Roundup Night agenda carefully.

        Be sure to turn in all applications, monies, attendance rosters and report envelopes at your District Report Meeting
               Chapter 3 - Conducting Roundup Night
                                                 Roundup Night

6:30 P.M..   Arrive Early
              Setup chairs, tables, signs, displays, refreshments
              Time to rehearse

7:15 P.M..   Pre-Opening
              Personally welcome everyone as they arrive. Be in uniform! Have everyone sign attendance roster
              Give each family a Parent Orientation Guide
              Seat families by grade

7:30 P.M..   Opening Ceremony
              Conduct a simple ceremony using current Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts
              Introductions of current leaders
              Welcome families and thank them for coming
              Have the boys go with another leader for a fun activity so that you can inform the parents about Cub

7:40 P.M..   Presentation to Parents
              Use the script along with the Parent Orientation Guide to explain Cub Scouting and Tiger Cubs to the
              Answer questions at the end of your presentation

8:00 P.M..   Reassemble the Group, Form Dens, Recruit other Volunteers
              Select leaders for each den
              Recruit volunteers and helpers
              Schedule den meetings
              Collect forms and fees
              Conclude the meeting

8:30 P.M..    Brief Meeting with New Leaders
              Give job descriptions
              Schedule Fast Start Training
              Share other training dates and Committee Meeting dates
              Assign an experienced leader to help any new Den Leaders to help make sure the new leaders feel
                 comfortable conducting the first den meetings
              Take the completed applications, with proper signatures, along with the registration fees to your
                 District Turn-in Meeting
                   Chapter 3 - Conducting Roundup Night
Using the Script and Orientation Guides

The script for this meeting is designed to be used in conjunction with the Parent Orientation Guide. Please take the time to
become thoroughly familiar with the script and the guide, and get a good feeling for how the program flows. The Guide
on its own is rather incomplete. This is by design, so do not be alarmed. The orientation session should involve some
interaction as you follow the script, so please be sure to bring pens or pencils to your Roundup Night. We have found that
keeping the parents involved with your presentation will help them to be more attentive during the orientation, and
hopefully they will stay interested and have some meaningful questions to ask at the end of your presentation. The script
is written out in a verbose fashion. If you feel comfortable enough with the material please feel free to take notes or make
your own outline instead of reading the script verbatim. It is important that you cover all the material however.

Recruiting New Leaders

Undoubtedly your Pack could use some additional volunteer leadership, or maybe even Den Leaders. This is the perfect
opportunity for you to communicate the expectations that your Pack has for family involvement. "Many hands make light
work", and "It takes a whole village to raise a child", are two very common sayings that apply to your Cub Scout Pack.
Recruiting volunteers for leadership in your Pack should not be a chore, but rather an opportunity to better serve your
kids. There is no "best way" to recruit parents. What is important is that you clearly communicate the expectations of
family involvement and that you ask. Showing the families at Roundup Night that you are organized and prepared will
make them feel more at ease, and you will be more likely to get them to be leaders. They need to feel that the job is not
overwhelming, and that they will be supported in their tasks. Make sure that you have some sort of job description or task
list to give them that night, and set up a time for an experienced leader to meet with them for a personal Fast Start session
and orientation. Remember - nobody has ever become a Cub Scout leader knowing exactly what to do... Everybody needs
time to learn, and your support of new leaders now will make all the difference in their effectiveness throughout the year.

Some things to remember - all leaders must also register as members of the Boy Scout of America, their fee is the same as
the youth fee, and they get Scouting Magazine. Leaders are covered by liability insurance. Adult Leader applications
require the signature of both the Pack Committee Chairman and either the Chartered Organization Representative or the
head of the chartered organization.

If you need additional help in recruiting new leaders into your Pack contact your Unit Commissioner, District
Membership Committee, or District Executive. Any of these three can help teach you how to do a good job in recruiting
new leaders!

Other Materials

In your Recruitment Packet there are many more tools that will help you be prepared to put on a great recruitment event.
Please see the back page of this Leader's Guide for a list of those tools.
                    Chapter 4 - Roundup Night Follow Up
Delivering the Promise

When you went to the school and did your Boy Talk you got the boys real excited about all the great and fun things they
were going to do in your Pack. It is vital that you keep this promise to them, and the best way to do that is to involve them
in an activity right away. They probably left the Roundup Night sign-up meeting feeling they got shortchanged, because
all that happened was a lot of talk. Most districts have scheduled a Cub Scout Fun Day in late September or early October
designed to get your new Cub Scouts and Tiger Cubs involved right away in some fun activities. Plan on attending this
activity! The boys will see how FUN Cub Scouting is and will stay involved, even when the school's sports teams begin

Getting Registrations Turned-In

Chances are that all the families that came to your Roundup Night did not fill out registration forms, or maybe they didn't
pay the fees that night. If you had them sign in as they arrived you will know who they are, and should plan on following
up with a phone call to them to make sure you get them registered and involved in a den. Another important task is
making sure that you turn in all the registration forms and fees right away. Most likely your District has a turn-in meeting
scheduled in late September, maybe even on the night of your Roundup Night. You should plan now to attend that
meeting and bring all the registration information with you. The District Membership team can help you get it all sorted
out and you will be done with it.

Why Should I Turn In Everything Now?

   When you collected the fees the families thought they were getting registered in the Cub Scouts

   Boys' Life Magazine start date could be affected if the applications are not turned in right away

   Nonregistered boys cannot wear uniforms, earn awards, or attend meetings

   Leaders are putting themselves at risk if they hold onto applications (liability)

   Getting registrations and fees turned in when they are due is being a good role model for leaders and boys

   A Scout is Trustworthy - We are counting on YOU to do the right thing by getting the registrations turned in

Final Steps

It is up to you to make sure that all new Leaders are aware of upcoming basic training dates, and that the newly formed
dens are meeting as planned. Be ready to step in and give additional support!

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