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									                                                   Office of National
                                                  Scholarships (ONS)
                                      University of Connecticut
                                      Center for Undergraduate Education, Room 414

SPRING 2010                                                                                    VOLUME 2, NUMBER 2

 Upcoming Deadlines:                      The Mission of the Office of National Scholarships:

 January 13, 2010:                   The Office of National Scholarships (ONS) recruits, selects and mentors high-
                                     achieving students to compete for prestigious scholarships. The office raises
 Knowles Science Teaching
                                     student and faculty awareness of scholarship opportunities, encourages
 Fellowship                          students to engage in significant extracurricular activities, networks with
                                     faculty members and others to identify potential applicants, encourages
 January 20, 2010:                   students to submit applications, and mentors nominees as they prepare their
 Emerson Hunger Fellowship           submissions.

 January 29, 2010:                   Good Luck to our 2010
 NOAA Hollings Scholarship
 February 3, 2010:
 Phi Kappa Phi Grad Fellowship       The following high-achievers earned
                                     nominations in the fall from an ONS Faculty
 February 5, 2010                    Nominating Committee to apply for a national
 Math for America                    scholarship this spring. Guess what they did
                                     over the holiday break?!
 February 8, 2010
 Pickering Undergrad Foreign                Carnegie Jr. Fellows Program
 Affairs Fellowship
                                        A competitive internship program for graduating seniors interested in
 February 15, 2010                      international affairs.
 Huntington Public Service
                                            Charles O’Neill (’10 Resources Economics with a concentration in
 February 26, 2010                          Environmental Economics & Policy)
 James “Rhio” O’Connor                      Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship
 Scholarship Essay
                                        An undergraduate scholarship for student researchers in math, science,
 March 15, 2010                         and engineering
 IIP Fellowship Program
                                            Matthew Begue (’11 Mathematics)
 March 22, 2010*
 Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell Pre-            Kathleen Carey (’10 Animal Science)
 applications for nomination                David Lindsay (’10 Physiology & Neurobiology and Theoretical

 *Students must be nominated                Joseph Podurgiel (’10 Chemical Engineering)
 to compete on the national
 level in these competitions.               Harry S. Truman Scholarship
 Pre-applications are available at
                                        A public service scholarship for graduate school; applicants must be

                                            Valen Diaz (’11 IMJR: Sociomedical Sciences and Health Disparities)
   Scholarships to the
   UK & Ireland
                                        Alexandra Kuehnle (’11 Political Science and IMJR: International

                                        Vincent Pacileo (’11 IMJR: Public Policy Analysis)

                                        Morris K. Udall Scholarship

                                   An undergraduate scholarship for students who are passionate about the
                                   environment or for Native American students interested in tribal policy or
                                   health care.

                                        Chris Berthiaume (’10 Environmental Engineering)

                                        Colin Carlson (’12 Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and IMJR:
                                        Environmental Studies)

                                        Olivia Cowenhoven (’11 Environmental Science with a concentration in

                                        John Sherman (’11 Natural Resources & the Environment and

                                                        New $15,000 Graduate
Fun Fact:
Did you know that American                              Fellowships from the Honor
Idol Season 8 Finalist Scott                            Society of Phi Kappa Phi
MacIntyre was a Marshall
                                                        In addition to fifty-seven $5,000 fellowships, Phi Kappa
Scholar? To learn more
                                                        Phi is introducing three graduate fellowships worth
about the Marshall
                                                        $15,000 each! Phi Kappa Phi Chapters are permitted to
Scholarship program visit                               nominate one candidate each year to compete for the
their website.                 graduate fellowships.

                               The competition is open to all active Phi Kappa Phi members or those who
                               have accepted membership by June 30, 2010. To enter the Chapter
                               competition, see
                               for an application and submit your completed application to Jill Deans at the
                               Office of National Scholarships by February 3, 2010. For questions about Phi
                               Kappa Phi & membership, contact Steve Jarvi:

                               The Thomas R. Pickering Undergraduate
                               Foreign Affairs Fellowship Now Looking for
                               “The Pickering Undergraduate Foreign Affairs Fellowship seeks to recruit talented
                               students in academic programs relevant to international affairs, political and economic
                               analysis, administration, management, and science policy. The goal is to attract
                               outstanding students from all ethnic, racial, and social backgrounds who have an interest
                               in pursuing a Foreign Service career in the U.S. Department of State.”
 Check out our new
  FAQ page on the              Until this year, the Pickering Undergraduate competition was reserved for
                               sophomores. Now, however, students must be juniors to apply. Applicants
   ONS website!
                               must also be U.S. citizens with a GPA of 3.2 or higher. Students do not need
                               to be nominated. The deadline is February 8, 2010.

                               (Note: There is also a Pickering Fellowship for graduate students due on
                               February 5, 2010.)

Office of National             For more information, visit:
Scholarships (ONS)
Jill Deans, Director

Marlene Coughlin, Secretary    Minority Students in International Affairs
CUE 414 & 419
                               and Global Policy Should Consider the IIPP
368 Fairfield Way Unit 2147,   Fellowship
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT                     The Institute for International Public Policy (part of the United Negro College
06269-2147                     Fund Special Programs) “enhances US national security and global
                               competitiveness by promoting excellence, international service, and
                               awareness among a broader, more representative cross-section of the
                               American citizenry.” The program includes an array of enrichment
                               opportunities including: a sophomore summer policy institute; junior year
                               study abroad; junior summer policy institute; summer language institute;
                               internships; graduate degree in International Affairs. Students apply in their
                               sophomore year and must be nominated by their universities. Talk to Jill
                               Deans ( if this sounds like an opportunity for you!

                               Fulbright – Plan Ahead
                               The Student Fulbright grant program
                               ( will open on May 1, 2010. Rising
                               seniors and graduate students interested in applying for Fulbright Grants for
                               graduate study, research or English teaching assistantships abroad should
                               contact Elizabeth Mahan at the Office of International Affairs:
                      this Spring to begin applications for the Fall 2010
                               deadline (campus deadline is September 16, 2010).

                               Updates: Where Are They Now?
                               Good tidings from some recent nominees: In his last year of Teach for
                               America, Steve Ferketic was admitted to the University of Cambridge and
                               also to Boston University Law School (with a scholarship!). Sean Easter is a
                               Klagsbrun Fellow at the Alliance for Justice in Washington D.C. Amanda
                               Ploch just completed her first semester at NYU Law School. Heather
                               Heenehan is in the Coastal Environmental Management program at Duke
                               University. Michelle Prairie is enjoying her first year as a Marshall Scholar
                               at the University of Nottingham, and Joe Antelmi was recently honored with
                               the Provost’s Award for Excellence in Public Engagement (see photo below)
                               and is heading off to Greece this spring.
Reminders for Fall 2010

NSF Graduate Research Fellowships
Now is a great time to start thinking about applying if you will be a senior, or
1st or 2nd year graduate student in an eligible research field in Fall 2010.
Deadlines for the NSF GRFP range from November 4-12, 2010 according to

See for more information.

Javits candidates need GREs!
If you or a student you know is headed for a graduate program in the arts,
humanities or social sciences, check out the Javits Fellowship. Seniors and
first year graduate students are eligible to apply in Fall 2010. NOTE:
candidates must submit GRE scores WITH their applications by the early
October deadline. Candidates will also need to submit a new FAFSA in

See for more

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