Biology 111 Lecture Brilakis Fall, 2000 by D478maOc


									                            Biology 101 Introduction to Biology
                                       K. Brilakis

    Welcome to Biology 101. Our course is designed to introduce you to many topics in biology and
assist you in understanding our natural world.
      Each class will begin with a brief review of previously explored information. Then I’ll introduce
new information. Some topics will require less time…others more time. I will attempt to teach at a
pace that is comfortable for this group of students. In order for us to develop a working dialogue, it will
be helpful if you make yourself familiar with the material to be covered prior to coming to class. Read
the book. It’s a great source of information. ASK questions. Try to realize that this course can be more
than a few required credits on your transcript. That sure will make it more fun!
        You will have access to an outline listed on my web page for each new topic. These outlines are
functionally my lecture notes that I have written out for you. I do not rely on power point presentations
but do employ a wide variety of visual and kinesthetic learning aids. Please print out a copy of each
outline and bring it to class. The outlines will help you take notes and serve as a valuable study guide for
each quiz. Not every bit of information in the book will be explored in class and not everything explored
in class will be in the book so regular attendance will improve your chances of doing well. You will be
required to study only the information discussed in class as my assessments are not taken out of the
textbook test bank but rather created with our class discussions in mind. All assessments will be open
ended. No multiple choice questions. You may answer each question using whichever skill set works
best for you. Some students like to draw a portion of their answers when appropriate. Others write
narratives. Still others use outlines or flow charts to explain their understanding of the information. I
will work with you to discover which method of studying works best for you as you gain a true
conceptual understanding of the topics we will explore.
   The material will be divided up into several sections reflecting the stated course objectives which
require that students understand several topics including:
                                      * the scientific process.
                                      * cell structure and cell function.
                                      * bioenergetics
                                      * basic chemistry
                                      * DNA and inheritance
                                      * evolution

   Your grade will be based on five quizzes, each worth 25 points. The 5th and final quiz will be taken
during the final exam time period at the end of the session. I do not give a midterm exam or a
cumulative final exam. You will be allowed to DROP the lowest grade of your first four quizzes. If
you are absent on the day of one of the first four quizzes, the quiz you miss will be your dropped
quiz. Make-up quizzes will not be available. The last quiz will count as your final exam and must be
taken during exam week at the scheduled exam time (see syllabus).
                               25 + 25 + 25 + 25(final) =100 points (100%)
Lab + Lecture = Total Bio 101 Grade
  Your Biology 101 lab grade will be averaged in with your lecture grade. Lab will be weighted as ¼
and lecture will be weighted as ¾ of your overall Bio 101 grade.
For example: If you achieve 80 points out of a total possible 100 pts for lecture and 90 points out of a
total possible 100 pts for lab, your Biology 101 grade will be:
               80 + 80 + 80 + 90 = 330      330 / 4 = 82.5      82.5 = B (10 point scale)

Registration Information
    If you feel the need to withdraw any time during the semester, it is your responsibility to submit your
withdrawal slip to the registrar. Withdrawals will not be permitted after the college’s withdrawal period
Honesty is the best policy
    I have a zero policy for cheating. If you cheat, you will be referred to the Division Dean for
disciplinary action. Cheating includes copying off of someone during a quiz OR handing in work that
was prepared by someone else. Please learn the definition of plagiarism and which internet sources may
be cited as being factually valid. Wikipedia, although entertaining, is NOT considered a valid source.

    I am sure you have heard that attendance is strongly correlated to success in school. Statistically,
students who show up for class do better than students who do not. To encourage attendance (and
because it is a school requirement), attendance rosters will be available prior to the start of every class.
Please sign in with your initials as you walk into class. The rosters will be put away promptly when class
begins at 11:00 sharp. PLEASE try not to arrive late. It is very distracting and disrespectful to your
fellow students.
    You will be given three free passes for being absent or late. I know that in life traffic, illness,
babysitters cancelling, etc. can prevent you from attending all classes or always being on time. So if you
are absent/late < 4 times (12%), will receive 2.5 additional points added to your last quiz grade. If you
are absent/late 4 or more times, you will not receive these points. Catastrophic issues (death of
immediate family member, long term hospitalizations, etc) will be considered on a case by case basis.
Active duty service members or reservists on active status should contact me early in the semester to
discuss any TAD or deployment issues.

Documented Disabilities
   If you have a documented disability, please see me early in the session. I will attempt all reasonable
accommodations to help make your Bio 101 experience a positive one.

Please contact me.
    If you need to speak with me for any reason, please feel free to contact me via the email on my
webpage. We can also speak before and after class. If additional time is needed, we can meet in the
library or resource room (or over coffee) for instruction or review.

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