Malaysia Tours, Beaches and Shopping to Enjoy

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					When you think of holidays, you think of long sandy beaches and sunshine
to soothe the inner tensions. What you may not think of, and probably
should, is a holiday in Malaysia. With it's long coastline in the west
and the China Sea to the west, the availability of hotels, resorts and
Malaysia Tours is wonderful. Now is the time to plan your various
adventures and accommodations.

If you've never heard of Pulau Langkawi, it's time that you did. It's got
everything for the beach loving traveler. On the west coast of the main
island you will find the China Sea. Pulau Langkawi is also known as the
Jewel of Kedah and consists of 99 islands in the Andaman Sea. One of the
most popular beaches is Pantai Cenang. It is a beautiful beach with long
stretches of sparkling white sand. The beach is decorated by tall
coconuts and casuarinas.

While traveling, you may want to take one of the many Malaysia tours
available to you. Make sure you take one that will allow you to visit the
Langkawi Sky Bridge while on holiday. Located about 700m above sea level,
this bridge is located at the summit of Gunong Mat Chinchang. Everyone
will enjoy the cable car trek up to this picturesque peak

Another fantastic feature about Pulau Langkawi that you should be sure to
explore is the duty free shopping. The entire island is a duty free area
where you can buy goods without the duty tax imposed by the government.
Take advantage of great buys on liquor, cigarettes, perfumes and
cosmetics, leather wear and delicious candies and edibles. Jetty Point
Duty Free Complex, Langkawi Mall and Langkawi Fair Shopping Complex are
some of the shopping complexes you want to make sure your day tours lead
you to.

Whatever your form or shape your relaxation may take, from shopping to
swimming or just laying on the beach, Malyasia and Pulau Langkawi has to
offer. So book your airline today and pick out one of the luxurious
hotels or cottages to stay in with your family this holiday season.
You'll be more than glad you did.

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