a printable kitchen design checklist - Southeast Volusia Building by pptfiles


									                        Are you ready for a New Kitchen?

         Here is a Checklist you can use to help you realize what is involved-
          and help you to decide where to buy your new Kitchen Cabinets!

Item to consider before buying       Southeast Volusia     Big Home Stores    Local Cabinet
Kitchen Cabinets                   Building & Remodeling                      Shop

State Certified Commercial                 YES                   NO                ASK
and Residential Contractor
(not handyman or
occupational license holder)
Provides other                             YES              Limited- with          ASK
Remodeling Services                                           secondary
Able to move or                            YES                   NO                ASK
modify walls
Able to move,                              YES                   NO                ASK
modify, or build bars
Able to move, modify,                      YES                   NO                ASK
or build a pass-thru
Able to repair walls where                 YES                   NO                ASK
old cabinets were removed
Able to texture or plaster                 YES                   NO                ASK
walls before new cabinets are
Able to remove, replace or                 YES                   NO                ASK
install wallpaper
Able to redo flooring as part of           YES             Maybe- usually          ASK
total kitchen project                                      wants separate
                                                           sale and install
(Installs all types of flooring)                              schedule
Able to include ALL                        YES                   NO                ASK
necessary plumbing work
Installs sink                              YES                   NO                ASK
Installs faucet                            YES                   NO                ASK
Installs garbage disposal                  YES                   NO                ASK
Installs dishwasher                        YES                   NO                ASK
Able to include ALL                        YES                   NO                ASK
necessary electrical work
Connects garbage disposal                  YES                   NO                ASK
Connects dishwasher                        YES                   NO                ASK
Able to move, remove,                      YES                   NO                ASK
 or add lighting
Able to install                            YES                   NO                ASK
under-cabinet lighting
Provides you with a                        YES                   NO                ASK
Completed Kitchen!

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