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									P6 The wave model of radiation                       Answers without questions


Possible question                              Answer
How can you measure the wavelength of a        Measure the distance between consecutive
transverse wave?                               peaks or consecutive troughs with a ruler.
Is a Mexican wave transverse or                This is an example of a transverse wave.
As you increase the frequency of a wave        The wavelength will get less.
what happens to its wavelength?
How can you measure the wavelength of a        Measure between consecutive
longitudinal wave?                             compressions or consecutive rarefactions
                                               with a ruler.
What is Diffraction?                           This is when a wave travels through a
                                               narrow gap and spreads out afterwards.
What family of waves does Infra red come       The electromagnetic spectrum.
Which type of wave from the                    X-rays can be used for this.
electromagnetic spectrum can be used by
doctors to find out if a person has broken a
Is a sound wave longitudinal or transverse?    This is an example of a longitudinal wave.
What is reflection?                            This is where a wave hits an object and
                                               bounces back from it. The angle i= the
                                               angle r.
What could be used to detect visible light?    The human eye can me used for this.
Which member of the electromagnetic            Gamma radiation is produced by these
spectrum is often emitted from radioactive     materials.
What is refraction?                       This is where a wave changes direction as
                                          it travels from one medium to another. It is
                                          accompanied by a change of speed.
Why does your car radio sometimes crackle This is caused by interference between
as you drive along?                       waves from two radio transmitters.
In what form is DAB radio data            It is transmitted as a binary code consisting
transmitted?                              of a string of 1’s and 0’s.
How can we use radio waves to search for  We use huge radio telescopes for this.
extra terrestrial intelligence?           They “listen” for transmissions from the
                                          stars that show signs of intelligence.

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