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									   Medical Gas Accessories & Equipment

IV Poles are an often overlooked, but incredibly important part of the
medical industry. You will find many different types of IV poles on the
market; Some are designed for light use, while others are constructed
of heavy duty materials that will last for quite some time. The most
popular IV poles have a 5 wheel base with a low center of gravity, this
provides extra stability to important medical equipment. IV poles can
be fitted with accessories such as oxygen tank holders, storage
baskets, and equipment trays for added utility.

Cylinder carts are an ideal way to store and transport oxygen tanks
within a medical facility. When looking for a quality cylinder cart, it is
important to consider how it’s built and what it’s constructed of. A
cylinder cart designed for the medical industry will be made out of
heavy duty stainless steel with a quality chrome finish for durability
and cleanliness. Large & durable caster wheels make transporting the
cylinder cart a cinch.

Racks for cylinders, both large and small, are perfect for bulk storage
of oxygen tanks in a medical warehouse and hospital storage room.
 Most companies will custom configure cylinder racks for specific
applications. Cylinder racks are capable of storing small to bulk
quantities of oxygen tanks and everything in between. Many cylinder
racks are stackable, allowing for a scalable storage solution.
Medical equipment stands play an important role in every hospital, as
they can be customized for specific uses. They provide quick and
easy access to vital medical equipment when it is needed most.
 Equipment stands come in varying configurations. They can hold IV
drip bags, oxygen tanks, electrical outlets, equipment trays, computer
stands, or a combination thereof.

At the moment, you will find a wide array of oxygen flow meters for all
sorts of uses. Many flow meters are designed specifically for use in
the medical industry, including neo-natal and high flow configurations.
 There are many popular features available, such as flow-select
valves, pole mounts, and click-style valves. It is important to
determine which type of fitting you need, such as DISS and quick
connect fittings. MRI compatible flow meters are also available,
majority of which can be customized for specific applications.

Heliox regulators and flow-meters are most often used for respiratory
treatment applications within a medical environment. They provide a
regulated flow of heliox, which is a mixture of oxygen and helium.
 Some heliox regulators and flow-meters are adjustable, while others
are preset. A quality heliox regulator will provide the proper ratio of
oxygen to helium, while providing a considerable amount of use
before needing to be replaced.
Many hospitals have gas ports on the wall in each room. They
provide pure oxygen, regular air, and vacuum service to an easily
accessible location. It is often necessary to add a splitter to these
ports, most commonly referred to as a medical gas manifold. Medical
gas manifolds come in many configurations, such as Y blocks and off-
set T configurations. Different inlet styles, such as hand-tight,
ohmeda, and chemetron are also available.
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