Its for tennis lingo (who dont know about tennis)!! tennis beginners guide by zia420


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									Tennis Beginner? Don’t Know much About Tennis? Here You GO!

Tennis is nowadays one of the most prestigious of all games played in the world. It is day by day
gaining more popularity in all parts of the world, which makes it unique game of all other games.
It is played between two players as known as Single’s and also played in Double’s means two
player at each side. There are also mixed double’s matches played which means one man and
women at each side of the court. As for as its history is concerned it is believed that it is
originated in 12th Century but the ball was struck with palm of the hand until when the
16th Century racket came into use. But from 19th Century many changes had occurred in
its rules and regulations.

Tennis Rules

       “Love “in tennis means Zero.

       When you win a shot in the beginning you get 15 points then the next wining
        points give you 30 and then 40, after that you win a game point. 6 or 7 game point
        makes a set. Most of the time a match has 3 sets but sometimes depending on the
        game it goes up to 5 sets. One who win three set wins the match (it the match has
        5 sets).

       In the international tennis players are ranked according to their points that win
        after winning a match or tournament they play.

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