Comparison Shopping Worksheet by Z5Ja5XZ


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                             Comparison Shopping

One way that consumers can strengthen their position in the marketplace is
by being informed. Unfortunately, that takes time, and for what???
Pennies??? Dollars??? Lets find out.

Whether it is tools, groceries, clothes, or lumber all consumers have choices.
Your assignment is to pick 10 items in a specific category (like clothes,
groceries, cleaning supplies, tools, hardware, etc.). Then you are to find the
same products in 3 different locations. Record the information below and
total the costs if you were to shop at each store. Then answer the questions
at the end.

      Item        Store #1        Store #2         Store #3       Best Price











1) When shopping for the materials you priced, where will you
   shop? Why?

2) Does it pay to comparison shop? Explain.

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