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									                             Harlan Middle/High School
                                         420 East Central Street
                                         Harlan, Kentucky 40831

Student’s Name________________________________________

Stacy Noah, Principal......................................606/573-8750 (stacy.noah@harlanind.kyschools.us)
Emily Clem, Assistant Principal.....................606/573-8794 (emily.clem@harlanind.kyschools.us)
Jeff Lunsford, Counselor.................................606/573-8750 (jeff.lunsford@harlanind.kyschools.us)
Cathy Estep, Counselor.……..........................606/573-8794 (cathy.estep@harlanind.kyschools.us)

~Teachers can be contacted by the following email address: (firstname.lastname@harlanind.kyschools.us)

Mission Statement of Harlan Middle/High School
It is the mission of Harlan Middle/High School to provide educational opportunities that
help each student reach his/her potential and become life long learners.

Belief Statements
         ~We believe that education is the future of our community.
         ~We believe that the family and community must be involved in a child’s education in order to
         achieve success.
         ~We believe learning is the right of every child in our schools and that children must be active
         participants in their education.
         ~We believe children should be supported and loved as they develop.
         ~We believe that schools should have high expectations and set high academic, moral and
         behavioral standards.

School Calendar
2009-2010 School Year
August 12:                   First Day for Students- Full Day
September 7:                 Labor Day Holiday- No school for Teachers or Students
September 8:                 Parent-Teacher Conference Day- No school for Students
October 12-16:               Fall Break
November 25:                 Professional Day for Teachers- No School for Students
November 26:                 Thanksgiving Day- Holiday- No School for Teacher or Students
November 27:                 No School for Teachers or Students
December 21-
January 3:                   Christmas Break
January 4:                   Teachers and Students Return from Christmas Break
January 15:                  Flexible Prof. Dev.- No School for Students
January 18:                  Parent/Teacher Conf. Day - No School for Students
February 15:                 Presidents Day- Flex. PD- No School for Students
February 16:                 Parent Teacher Conference Day- No School for Students
March 29- April 2:           Spring Break
May 21:                      Last Day of School for Students
May 24:                      Closing Day for Teachers
May 26 & 27:                 Make-Up Days
May 31:                      Memorial Day
Parents are urged to use these days to schedule routine medical and dental
appointments or other activities that would require their child to miss school.

                                  GENERAL INFORMATION

     Welcome to Harlan Middle/High School, Home of the Green Dragons! We have a long tradition of excellence in
many areas. This handbook is designed to help you become acquainted with the guidelines that govern our proud
school. The agenda book will also serve as a hall pass and assignment book. Each student will be given one handbook.
If a student loses his/her handbook, he/she will be required to purchase another one at a cost of $5.00.
    In our democratic society laws are passed to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens in order to make our nation
function as desired. In a school, rules and regulations are adopted to better ensure the rights of students to learn and
teachers to teach. The guiding principle behind the rules of Harlan Middle/High School is to promote the educational
process so that young people will be more prepared for success in our society. All students are expected to accept and
abide by these rules and regulations.
    The general code of behavior is determined for the most part by those duly constituted by law to make these rules:
namely, the Board of Education, the School Council, the administration, and the faculty. This code of behavior is
specified in the Student Handbook and the District Code of Conduct Book. Each student will be given a Student
Handbook and a District Code of Conduct Book. It is the responsibility of students and parents to read the two
documents and be aware of the rules and policies within each.
    The rules in this book and the District Code of Conduct Book are for the protection of your child and every child in
this school. Punishment is secondary.

High School Bell Schedule
8:10………………………………First Bell
8:15-9:45…………………………1st Block
9:50-11:20………………………..2nd Block
11:25-12:40………………………3rd Block
      First Lunch: 11:20-11:45
      Second Lunch: 12:15-12:40
12:45-1:30……………………….4th Period
1:40-2:25…………………………5th Period
2:30-3:15…………………………6th Period

Middle School Bell Schedule
8:10………………………………..First Bell
8:35-9:25…………………………..1st Period
9:30-10:20…………………………2nd Period
10:25-11:15………………………..3rd Period

4th Period
             5th & 6th Grades
             11:20-12:00……….Supplemental Math
             7th & 8th Grades
             12:00-12:40……….Supplemental Math/Writing

12:45-1:35……………………….5th Period
1:40-2:25………………………...6th Period
2:30-3:15………………………...7th Period

Each day, morning and afternoon announcements will be given on the public address


    The speed limit on school grounds is 10 mph. Any person other than the student’s
parent/guardian who transports the student to school must leave the school grounds
immediately after dropping off the student. A driver must use extreme caution as he/she
enters the parking lot. The school buses must not be interfered with as they enter or leave
the school grounds.
    Students are not to drive or ride in student–driven automobiles during lunch or other
times. Students are not to sit in their cars during the school day. There will be no student
parking available on school grounds. All student parking will be limited to the street area.
  Students are not permitted to go to their cars during school hours unless escorted
by school personnel. If a student does so, office discipline will be enforced. First
offense is automatic detention.

Assemblies are a vital part of any total school program as they expose students to a wide
range of interests.. Misbehavior of students during assemblies will not be tolerated and
may result in suspension and loss of privileges to attend other assemblies.

Attendance Policy
Attendance is directly linked to academic performance. Thus, consistent attendance is
strongly urged and rewarded. At the end of the school year, students who have perfect
attendance will be acknowledged and will participate in the Attendance Incentive
Program. In order to be classified as having PERFECT ATTENDANCE, the student’s
attendance record must reflect 0 absences and no tardies for the year.

The Harlan Independent Board of Education recognizes and abides by the Kentucky
statutes, KRS 159.010 and KRS 159.030, which outline the attendance laws for students
in the state of Kentucky. Pupils are required to attend Harlan Middle/ High School on a
regular and punctual basis. Any pupil, who has been absent from school without a valid
excuse for three (3) days or more, or tardy (3) days or more, is a truant. A pupil who has
been reported as a truant (3) or more times is a habitual truant. Absence for less than a
half day shall be considered tardiness. Students who are truant shall be referred to the
Director of Pupil Personnel who may determine the need for court intervention. A student
is truant when reporting to first period class without a valid excuse from the office.
Parents who fail to send their child to school or fail to correct truancy violations when
notified by the D.P.P. are responsible for the child’s non-attendance. KRS 159.180.
Absences and tardies will be posted on student transcripts.

Anytime a student signs out early or arrives late, he/she will be counted tardy unless the
time out of school calculates into a half day absence. The tardy will be excused or
unexcused accordingly.


       1.   Death or severe illness in the pupil’s immediate family:

       2.    Illness of the pupil with appropriate verification:
       3.    Medical/dental appointments that cannot be made after school hours (Verification by a slip
             from the doctor confirming date and time):
       4.    Order of a court;
       5.    Natural disaster beyond the control of the student;
       6.    Interviews for college or vocational school pre-approved by school officials-limited to two (2)
             visits for seniors only. Verification is required.
       7.    Test administered by school counselors or college personnel. Verification is required.
       8.    Driver’s license/permit-not to be taken during a class test. Students allowed two (2) excused
             absences for this purpose;
       9.    Religious holidays and practices;
       10.   One day for attendance at the Kentucky State Fair;
       11.   School-sponsored trips;
       12.   Documented military leave;
       13.   Other valid reasons as determined by the principal.

Educational Absence Criteria – Students are allowed an excused absence of up to (10)
days to pursue an “educational enhancement opportunity.” If an educational absence is
approved the student will not be counted absent. Forms may be picked up in the office.
1.       The trip must provide significant educational value as determined by the
         principal. The trip must be approved by the principal before the trip. (A
         recreational trip is not a trip that delivers significant educational value.)
2.       The trip must be of significant value to one of the core curriculum subjects of
         English, science, mathematics, social studies, foreign language or the arts.
3.       The proposed fieldtrip must provide significant educational value composed of
         an intensive program related to the core curriculum.
4.       The absence can not occur during the CATS testing window or during a testing
         window of a district-wide assessment.
Absences and tardies for reasons other than those listed in the policy shall be
For purposes of student safety, Harlan High School does not recognize a senior skip day.
If a student participates in such an activity, it could result in the loss of some senior
activities, automatic unexcused absence, and two days of AE.

Absence Slips
Upon returning to school after an absence, students must have an absence slip from the
office. Students are to report to the principal’s office BEFORE the first bell in the
morning for absence or early dismissal slips. Students will not be given an excuse
after the bell without it being counted as an unexcused tardy to class. Teachers are
instructed not to allow students in class without an excuse from the office. Failure to be
in class on time results in an unexcused tardy and any work missed before entering class
will be unexcused, excluding long-term assignments. Morning truancy will follow the
same guidelines.

Telephone or written verification from a student’s parent/guardian shall be accepted for
up to 8 times during the school year. Tardies, 1/2-day absences, and full day’s
absences will count toward the 8 parent notes. These eight absences must be in
accordance with the reasons listed in the attendance policy.

(The student must have the excuse slip from the doctor’s office for the absence to be
counted as a Doctor’s Excuse.) Forged doctor’s excuses will result in office discipline
and unexcused absences. This verification should include the parent’s full name, social
security number, and the student’s birth date. Written verification from a health official
and/or verification by the principal or Director of Pupil Personnel shall be required for all
additional absences. Students with three (3) unexcused absences shall be referred to the
Director of Pupil Personnel for appropriate action. Students with an excused absence
shall have the opportunity to make up for full credit all work missed within one day per
absence. It shall be the student’s responsibility to make arrangements with each teacher
to make up work.

Suspension shall be considered an unexcused absence; however, projects or homework
assigned prior to the suspension shall be accepted for credit. Students shall be
responsible for submitting such assignments on their first day of return to school from the
suspension. Long-term projects assigned during the suspension and due at a later date
shall be accepted on the date due. Work assigned and due during suspension shall not be

Pending excuses must be verified by the parent within one school day. After the one day
time period has expired, the absence will be documented as unexcused. After this one
day time period, no makeup work will be allowed. As well, excuses will not be changed
after the one day time period. For example, if a student forgets his excuse on Monday, he
has until Tuesday to bring it. If he doesn’t, the absence will be recorded as unexcused.
The student can’t bring an excuse on Friday and have Monday’s unexcused absence

When an extended absence is anticipated, parents shall notify the principal and make
arrangements for obtaining schoolwork assignments. Parents of chronically ill or
handicapped students should notify the school in writing in order for these students to
receive special consideration.

Bus Conduct
Bus transportation for students is a convenience provided by the Harlan Independent
Board of Education. However, it is a student’s privilege to ride, not a Board’s obligation
to provide transportation. The driver is in full charge of the bus, and the students must
obey the transportation rules and driver’s directions at all times. Violation of a bus
rule/regulation may result in the loss of transportation privileges and/or punitive action,
which may include suspension from school. All pupils shall abide by the following rules
established by the State Board of Education:
       1.   The driver is in full charge of the bus and the pupils. Pupils will obey the driver cheerfully
            and promptly.
       2.   Pupils will occupy the space designated for them by the driver.
       3.   Pupils will be on time; the bus cannot wait for those who are late.
       4.   Students will adhere to the following rules:
                a. Don’t mar or deface the bus.
                b. Avoid unnecessary conversation with bus driver and boisterous talking or singing.
                c. Abstain from the use of tobacco and profane or indecent language.

                 d. At all times keep arms and heads inside the bus windows
                 e. Don’t leave the bus without the driver’s consent except at home or at school.
                 f. Report to the driver at once any damages to the bus.
       5.   Pupils who must cross the road after leaving the bus should pass in front of the bus and not
            behind it. The driver should see that the way is clear before the child is permitted to cross the
       6.   Should any pupil persist in violating any of these regulations, it will be the duty of the driver
            to notify the principal and after due warning has been given to the pupil, the principal will
            forbid such a disobedient student the privilege of riding the bus until permission to ride again
            has been given by the Board of Education. Written notice of the action of the principal will be
            furnished to the parents through the Board of Education, but such notice need not precede
            action by the principal.
       7.   Should the conduct of a pupil on the bus endanger the lives or morals of other people, and the
            offending pupil fails to cease such conduct when requested by the driver, he should put the
            offender off the bus and report his actions to the principal immediately.
       8.   Any complaints of drivers, pupils, or parents not specified in the above regulations should be
            reported promptly to the principal.
       9.   If a student must ride a different bus or ride the bus for a special situation, he/she must have a
            permission slip from the office before being allowed to board the bus.
A comprehensive Student Transportation Manual will be given to each student at the start
of each school year.

Cafeteria Information
Hot, nutritious meals are served in the cafeteria at a nominal cost to students. Some
students are eligible to receive free or reduced cost lunches. Guidelines and applications
will be given to students early in the school year.
                The lunchroom management as well as fellow students will appreciate
cooperation in the following:
       1. Depositing all lunch litter in waste cans.
       2. Returning your tray and utensils to the dishwashing area.
       3. Leaving the table and floor around you clean.
Charge Policy: NO CHARGES WILL BE ALLOWED! Under no circumstance will
any person be allowed to charge in the cafeteria. If a student needs assistance, the student
will be asked to go to the Principal’s Office to contact a parent to bring lunch money to

Checkout Procedures
If a student checks out early or leaves for a portion of time, it will be unexcused unless
the reason for leaving meets the standards listed for an excused absence (page 3).
No student will be allowed to leave school with a person who is a stranger to both the
student and principal unless authority is received by direct communication with the
parent/guardian and dismissal has the approval of the principal’s office. Parents must
pick up and return students to school. Only with parent approval will students be
permitted to walk to their destination, leave the school on their own, or leave school with
another student. Any student who is dismissed from school for out-of-school
appointments must bring a statement showing that he/she kept the appointment. If the
student fails to meet the appointment or loses the statement, the absence will be
unexcused. Under no circumstances will a student be permitted to sign out without
approval of the principal’s office and verbal parent contact. Upon checkout, the parent
will be required to give a valid reason, which may or may not be excused as determined

by the attendance policy. When students return to school they are to sign in immediately
and obtain an admit slip to class from the office. Students are not to leave school grounds
between classes. Students who are 18 years of age or older must follow standard check
out procedures.

College Visitation Days
Seniors will be allowed two (2) excused absences for college visitations. Before a student
is permitted to use a college day, the student and the student’s parent must complete a
College Day Request form. This form is available in the office. If this form is not
completed, the absence will be unexcused. The student must also bring a letter of
verification from the college registrar’s office. If this procedure is not followed, the
student will receive an unexcused absence. The school has the right to limit the
number of requests approved for a single day. College days will not be granted after
May 15 without special circumstances verified by the college prior to the visit. Extra
days may be granted also if the visit is verified as a special circumstance. Juniors may use
one of the two (2) days with approval from the office.

Debt Slips
Any student who accumulates debt during attendance at Harlan Independent Schools
must pay all debts before transcript information will be released. Teachers will turn in
debt slips for (but not limited to) students who don’t pay fees, have outstanding bills in
the cafeteria, have outstanding bills for pictures or ads, don’t turn in money for
fundraisers, prom, lose uniforms or lose other school property.

The school is not responsible for deliveries to students. However, if there is a delivery
for a student, the office will notify the student so that he/she may pick it up when school
is dismissed. Please note: NO deliveries for Valentine’s Day will be accepted.

Drivers License
Any individual attending the Harlan Independent Schools who has not successfully
completed high school and who is under eighteen years of age shall meet the following
criteria before becoming eligible to receive a driver’s permit or license or retain his/her
present driver’s permit or license.
       1.   Must be enrolled as full-time student in the Harlan Independent School System. (Full time
            student is required to be enrolled in three courses, not including a supervised study period.)
       2.   Must successfully pass three courses the preceding semester. 18 week term
       3.   Must have no more than nine (9) unexcused absences or 18 tardies in the current semester. (3
            tardies equal one unexcused absence)
Upon the request of a qualified student 16 years of age or above, the principal shall notify
the Circuit Court Clerk that the students is eligible, under the provisions of House Bill 43,
to be issued a driver’s permit or license. Students who are trying for their permit must see
the Director of Pupil Personnel at least one week prior to the testing date and must be
able to present their social security number. If a student under the age of eighteen who
currently possesses a valid driver’s permit or license fails to maintain the standards
established by House Bill 43, the principal shall submit the student’s name to the Office

of the School Superintendent. The superintendent shall forward that student’s name to the
Kentucky Department of Transportation.

The disciplinary consequences for any drug-related infraction (including alcohol) are
specified in the district code of conduct book. Drug offenders will be assigned discipline
according to Board Policy 09.423. It is the responsibility of the student and parents to be
aware of the policy.

Drop-Off Time
Students may not enter the building until 7:40 am. Doors will be locked until this time.
Children brought before the 7:40 time period will be forced to remain outside the
building and will be unsupervised. Teachers will not report to duty until 7:40.

Early Dismissal
Students who are dismissed early must follow proper check out procedures.

Extended Studies Program
Harlan Middle/High offers an extended studies program. Students are eligible for this
program through teacher, student, parent, or peer recommendations. Test scores are also
used as criteria for entrance into the program.

Fire and Disaster Drills
Fire and disaster drills will be scheduled at regular intervals. It is essential that when the
fire alarm sounds, everyone clears the building or reports to the designated area by the
prescribed route as quickly as possible. In each room a set of fire and disaster evacuation
routes will be posted.
      No one may re-enter the building without permission from the administrator.
 There is punishment for a false fire alarm. If found guilty of intentionally pulling a fire
alarm, school officials may contact the law enforcement authorities and the student will
be suspended for five (5) days.
Graduation Ceremony
Participation in the graduation ceremony is optional. However, the school will define
appropriate dress and behavior for the event. Students shall not be permitted to take part
in the graduation exercises unless they have completed the minimum number of high
school units required by the Board and the Program of Studies. Students must complete
all parts of the state mandated accountability assessment, including required portfolios,
before being considered for graduation.

Grievance Procedure
For Title IX, Title VI, Section 504
If any person believes that the Harlan Independent School District or any part of the
school organization has inadequately applied the principles and/or regulations of Title IX,
Title VI, or Section 504 or is in some way discriminatory on the basis of race, color,
national origin, age, religion, marital status, sex or handicap in an educational

employment, or activities program, he/she may contact the local Title IX, Title IV,
Section 504 coordinator as listed below:
                 1. Sex discrimination
                 2. Civil Rights Act of 1964
                 3. Rehabilitation Act of 1973
                 Director of Grievance Procedure
                 Harlan Independent School System- Superintendent’s Office
                 420 Clover Street, Harlan, Kentucky 40831
                 Phone: (606) 573-8700

Hall Activity
Students should be considerate of others. Running, pushing, tripping, etc., in the
hallway/stairway will not be tolerated. Students should move in a quiet, orderly manner.
Students are not to gather at school entrances, classroom doorways, restrooms, or water
fountains. Students should discard trash in the proper containers and help keep our
schools CLEAN. Students should leave the school building within 10 minutes after
school dismissal unless under supervision of a faculty member or a school employee.
Failure to keep halls clean may result in the loss of break time.

Hall Passes
Students are not permitted in the hall during class periods unless they have a hall pass
from their teacher. Only one student is allowed to leave a respective class at a time.
Exception: class of students going to the library. Students caught without a pass will be
returned to their room. All students must sign the checkout sheet before leaving the

Homework Policy
Assigning homework serves various educational needs. Homework develops student
responsibility and links the school directly to the home. Assignments are most beneficial
when they are carefully planned by the teacher and have direct meaning to the student.
-To be an extension of class work.
-To reinforce/practice skills that enable students to retain knowledge.
-To serve as a preparation for up-coming lessons or concepts.
-To teach responsibility and develop study habits.
-To develop a connection between home and school and allow parents to understand the curriculum.
-To increase student understanding.

-Assigned homework will reinforce instruction; it will not be used to introduce new concepts or skills.
-Teachers shall correct, grade, and review homework as it is assigned in order to provide feedback and
reinforce learning.
-Clear, concise directions will be provided for all homework assignments.
-Lengthy assignments should begin in he classroom and will be made far enough in advance of the due date
so those students will be able to schedule their workload.
-Extended assignments/projects should be limited to one (1) per week per subject.
-Advanced Placement classes may require additional work.
-The school will ensure that all students have access to necessary learning materials for required
-Students will be recommended for tutoring when they are failing or need additional help.

-Students will write down all assignments and due dates in their agenda books and collect all needed
materials before leaving school.
-Students shall request clarification of assignments if they are unsure about how to complete them.
-Students must ask about missed assignments the day they return to school.
-Students will complete homework neatly and accurately.
-Students shall keep homework in a designated area at home and school.
-Students shall schedule the best time to complete homework.
-Students will attend tutoring when recommended by the teacher.

-To provide a suitable area and materials for completing homework assignments.
-Plan a homework schedule with your child.
-Check homework to see if it is complete.
-Encourage your children to do their best work.
-Parents should expect daily assignments.
-To monitor student activities such as TV, sports, clubs, etc.
-Maintain communication with the school and teachers.
-Inform school personnel if they need help getting materials for their child to complete an assignment.
-Check Homework Hotline on a regular basis for assignments.
-Require students to attend tutoring after recommendation of teacher.

Academic Lunch

Harassment/Sexual Harassment
Harlan Middle/High School has a policy that prohibits harassment at all times on school
property and off school grounds during school-sponsored activities. Examples of conduct
and/or actions prohibited under this policy include, but are not limited to:
         1.   Name calling, stories, jokes, pictures, or objects that are offensive to one’s gender, race, color,
              national origin, religion, sexual orientation or disability;
         2.   Unwanted touching, sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and spreading of rumors;
         3.   Members of one gender being subjected to sexual remarks of the other gender in the context
              of the classroom;
         4.   Impeding the progress of a student in class by questioning the student’s ability to do the
              required class work based on the gender, race, color, religion, national origin, sexual
              orientation or disability;
         5.   Limiting student access to educational tools, such as computers, based on the student’s
              gender, race color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or disability;
         6.   Teasing a student’s subject choice or assignment based on the above;

Students who engage in the harassment of another student or employee may be subject to
disciplinary action, including but not limited to suspension or expulsion.

Illness At School
If a student becomes ill during school, he must ask his teacher for permission to report to
the principal’s office. If necessary, he will be permitted to see the school nurse. The
principal will write a note to see the nurse. The student is not permitted to go to the nurse
without first getting a note from the principal. If the illness is such that the student must
leave school, the principal will notify his parents or guardians. Students are not to initiate
such calls. A parent/guardian must come to school to pick up the student. Students who
are allowed to leave school because of illness must acquire an absence slip from the
principal upon returning to school.

Student insurance is available at a nominal cost for school day coverage (12 hours) or all
day coverage (24 hours). A reputable insurance company will cover all students
participating in athletic competition.

Students are not allowed to pass out invitations at school.

The librarian has complete control of the library, and it is mandatory that each student
obeys the library rules. The rules of the library will be posted. It is the student’s
responsibility to make himself aware of the policies. The principal will take disciplinary
action if a student should fail to obey the rules. Students may go to the library during
breaks, passing periods, and during study halls (library pass required). The library may
also be scheduled for use by teachers for classes. Library hours will be posted at the
beginning of the school year. Students must sign in and out of the library.

The school district is not responsible for any theft that might occur. All students are
responsible for any damage that may result to their assigned locker. The following
guidelines for locker use help to keep student property secure and our school safe.
*Do not tell your combination to anyone. If the combination is a secret, no one can open your locker.
*Never use another person’s locker or let anyone else use your locker.
*Be neat in the way you store things in the locker. It will close easily if coats, books, etc. are kept out of
the way of the clips and hinges.
*Keep lockers in good condition. Do not slam or kick the door; the clips will bend and break. Never yank
or force the door.
In order to get a locker, the student will need to pay a $5.00 locker fee (unless the child
qualifies for free/reduced lunch). Once the fee is paid, the student will be issued a locker.
If there is damage to the assigned locker at the end of the year, the student is responsible
for paying for the repairs.
         Right Turn -      Stop on Number
         Left Turn -       Pass Number Once Then Stop
         Right Turn -      Stop on Number

Lost and Found
Any item lost or found should be reported to the principal’s office.

Students in grades 5-12 must eat lunch in the cafeteria. Students may bring their lunch to
be eaten in the cafeteria. However, because of federal guidelines, students may not
eat food from a restaurant in the cafeteria. If you violate Closed Lunch, you will
receive AE for the first offense and suspension for any offenses thereafter.

No teacher/administrator is allowed to give internal medicine to a student unless a
physician or a parent has prescribed it with a note accompanying the medicine. This
includes aspirin, motrin, Midol, etc. Students are not permitted to have any medication
(prescription or over-the-counter) with them at school. If a student brings medicine to
school, the student MUST immediately turn it in at the office. Parents need to send a
consent form for the administration of the medicine. Also, written confirmation of the
dosage information needs to be sent. All medicine should be brought in the original

Mid-Term Reports
All students will receive reports and grades at the middle of each nine weeks in order to
better inform parents and to allow students to improve grades if needed. Parents will be
notified when reports will be given out. Appointments can be made with teachers by
calling the counselor’s office.

Parking spaces on campus are limited to staff and faculty. No students are allowed to
park in the campus lot. Parking permits may be purchased at Harlan City Hall.

Plagiarism Policy
Students are expected to conduct themselves honestly and with integrity in their work.
All forms of cheating and plagiarism are prohibited. Behavior that is unacceptable
includes, but is not limited to:
~copying another student’s homework
~working with others on projects that are meant to be done individually
~looking at or copying another student’s test or quiz answers
~allowing another student to look at or copy answers from your test or quiz
~using any other method to get/give test or quiz answers
~taking a test or quiz in part or in whole to use or to give others
~copying information or graphics from a source without proper attribution
~taking papers from other students and submitting them as your own work
~taking papers or publications from the internet and submitting them as your own work

Violators of this policy will be disciplined on a case-by-case basis depending on the
seriousness of the violation, prior violations, and other factors. Disciplinary measures
include, but are not limited to, redoing assignment/retaking test, receiving a failing grade

on the project/test, receiving a lower overall grade in the class, detention, AE,
Community Work Service, or suspension. Plagiarism on the state portfolio will earn an
incomplete during scoring.

Posters and Handouts
The office MUST approve all posters before being put up in the school. Also, the
principal MUST approve any materials distributed in the school.

Students who attend HHS are welcome and encouraged to attend the Prom. All school
rules are in effect at the prom. Students must adhere to established dance guidelines. If a
student who attends HHS wants to take a person who doesn’t attend HHS to the prom, a
Guest/Date Permission Form must be submitted before a ticket may be purchased. Any
junior who does not fundraise for a prom ticket during the junior year, must pay/fundraise
that amount the senior year.

Students may use restrooms before school, between classes, and during lunch period. If a
student is late for class for restroom purposes, it will be unexcused unless the teacher
gave the student permission beforehand. However, with teacher approval and a hall pass,
students may go to the restroom in cases of emergency during class periods.

SBDM School Council
The School Council has been established to set policy for Harlan High School in areas
designated by law. The council consists of the principal, three teachers elected by the
faculty, and two parents elected by the parents. All parents are encouraged to become
involved in the school and their child’s education. Council meeting times will be
announced and meetings are open to the public.

The counselor will register all students early in the spring for the next school year.
Students are encouraged to discuss their registration with the principal, counselor,
teacher, and their parents/guardians.

School Trips
It is a privilege to participate in school-sponsored trips. It is at the discretion of the
principal to grant permission to participate. Students who have three or more office
referrals may lose their travel privilege. If one does participate, he/she must follow the
same behavioral guidelines he/she adheres to during the normal school day. (This
includes the dress code.) All school rules will be observed on all trips from the time of
departure to the time of return, even if beyond the normal school day. Punishment for
any infraction on a school-sponsored trip will follow normal disciplinary procedures.

School Safety
Harlan Middle/High School has a crisis management plan and a district wide school
safety team. Students are urged to report any actions or incidents that might endanger the

safety of any person or property. Any threats or comments regarding school safety will
be taken seriously by the administration. In the event of a crisis situation, parents should
listen to local radio and television stations for instructions on reunifying with their child.
Parents should not call the school as phone lines need to be open.

Special Education
Special education classes are available at Harlan Middle/High School. Students qualify
for these classes if, after testing and observation, the results show that the students are
below what is expected for their age ability. Services are also available for speech
problems. The speech therapist conducts evaluations to determine if a student qualifies
for speech services.

Student Aides
Being a student aide is a privilege. As such, there are certain rules that must be followed.
Teachers are permitted to have only ONE aide per class period. Student aides
SHOULD stay in the classroom for the entire class period unless given permission by the
teacher. A hall pass is required of student aides. Not following the established
guidelines will result in the following:
*1st Offense: Warning
*2nd Offense: Office Discipline
*3rd Offense: Loss of Student Aide Privileges

Student Records
As provided by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act as amended by the
Education of the Handicapped Act, parents have the right to inspect and review their
child’s education records, to request the amendment of these records to ensure that they
are not inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise in violation of the student’s privacy or other
rights, and give prior consent in writing to disclosures of personally identifiable
information contained in the student’s education records, except to the extent that the Act
and its implementing regulations authorize disclosure without consent.

Written policies have been developed which describe the types and locations of education
records and the specific procedures available to parents for the review of these records,
for the amendment of records, for a hearing concerning records believed to be inaccurate,
misleading, or otherwise in violation of the student’s privacy or other rights, and for the
disclosure and destruction of records. Copies of these policies may be obtained upon
request from the principal or from the superintendent.

In accordance with federal regulations concerning the disclosure of education records, it
is the policy of this school district to routinely forward education records upon request to
another educational agency in which the student seeks or intends to enroll or from which
he/she is concurrently receiving services. Parents may obtain a copy of records disclosed
and may request a hearing to correct information believed to be inaccurate, misleading, or
otherwise in violation of the child’s rights. Directory information for students in
attendance may be released without prior consent unless written instructions not to
do so are presented to the principal or the superintendent on or before September

30th of each year. Directory information includes the student’s name, address, telephone
number, date and place of birth, major field of study, participation in officially
recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, dates of
attendance, degrees and awards received, and the name of the most recent educational
institution attended by the student. Parents of a child who has graduated or otherwise left
the district and who was formerly enrolled in a program for exceptional children may
request the destruction of any personally identifiable information in the education record
of their child which was collected, maintained, or used for the identification, evaluation,
or placement of the exceptional child. Such requests should be directed to the special
education coordinator.
Parents have the right to file complaints with the Family Policy and Regulations Office,
U.S. Department of Education, Washington, D.C. 20202, concerning alleged failures of
the district to comply with the Act and its regulations.

Substitute Misbehavior
If a student misbehaves under the supervision of a substitute, AE or suspension will

Summer School Instruction Program
Through the Kentucky Education Reform Act, the school provides additional instruction
during the summer. Summer school is contingent upon available funding. To be eligible,
students must have failed a course or be failing to progress towards mastery of the valued
outcomes. Those students with the greatest need will be served first. This program
operates during the summer for the required number of days. Parents interested in having
their child participate in this program should contact the counselor.

Harlan Independent Schools offer students access to the computer network within their
school. As a result, students must comply with Board and School policies, regulations,
and state and federals laws governing the use of E-mail and Internet. In addition,
parent/legal guardians must grant permission for students to access the Internet and
Electronic mail independent of direct staff supervision as outlined in the individual
school Acceptable Use Policy. It should be noted that third party email accounts such as
hotmail, yahoo mail and non district web mail and social networking sites such as
MySpace, Facebook, and other social networking sites are strictly prohibited and
accessing such sites could result in loss of access. ~First Offense violators will receive
detention. Additional offenses will be more serious.
Students should treat computers with respect. Physical alteration of computers will be
treated as vandalism. If a student notices something wrong with a computer system, he
should immediately notify the teacher. Students should save documents using a
password and never give their password out to anyone. Each school’s Acceptable Use
Policy outlines the expectations and consequences of computer and network use.

The Board of Education will supply textbooks for all students. Students who deface,
destroy, or lose a book, will be charged the full price to replace it. Leaving textbooks in

the hall, break stand, gym, etc. is dangerous. Detention may be assigned for this
violation. The student is responsible for keeping up with his/her books.

Students may ride a different bus only in the case of an emergency. If a student needs to
ride a different bus, he/she must obtain written permission from the principal.

Pupils whose parents/guardians live outside the limits of the Harlan Independent School
District may be admitted to Harlan High School by paying tuition. This must be paid
before a student can enroll. Payments are to be made in the Superintendent’s office.

Vending Machines
High school students are not allowed to go in the Teachers’ Workroom to get drinks.
Detention will be assigned for this violation. Students are not permitted to leave class to
go to the vending machines. Items from the vending machine may not be taken to class.
No food or drinks(except water) are allowed in classrooms.

Students are not to invite anyone to visit them at school. No one is allowed to visit a
student during school hours. All unauthorized visitors will be asked to leave immediately.
If they persist in remaining or returning, they will be dealt with by the proper law
enforcement agency. Individuals visiting the school for personal business must report to
the principal’s office to obtain a visitor’s pass. Parents are encouraged to visit the school
to discuss student progress; however, appointments should be made through the main
office for such conferences.

Southeast Kentucky Community & Technical College (KCTCS)
Attending KCTCS is a privilege. As such, the opportunity to attend can be taken away if
the guidelines listed below are not followed. Please note that students attending KCTCS
will not be permitted to attend afternoon assemblies. .
1. Students must ride the bus we provide to and from KCTCS. Under no circumstance may a student be
granted permission to drive. (You are not allowed to drive to take your vehicle out to the school for repairs
as part of a class.)
2. If a student misses the bus, the student will have to sit in the office and receive an unexcused absence
unless the parent/guardian takes the student to Vocational School. If transportation is obtained through a
parent/guardian, the student must follow proper checkout procedures in the office. Only the student’s
parent/guardian has authority to take the student to KCTCS.
3. If a student is absent for a portion of the day, the student still does not have permission to drive to
Vocational School. The student’s parent will have to take the child to KCTCS and the student will need to
ride the bus back to school. If the parent does take the child, he/she must notify the HHS office and inform
school personnel of the situation.
4. Skipping class at the KCTCS will be treated the same as on-campus skipping.
5. If you do not sign in at KCTCS, you are counted absent. DO NOT forget to sign in. If the student does
not personally sign in, the student will not be counted present.
6. If the student has to leave KCTCS early, the student’s parent/guardian is the only one who may pick up
the student. The parent/guardian will need to sign the student out at KCTCS and must notify the HHS
office before the student can be released. Not following proper check out procedures will result in

7. The Bus will always pick you up. If the bus is a little off schedule, students are to wait on the bus. The
school will guarantee your transportation. Students MUST wait if necessary.

Volunteer Fire Department
Students who are members of the Volunteer Fire Department must prove their
membership status to the principal. A written document attesting to the student’s
membership will be required from the fire department chief. Also, a letter releasing the
student to complete firefighting duties will be required from the parent. If a student is
called out for a fire, he/she must complete proper checkout procedures in the office.

Waiting Areas
Waiting areas for students include the gym and the hallways of the high school building.
Students should use these areas before school. No student is to sit/stand in the front of the
building or at the sides of the building. All students should be off the streets. Students are
not to leave school grounds between classes or before school starts. High school students
are not allowed in the middle school area without prior permission.
ARRIVING AT SCHOOL IN THE MORNING. Middle school students are not allowed
in the high school area or elementary building without permission.

Yearbooks contain pictures of students in grades K-3 through 12. They can be purchased
anytime throughout the school year in the journalism room in the high school. They will
be delivered during the month of May. To purchase an ad in the yearbook, contact the
Yearbook Office at 573-8750 extension 4112. An Ad Contract is a binding, legal
document. If payment is not made a debt slip will be issued. All debts must be paid
before receiving a diploma.

Students will not be allowed to interfere with the rights of other students to learn or the
teacher to teach. The discipline code is designed to protect the instructional process and
assist students in the development of self-discipline. Students are under the authority of
the school while at any school-related activity, on any school-sponsored trip, on school
grounds, or until properly released to their parents/guardians. (Activities are defined as all
before or after-school sponsored events including both home and away athletic contests
and field trips.)
In order to promote a proper instructional environment, the following discipline code will
be used in dealing with student misbehavior.

Please note: Alternate discipline plans may be developed for students with
Individual Education Plans that necessitate for behavioral reasons.
*Verbal Warning *Phone Call Home *Loss of Break Time *Moved Seating *Parent/Teacher Conference

*Referral to Counselor *Teacher Detention *Remove Privileges *Lower Conduct Grade(Parent Contact
Required before this is done.)
*Alternative Education (AE) *Student Work Service *Parent Contact *Counseling *Office Detention
*Parent/Student Observation *Community Service Work*Short Term Suspension *Long Term Suspension
*Alternative School Referral *Contact Court Designated Worker *Contact Law Enforcement *Expulsion
Most student misbehavior will be corrected with the application of the discipline
measures listed in the ACTION PRIOR TO OFFICE REFERRAL. However,
misbehavior that is not corrected by the application of those techniques or is a serious
disruption of the instructional process will be referred to the office. The disciplinary
techniques listed in the AFTER OFFICE REFERRAL section will be applied
systematically except for violations of the code that have prescribed punishments
(example-fighting, violation of closed lunch or the dress code, possession/use/distribution
of drugs to include alcohol, possession of a weapon).
The following methods of discipline may be used within the guidelines of the Discipline
Code for Harlan High School.

Alternative Education (AE)
Alternative Education is designed to remove a student from the classroom because of
discipline problems while allowing him to work on assignments. Students must follow
AE rules and work on assignments at all times. Not following the rules may result in
suspension. If a student is suspended for an AE infraction, the entire day will have to be
served over. Parents will be notified when students are assigned AE. Counseling is
provided for students who are repeatedly assigned AE. Examples of student misbehavior
that may result in assignment to AE include but are not limited to the following: offenses
during detention, failure of student to continue classroom instruction after verbal
reprimand, continued disruption of instruction after behavior modification strategies are
used, skipping class or lunch, profanity, etc.

Banned Items
Students shall not possess a laser at school during school hours or at any school event.
Items such as playing cards, radios, cameras, MP3 players, headsets, and electronic
games are not permitted at school. If a student has any of these items out, the items
will be confiscated and the student will be given detention for the first offense and AE
for any additional offenses. If a banned item is stolen, the office will not be responsible
for investigating the theft. If a student needs to bring any of these items for trips after
school, the student needs to bring the item to the principal’s office before school starts. If
a student uses a banned item (including a phone) to video and/or post images that are
inappropriate, the student may be punished.

Community Work Service(CWS)
The CWS program can be used as an option for students who commit an infraction
which, under the discipline code, could result in an out of school suspension (with the
exception of drug offenses, weapons and fighting). Six hours of CWS will be equal to
one day of traditional suspension (to be served in two days). CWS will be performed
during regular school hours. Students will also be participating in homework completion
and counseling during this time. The minimum assignment to the program will be two

school days, with three hours of work service being performed each day. Students
assigned to this program will not be allowed to participate in co-curricular or extra
curricular activities during the first half of their assignment.

Conduct Grades
Conduct grades are given to students based upon their behavior in class. All students
begin a course with an A average in conduct. However, misbehavior may result in the
lowering of the conduct grade. Before this grade is lowered, the teacher will notify the
parent of the misconduct.

Detention (Teacher)
Students who fail to comply with school/classroom rules may be assigned detention by
the teacher. Teacher detention may be before or after school, during passing between
classes, during break, or during lunch (provision must be made for students to have the
opportunity to obtain lunch). Such an assignment may be a result of repeated discipline
offenses or single offenses that warrant such an action as discerned by the teacher.
Failure to attend detention or failure to follow rules while in detention will result in a
more severe office punishment. Examples of student misbehavior that may result in
assignment to teacher detention include the following: class disturbance (talking,
laughing, etc.), lack of classroom materials, horseplay/scuffling, improper language, non-
defiant/ failure to complete assignments or carry out class directions, disrespect for
teacher (minor).

Detention (office)
Students who fail to comply with school/classroom rules may be assigned detention by
the principal/assistant principal. Office detention may be before or after school, during
passing between classes, during break, or during lunch (provision will be made for
students to have the opportunity to obtain lunch). Such an assignment may be a result of
repeated discipline offenses that are not corrected by other disciplinary strategies or for
single offenses that warrant such an action as discerned by the principal/assistant
principal. Failure to attend detention will result in more serious disciplinary action as
       ~1ST Offense: 1 day of AE and re-assignment of detention/SWS
       ~2nd Offense: 3 days of AE and re-assignment of detention/SWS
       ~3rd Offense: 1 day of suspension or 2 days of Com. Work Service and re-assign detention/SWS
       Additional Offenses: Suspension and re-assign detention
Failure to follow rules while in detention will result in a more severe punishment that can
include suspension. Examples of student misbehavior that may result in office detention
include the following: student enterprise (selling goods without permission), student
being in an unauthorized area of the school, public display of affection (hugging,
kissing), teacher disrespect (minor), hallway disturbance, horseplay, violation of dress
code, disruptive classroom behavior, cell phone use, profanity/ vulgarity, cheating,
tardies. Students who leave school with detention not served must serve any remaining
detention if they return to school.

Isolation of Students
Students who continue to disrupt instruction after being warned may be assigned a
different seating arrangement or removed from the activity or class for a brief period.
Students may be isolated or moved for the same reasons as those listed under teacher

Parent/Student Observation
After a parent conference, the principal/assistant principal may require the parent to
attend all classes, lunch, and breaks with the student during the normal school day.
(Another adult family member may be allowed to attend with student upon prior office
approval.) A parent/student observation is most common after AE has failed to alter
student misbehavior. The office will contact the court-designated worker if the student
continues the actions. The court-designated worker will then contact and work with the
family and the court system. Failure on behalf of the parent to participate will result in
student suspension or Community Work Service.

Phone Usage
Students will be permitted to use phones only in cases of extreme emergency. Students
will be called to the phone only in cases of emergency. No student should ask to be
excused from class or study hall to make phone calls. Any student found in violation of
the telephone policy will receive an unexcused tardy. Students will be allowed to keep
cell phones and pagers in their possession but are not allowed to have them turned on or
out during the school day. If a student makes a phone call, text messages, alarm sounds,
uses the phone for a calculator, checks the time or if his phone rings , he will be in
violation of this policy.
      1st Offense - Detention and phone given to the office until the end of the day
      2nd Offense- 1 day of AE and phone may picked up by the parent after 1 week
      3rd Offense – 3 days of AE and phone kept until the end of the semester
 If a phone is stolen the office will not be responsible for investigating the theft.
School Work Service
School Work Service will be assigned for tardy infractions only. Not attending School
Work Service will follow the same disciplinary ladder as Failure to Attend Detention.

Serious or repeated behavior, or violations of school rules may result in the suspension or
the expulsion of a pupil. Kentucky Statutes declare that willful disobedience or defiance
of authority; profanity or vulgarity; assault, battery, or abuse of other persons; threat, or
force of violence; use or possession of drugs (to include alcohol), stealing, destruction, or
defacing of property, or off-school property at school-sponsored activities constitute
cause for suspension, or expulsion of students. Other offenses that may result in
suspension include continued misbehavior after basic disciplinary strategies are used,
fighting (failure to stop on command, in classroom, danger to continue fighting, or
repeated offense), using tobacco products in school facilities or repeated offense, or a
false fire alarm.

Suspension is exclusion of a pupil from school for a specified period of time, usually not
to exceed 10 days. During the time the student is suspended, he/she may not participate in
ANY school related activity. This includes attending ballgames, prom, meetings, trips,
etc. Also, during the time of suspension, the student will not be permitted to earn credit
for work assigned during this time. However, students will be allowed to receive credit
for projects or homework assigned prior to the suspension. Students are responsible for
submitting these assignments the day they return to school. Long-term projects assigned
during the suspension and due at a later date shall be accepted.

The superintendent, principal, or assistant principal, are empowered to suspend pupils,
but must report any such action in writing immediately to the superintendent and to the
parent/guardian. No suspension may be made unless the due process procedure described
below is followed:

       1. Oral or written notice of the charges, which constitute the cause of suspension,
          must be given to the pupil.
       2. The evidence supporting the charges must be explained to the pupil if he/she
          denies the charges.
       3. The pupil must be given the opportunity to respond to the charges.

Expulsion is the exclusion of a pupil from school for a time period designated by the
board of education. The board may expel any pupil for misconduct as defined above, but
the action shall not be taken until the parent, guardian, or the person having custody or
control of the student has had an opportunity to have a hearing before the board. The
decision of the board shall be final. Violations of state law will necessitate notification of
the proper law enforcement agencies. Unlawful possession of a weapon on school
property in Kentucky is a felony punishable by a maximum of five (5) years in prison and
a $10,000 fine.

Dress Code/Personal Appearance
We appreciate the opportunity to provide a quality education for our students. Part of
education is to help students adapt to making the transition to life after high school
successful. While many view personal appearance as self-expression in the world of
productive citizens (which is the goal for our students), there is still a standard for
personal appearance in public settings such as the work place. To teach our students any
less is a disservice to them. We also recognize that appropriate appearance has a high
correlation to appropriate behavior. We ask that parents and students accept their
responsibilities concerning proper appearance. Personal appearance should not disrupt the
educational process, call undue attention to the individual, violate federal, state or local
health and obscenity laws, or affect the welfare and safety of the student or his/her
classmates. Dress Code rules will be in place until the student reaches home or leaves the
campus area. For example, the dress code standard will be enforced on the bus. Also,
pictures that will be used in the yearbook MUST follow the established dress code
standards. Lab Classes may require additional restrictions. Homecoming requires

adherence to the dress code- violation of dress code for this activity will move
straight to a 4th offense violation and the student will not walk in homecoming.
In order to promote an environment conducive to learning, the standard for personal
appearance prohibits the following:
       1. Sleeveless, low cut or see-through clothing (that exposes undergarments), to
            include dresses, tubetops; tops should be long enough to cover midriffs (front
            and back area) when seated or standing when arms are extended to shoulder
            length. Sleeves on shirt should be a full sleeve design to cover the top of the
       2. Tops that expose bare backs, shoulders, cleavage, midriffs.
       3. Clothing with holes or tears above the knee that expose undergarments or
       4. Clothing to include dresses, skirts, shorts must reach the top of the kneecap
            (including slits). If a student is wearing a skirt/dress with leggings, the
            skirt/dress still has to touch the top of the kneecap.
       5. Sagging or baggy clothing displaying under garments.
       6. Hats, caps, sweat bands, ski band, bandannas on the head, hoods, or
            sunglasses inside the building.
       7. Clothing advertising or promoting alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or violence.
       8. Clothing, accessories, or displayed items with print viewed as obscene,
            sexually suggestive or discriminatory. (NO HOOTERS Shirts)
       9. Accessories associated with cults, gangs, intended for wear by animals or that
           does not promote traditional dress, i.e., chains or any kind of ropes, collars,
           insignias, etc.
       10. Shoes must be worn at all times.
       11. Visible body piercing (including the tongue) is not allowed. Ears only.
       12. No pajamas, flannel pants, lounging pants etc.

School officials reserve the right to judge all questionable cases of extremity and
vulgarity. Students violating this standard of personal appearance will be required
to remove the inappropriate clothing/accessories that may be reclaimed by parents
in the school office and will be given the following penalties:

     1st Offense: Written Warning, unexcused for time missed from class. Before
                   being admitted back to class, the student must obtain clothing that
                   adheres to the dress code. If this is not done, the student will be
                   sent to AE. This procedure will be followed for all other dress
                   code incidents.
     2nd Offense: Call/Notify parents, unexcused for time missed from class, assign
     3rd Offense: Call/Notify parents, unexcused for time missed out of class, assign
                   1 day of AE.
     4th Offense: Call/Notify parents, unexcused for time missed out of class, assign 2
                   days of AE.
NOTE: Any additional offenses will result in suspension or community work service.

Fighting is a serious infraction that will be treated as such. Law enforcement officials
may be notified of fights and the school will pursue charges. With the discretion of the
administration, the first fight will result in three days suspension. For additional
fights, five days of suspension will be given.

Instigating a fight may result in suspension. (Examples of instigating a fight: relaying
messages, carrying tales, encouraging the fight to take place, etc.)

In the middle school only, Community Work Service may be offered for a 1st offense
fight. The policy is listed below.
        Middle School Fighting
        ~1st Offense: 3 days suspension or 6 days of Community Work Service
        ~2nd Offense: 5 days of suspension
        ~3rd Offense: 5 days of suspension and other disciplinary measures

Public Display of Affection
Public displays of affection, such as hugging and kissing, are unacceptable and
disciplinary action will be taken. (This does not include holding hands.) Parents will be
notified of student behavior. Students will receive detention for the first offense to be
followed by AE, work service, etc.

School Work Service
School Work Service is held after school for approximately two hours. Students may be
assigned School Work Service for tardy infractions. The SWS program requires a student
to participate in basic cleaning of the school and grounds.

Not reporting to class or being in a location without permission from the teacher whose
room the student is supposed to be in will be viewed as skipping. For the first offense,
the student will receive one day of AE. For any offenses thereafter, the student will
receive 2 days of AE, Community Work Service, and then suspension.

Leaving school grounds without permission is skipping. For the first offense, the student
will receive two days of AE. For any offenses thereafter, the student will receive 4 days
of AE, Community Work Service and then suspension.

Missing school without parent approval will be viewed as skipping and truancy. The
student will receive two days of AE for this infraction and double days of AE for any
repeat infractions and then Community Work Service and suspension.

Students are expected to report to school well rested. If a teacher feels a student is
sleeping in class, the teacher will give the student one warning. After the warning, the
student will be sent to the office.
1st Offense:   Warning from teacher

2nd Offense:     Warning from office
3rd Offense:     Detention
4th Offense:     One day of AE
5th Offense:     Two days of AE
6th Offense:     One day of suspension or 2 days of Community Work Service, Social Services will Be
7th Offense:     Out of Control Charges may be filed.
Additional offenses will result in multiple days of suspension.

Threats will be taken very seriously. Students making threats will be suspended by the
principal or his/her designee and charges may be filed with the appropriate legal
personnel. Students making a threat will be referred to the Student Threat Assessment
Team which may recommend further evaluation by appropriate personnel. Students may
be assigned to an alternative education setting, suspended, and/or recommended for
expulsion for making threats.

Tobacco Products
Students are not permitted to smoke/chew/dip or possess tobacco products in the school
building, on the school bus, or on campus or off campus during the school day or during
a school sponsored activity. The discipline for this infraction is listed below.
Level A Offense: (POSSESSION) Possession of tobacco products or paraphernalia on the person or
personal items.
1st Violation: One day of Alternative Education
2nd Violation: 2 days of AE
3rd Violation: 1 day of suspension or 2 days of Community Service
Additional offenses will result in 2 days of suspension or 4 days of CWS
Level B Offense: (USAGE) Smoking, chewing, or dipping tobacco products on the school bus, off campus,
on campus outside the building, or while participating in a school sponsored activity.
1st Violation: One day of suspension or 2 days of Community Work Service
2nd Violation: Three days of suspension or 6 days of Community Service
Additional offenses will result in 5 days suspension or 10 days of CWS
Level C Offense: (USAGE) Smoking, chewing, or dipping tobacco products in the school building.
1st Violation: Two days of suspension or 4 days of CWS
2nd Violation: Three days of suspension or 6 days of CWS
3rd Violation: Five days of suspension or 10 days of CWS
Additional offenses will result in five days of suspension

Unexcused Tardiness
Punctuality to class is an essential element of classroom expectations. Students are
expected to be inside the classroom door when the bell rings for ALL classes. For
example, a student aide should be in the teacher’s room when the tardy bell rings.
       3 Tardies:        After school detention for 1 hour~ NO EXCEPTIONS. Notify
       6 Tardies:       School Work Service (2 hours)
       9 Tardies:       School Work Service (4 hours)
       12 Tardies: One day of AE
       15 Tardies: 2 days of AE
       18 Tardies: 1 day of suspension or 2 days of Community Work Service
       21 Tardies and additional sets of 3 tardies will result in suspension or Community

       Work Service.
       *All tardies are unexcused unless verified by the office.
       *Excused tardies are not counted toward the tardy policy.

The carrying, bringing, using or possessing any weapon or dangerous instrument in any
school building, on school grounds, in any school vehicle or at any school-sponsored
activity is prohibited. For example, pocket knives, box cutters, etc. Violation of this
policy may be reported to a law enforcement agency and could be grounds for expulsion
or other disciplinary measures.

                      ACADEMIC INFORMATION
The following criteria will apply to all Harlan Middle School students:
A student failing (F) one (1) class for the school year may have the option of attending
and successfully completing summer school in order to obtain a passing grade for the
failed class and become eligible for promotion.** Please note: Rotation Classes and
Enrichment classes may not be offered during the summer.
~A student failing (F) two (2) classes for the school year will automatically be retained.
~Seventh grade students must have a completed writing portfolio in order to be promoted
to the eighth grade.
Middle School Classes include:
Language Arts, Science, Math, Social Studies, Enrichment and Rotation Classes
**Extended School Services will be available to all students throughout the school year.

Block Schedule Courses
Harlan High School’s block schedule consists of four 90-minute periods. This schedule
allows students to focus in greater depth on fewer courses and allows teachers to use
more hands-on activities in the classroom. The overall goal of this schedule is to improve
student performance. A course that traditionally lasted a semester will be nine weeks in
length (known as a term). Successfully completing a one term course will give a student
one-half (1/2) credit. A course that traditionally lasted a full year will now be one
semester in length. Successfully completing such a course will give a student one (1) full
credit. Some courses will last 45 minutes and be scheduled year-round.

Correspondence Courses
Correspondence Courses may be taken for academic enrichment, or to make up a credit
for a course failed. Courses required for graduation cannot be taken through
correspondence but must be taken during the regular school year or summer school.

Students may earn a maximum of three (3) units in elective courses to be applied toward

Classification of High School Students
        Freshman............................................................…....Completion of Eighth Grade
        Sophomore.................................................................Completion of 5 Credits
        Junior...............................................................…......Completion of 11 Credits
        Senior.........................................................................Completion of 17 Credits
        Graduation..................................................................Completion of 24 Credits

There are three (3) diploma levels.
General Diploma
Minimum of 24 credits to include all graduation requirements of the district.
Academic Diploma
Minimum of 26 credits to include all graduation requirements of the district, an
Apprentice score on the senior portfolio, and the pre-college curriculum established the
Kentucky Department of Education (KDE).
Advanced Academic Diploma
Minimum of 28 credits to include all graduation requirements of the district and the pre-
college curriculum as established by KDE. Of the 28 credits, two (2) must be Advanced
Placement courses.
        *Math and Science Requirements- Prior to the Class of 2012, seven (7) of the
credits must be earned in math/science-must include Pre-Calculus or its equivalent and no
more than four (4) math and science credits may count toward meeting the math/science
requirements for this diploma. Effective with the Class of 2012, nine (9) of the credits
must be earned in math/science- must include an advanced math class higher than Pre-
Calculus and an advanced science class beyond Biology or Chemistry I. The student
must earn a Proficient on the senior portfolio.

The Commonwealth Diploma will be awarded in addition to the other diplomas earned.
Requirements for this diploma are established by KDE. The Commonwealth Diploma is
an honors diploma awarded by the State Board of Education to students who complete
the requirements listed below:
    1. Completion of graduation requirements for Harlan High School.
    2. Credits must include the Kentucky pre-college curriculum.
    3. Successful completion of four Advanced Placement Courses chosen as follows:
~English (1 course)~Foreign Language (1 course)~Science or Math (1 course)~Elective (1 course)

“Successful completion” means a grade of “C” or higher in each course. The student
must take the AP examination in at least three of the courses although the score will not
determine whether the diploma is awarded. The fee for the examinations will be
reimbursed by the state if the student earns the diploma. To be eligible for
reimbursement, the student must have a combined score of 9 on the three tests. (The
maximum score possible on a single AP exam is 5.) Harlan High School is offering the
following AP courses:

               English Literature and Language (Grade 12)
               Biology (Grades 11-12; must have had Chemistry)
               Calculus (Grade 12; must have had Pre-Calculus)
               American History (Grades 11-12)
               Spanish Language (Grade 12)
               Chemistry (Grades 11-12, must have had Chem I & II)

The valedictorian/salutatorian honors will be maintained. To be eligible for
valedictorian /salutatorian honors, a student must attend Harlan High School a
minimum of three (3) years and successfully complete the Advanced Academic diploma

Once a student has completed registration, courses may not be dropped under normal
circumstances. Schedule changes requested the first week of the school year require
approval of the guidance counselor. Those schedule changes requested during the second
week of the first semester or the first week of the second semester require permission of
the guidance counselor, the consent of the teacher and parents/guardians, and final
approval by the principal.

Students have the opportunity to participate in eSchool as a way to recover credits or
accelerate learning utilizing an online, computer-based program. If interested, contact the
guidance counselor.

Final Exams
Final exams are required in all classes. The purpose of the exams is to allow students to
use and display the skills and/or knowledge learned during the term. The exam will
count as 1/5 of a student’s final term grade. Students can earn exemptions from final
exams by meeting the following requirements:

½ Credit- 45 minute Classes: August-December/January-May: NO EXEMPTIONS

Full Credit- 45 minute Classes: August-May
    Must take December Final
    May be exempt in May if the following criteria is met from January-May
           2 excused absences & A average
           1 excused absence & B average
           Zero excused absences & C average
           No unexcused absences
           No Office Discipline

Block Classes: All must take 1st & 3rd nine weeks semester finals. Students may be
exempt from finals at the end of the 2nd & 4th nine weeks if they meet the following
     2 excused absences & A average
     1 excused absence & B average
     Zero excused absences & C average
     No unexcused absences
     No office discipline

Students who are exempt from final exams may take the final without the risk of
lowering their grade.
 *Absences count per class period.

Grading System
The school year is divided into four grading periods of nine weeks each. A report card is
issued to each student at the close of each grading period. The letters on the report card
have the following value:
               Regular Classes                               A.P. Classes
               A- 95-100                                     A- 90-100
               B- 88-94                                      B- 80-89
               C- 80-87                                      C- 70-79
               D-70-79                                       D- 60-69
               Below 70 is Failing                           Below 60 is Failing
               I-Work Incomplete - Recorded as F if not made up in one calendar month

Students making a D or F in a course may repeat it to raise a grade. Once repeated the
higher grade will be used to measure grade point average and the lower grade will be
changed to an R and does not count in GPA, credits, or rank. A student successfully

completing a regular term (9 weeks grading period) receives 1/2 credit. CATS scores will
be a part of a student’s permanent record. Students who retake a class are not eligible
for salutatorian and valedictorian honors. Students may audit a class with office and
teacher approval. Audit approval must be granted at the beginning of the class.

Graduation Requirements
Students must complete a minimum of twenty-four (24) credits and all other state and
local requirements in order to graduate from high school in the District. Those credits
shall include the following minimum requirements:
English- Four and a half (4 ½) Credits---(5 ½ credits effective 2010)
English I, II, III and IV or AP English
Composition- One half (1/2) credit
(Senior Seminar will be required effective with the class of 2010)
Science- Three (3) Credits
Natural Science, Biology and one (1) additional science.
(Chemistry or Physics required for pre-college curriculum)
Mathematics- Four (4) credits (4 years of math and five (5) credits required with class
of 2012)
Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II and additional math electives
(Algebra II required with class of 2012)
Social Studies- Three (3) Credits
Political Science/Economics (1/2 credit each)- required through class of 2010
Civics- required effective with class of 2011
World Civilization, U.S. History or AP U.S. History
Humanities- One (1) Credit
Health/Physical Education- One (1) Credit
Health- One half (1/2) credit
PE I- One half (1/2) credit
Technology- One (1) Credit
Computer and Technology Applications- One credit or
Computer and Technology Applications- One-half (1/2) credit and additional technology
course for one-half (1/2) credit.
Electives- As specified for diploma level
General Diploma- Six and a half (6 ½ ) credits (5 ½ credits effective with class of 2010)
Academic Diploma- Eight and a half (8 ½ ) credits (7 ½ credits effective with class of 2010)
Advanced Academic Diploma- Ten and a half (10 ½ ) credits (9 ½ credits effective with class of 2010)

Students must take three classes for credit per semester and may earn a total of eight
credits per year. Sophomores are required to have taken at least two English classes, two
science classes, and two math classes before the end of the 10th grade.

Harlan Independent School Board policy states that students must complete all
graduation requirements (including a complete portfolio) in order to participate in
graduation ceremonies. This policy will be strictly enforced.

Harlan Scholars/CATS Scholars
The Harlan Scholars are honor students who meet various criteria. The criteria and
benefits will be explained to students at the beginning of the school year. Students who
graduate with at least a 3.5 GPA will be considered honor graduates and will be
recognized at the academic banquet and receive an honor cord to wear at graduation.
CATS Scholar recipients who score proficient or distinguished on all parts of CATS
assessment during high school will receive special recognition during the graduation

Honor Roll
To be placed on the honor roll, a student must have earned all B’s or better during the
grading period. Students must also have an A or B in conduct to be on the honor roll.

Pre-College Curriculum
The Council on Higher Education has established the following criteria for unconditional
admission to Kentucky colleges:
       4 credits in English (English I, II, III, IV or AP English)
       3 credits in math (Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry)
       2 credits in science (Biology or Chemistry I, Physics and one elective)
       2 credits in social studies (World Civilization, U.S. History or AP American Hist.)
       1/2 credit in Health
       1/2 credit in Physical Education
       2 credits in foreign language are strongly encouraged.

                           ATHLETIC INFORMATION

Those students participating in athletics (including cheerleading) must abide by the
rules/regulations of the Kentucky High School Athletic Association and Harlan
Middle/High School.

       1) Must pass ALL core classes and rotation classes
       2) Must be less than 16 years of age before August 1st
       3) Must be at proper grade level
       4) Physical Exam before participation
       5) Grades checked every Friday. Eligibility runs from Saturday to Sunday.
       6) Any athlete who quits or is dismissed from a squad after the first game may not participate on
       another squad until the sport in which he/she quit or was dismissed from has completed its season.
       This includes cheerleading. Cheerleading’s season runs from the first football game to the last
       basketball game or cheerleading competition, whichever is latest.
       7) Student athletes should understand that their conduct is a reflection of and on the school.
       Athletes should constantly strive to reflect the highest standards of the school and to maintain

       pride and respect of this representation. Any student athlete failing to maintain these standards
       shall be removed from the team.
       8) In order to practice or participate in a game, the athlete must be in attendance for half a day.
       For a weekend activity, the athlete must be in attendance half a day on Friday.

       1) Must be less than 19 years of age before August 1st.
       2) He/she must not have been in high school (9-12) for more than 8 semesters.
       3) He/she must have been in school the preceding semester.
       4) He/she must maintain passing grades in at least three (3) full credit hours every week during
       season. Example: 3-90 minute classes or 2-90 minute classes and 2-45 minute classes. Grades
       will be checked every Friday. Eligibility runs from Monday to Sunday. On a shortened week, it’s
       from Monday to Sunday.
       5) No special recitations or tests are to be given for the purpose of making a student eligible.
       6) He/she must be at proper grade level.
       7) He/she must maintain a good citizenship record.
       8) A physical examination is required before participation in sports.
       9) Any student who quits or is dismissed from a squad after the first game may not participate on
       another squad until the sport in which he/she quit or was dismissed from has completed its season.
       This includes cheerleading.
       Cheerleading’s season runs from the first football game to the last basketball game or cheerleading
       competition, whichever is latest.
       10) Student athletes should understand that their conduct is a reflection of and on the school.
       Athletes should constantly strive to reflect the highest standards of the school and to maintain
       pride and respect of this representation. Any student athlete failing to maintain these standards
       shall be removed from the team.
       11) In order to practice or participate in a game, the athlete must be in attendance for two full class
       blocks. There are no exceptions.
       12) In order to practice or participate in a weekend activity, the athlete must be in attendance for
       two full class blocks on Friday.

*If a middle school athlete participates in a high school sport, he/she must abide by the
KHSAA and high school standards. Athletic releases will be considered only for those
reasons listed in By-Law 6 of the KHSAA rules.


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