Florida Based Direct Sales Manufacturer Representation Firm
                      North /South Carolina
            Georgia, Florida, Central & South America
            We serve all our customer product needs.
     We represent these 18 professional High Tech suppliers:

1.    Lightwaves 2020 Leading Edge Fiber Optic Products USA manufacture
2.    Ad Metro Armored Touchscreen Resistive Touch Technology- Military, Government, Commercial, Medical,
      Aerospace, Defense
3.    AKG Technology-Resistive and Saw Surface Acoustic Wave Touchscreens
4.    Boser Technology-Industrial Computers, Panel PC, Single Board PC, Open Frame
5.    Zytronic- Projected Capacitive Touchsceen- ATM, Mil, Kiosk, Commercial, Military, Government, Aerospace, Defense
6.    Tek Panel/HyTech- Digital Signage 19”-70” Wide Screen All-in-One Multimedia
      Computer/High Definition LCD/HDTV/Digital Display, Aerospace, Defense
6.    Millennia Group- Contract Manufacture Box or Board levels Mil, Medical, RF, Kiosk, Military
7.    NuShield-Screen Protector with a Anti-Microbial Properties Plus antiglare for any size display
8.     Weal Lam- Precision Machined Part and Sheet Metal Laser Cut Precision Enclosures, custom test pins, shells
9.     Techprint- Custom Printing, Membrane and Silicon Key Pads, Labels, Name Plates, Aerospace, Defense
10.    Triangle Circuits- Std. USA -Manufactured Single side and Multi Level PCB’s-Mil- Commercial- Standard
11.    pDuke Technology-DC-DC power converter, standard and custom DSM,ISDN,XDSL
12.    Advance Data Technology-Test Labs, Standard and Obsolete IC’s Standard and Military IC circuits testing, stocking
      Obsolete Die
13.    DRA Component Services-Test Labs- Testing Aerospace, Defense, Medical, STD.
14.    Precision Metals- Metal Fabrication, Machining, Painting, Silk-screening, Aerospace, Defense, Homeland Security
15.   Foam Factory- Complete customer packaging manufacture, Aerospace, Defense, Homeland Security
16.   Edge Electronics- Top 50 U.S. Distributers of Electronic Components and Display assemblies enhancements.
17.   Electronic Solutions Technologies- Memories, Custom 486-586 and Pentium embedded applications
18.   Aero Turbine Exhaust- Gas save new exhaust mufflers, sponsored by Nascar.
Oceanside Customers Base
   1.     Military;
        DRS-Tactical, Datametric, DTX, DME, & many More
        Displays and touchscreens, single Board PC, Flex
        Circuits, PCB’s, Inverters, Metal Works

   2.    Contract Manufactures;
        Jabil, Tropical Assemblies, MC Assemblies, Bolivia,
        Delta Group, Applied Concept Manufactures.
        Millennia Group and Many More
        PCB’, Flex Circuits, Display, Touch, our complete
        line card.
                                                   FIRST WITH ENGINEERING   DESIGN CYCLES
   3. OEM Manufactures, Complete Line Card

        A. Medical
        B. Computer
        C. Consumer
        D. Industrial
        E. Governmental and Military
        F. Kiosk and ATM
        G. Signage

        Also Servicing Central and South America
Why to think of Oceanside Tech First when Designing New Products

 • We Supply a total line card of what's needed to get start in New Design

 •   Industrial Computers, Proto thru Production PCB’s, Single Board Computers, all types of
     Displays, Touchscreen, Power Supplies, Metal, Inverters, Cables & Harnesses, Custom
     Packaging, Printing, Computer/High Definition LCD/HDTV/Digital Display

 •   Plastic Injection Molding, Keypads, KeyBoards, Contract Manufacturing
 •   Custom Aluminum Extrusions, Thermo Management, Heat sinks and Extrusions .
 •   Cad Design capabilities, Concurrent Engineering Design, and Testing.
 •   Why not Partner with Oceanside Technical Sales for your need to get started we love to help!

 •   CALL US: Ken Beuck 954-776-7105 Jim Bravico 352-263-7017
 •   OFFICE : 3051 North East 48th street Ft Lauderdale, Florida 33308 EFAX: 775-923-0375

 •   www.Oceansidetech.com
What are Oceanside Technical Sales 7 Steps

   • First and foremost we know our product lines capabilities inside
       and out and have a customer plan at every account.
   •   Work with engineering to design a superior products at a
       competitive cost.
   •   Work Purchasing Department, giving awareness of our design-
       in of our product lines.
   •   Supply our manufactures the information it takes to win the
   •   Monitor the customer design cycle for follow on business as
       you service the customer.
   •   Advertise all the principals products and custom capabilities to
       all our customer base.
   • Working with companies/an Manufacture design from cradle to Grave.
27 Years of Customer Calls
We know our customer base from direct sales information in all our area’s we cover for
   the past 27 years !

  We keep a data base of Engineers and Buyers at each company, email and position
  status and phone extensions.

  We update both engineering and purchasing with all new products from any of our
  manufactures added to their product lines for quick exposure.

  We believe in service and follow-up with any of our customer requirements and
  making sure our manufacture is aware of their competition if any for bookings.

  Oceanside Technical Sales Inc prides ourselves on having the reputation of being
   one of the best service Reps in all the area’s we cover and making sure our
   customer are receiving the best products at a globally competitive cost.

  We keep our website up to date with links back to manufactures sites for any
  engineering, purchasing questions. www.OceansideTech.com

  Last but least we want to be the manufacture choice when choosing the best Reps
   for all their product Design Needs.
AKG’s Current Main Product Line 1
SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) Touchscreen component made by Shenzhen
KeeTouch Electronic Corp., Ltd. (KeeTouch; www.keetouch.com)
AKG is KeeTouch’s Exclusive Representative & Distributor for America

    Touchscreen Size from 8.4” to 47”
    Touchscreen type:
    Regular clear 3MM & 4MM thickness
    touchscreen glass panel, antiglare,
    6 mm tempered glass for vandal-proof,
    IP65 water-proof, etc.
    Direct Cross to ELO with much better cost!
    • Controller type:
    • Dual Controller USB/RS232,
        5VDC and 12VDC
      AKG’s Current Main Product Line 2
      5 Wire Resistive Touchscreen made by Chengdu VTouch
      AKG is VTouch’s Exclusive Representative & Distributor for America

                                         • Controller type:
                                         •   USB & RS232, 5VDC

Touchscreen Size
  from 6.4” to 21.3”
Touchscreen type:
   Regular clear glass panel; has 2mm,
    3mm & 4mm thickness of
Lead time (transportation days includes
weekends and holidays) for Standard SAW
touchscreen Size from 8.4” to 22” FOB USA
Production Capacity:
We are able to increase our production capacity to double scale of
current production capacity within one month/30days

     Products                      Monthly Production Capacity
                                                             % Utilized
  Touch Screen        Current Production     Production
   Component               Quantity           Capacity
        15"                 3000               10000             30%
        17"                 4000               10000             40%
        19"                 3000               10000             30%
     other size             1000                3000             33%
  Touch Monitor
        15"                  100                500              20%
        17"                  200                500              40%
        19"                  100                500              20%
     other size              50                 100              50%

 • SAW Touch Screen
     • Surface Acoustic wave Technology
     • Made by pure glass with more than 90%
     • Surface hardness Moths rating of 7
     • High resolution 4096X4096
     • No known wear-out mechanism
     • More than 50,000,000 touches in single point
       without failure
 Product Return Rate &
 Product Warranty

                      Return Rate   Warranty

Touch Screen Sensor     0.5%        5 years

   Touch Screen        0.8% to
                                    3 years
     Controller           1.0%

  Touch Monitor         1.5%        1 years
Product----Touch Monitor

• Touch Monitor
   – Open Frame
     can provide 15”, 17”, 19” LCD
     SAW touch monitor

   – Desktop
     can provide 17” LCD Desktop
     SAW touch monitor
AKG’s Current Main Product Line 4
Metal kiosk enclosure and completed kiosk

AKG can provide standard or customized metal kiosk enclosure and
offers standard, custom, & turn-key kiosk solutions for applications
such as POI kiosk and POS kiosk
       Target Markets

•   POI (Point of Information kiosk)
•   POS (Point of Sales kiosk)
•   Gaming & amusement
•   Payphone system
•   Digital Signage – Largest Large Size T/S supplier in
    the US in 2008

• SAW touch screen components: UL
  (E310174), CE, FCC, RoHs

• Standard SAW Touch monitor:
  UL (ETL) and FCC (ETL) and RoHS

• Production:
  ISO 9000 & 14000
Product---- SAW Touch screen component

 Panel (SAW sensor) Sizes:
   from 8.4” to 47”
 Panel (SAW sensor) type and features:
•   Thicknesses: 3mm, 4mm, 6mm
•   Surface finishes: clear (polished) and antiglare
•   Tempering: standard on 6mm, optional on 4mm
•   Controllers: 5VDC and 12VDC Dual USB/RS232
• Drivers: Windows (from CE to XP), Linux, DOS
• Sealing: water proof and dust-proof special SAW
               touchscreen for special sealing IP64 and
A D Metro – Company Highlights
•       Touch Screen Sensor Manufacturer
    –     Innovative engineering and custom touch screen solutions

•       Private company headquartered in Ottawa, Canada
    –     Established in 1993
             History – POS reseller, touch screens, curved CRT touch manufacturer, flat resistive and
                  capacitive, armored resistive

•       Over 100,000 sensors deployed world wide
A D Metro - Products
• Touch Sensors
   – Resistive
      •   ULTRA – armored resistive
      •   AbsoluteULTRA and UltimateULTRA
      •   4/5/8-wire regular resistive
      •   Custom configurations
   – Capacitive
      • 10.4” to 19.1” with/without rear ITO back shield
• Touch Controllers
      • USB, RS232, PS/2
      • Driver support for Windows, Linux, Mac
A D Metro – Key Partnerships

• Manufacturing Strategy:
  To develop key partnerships with leading touch industry
     • Optera, Holland, Michigan, USA
         – ITO and silver fired base glass supplier
         – Capacitive sensor production - built to A D Metro design and
     • EETI, Taiwan
         – Touch controller manufacturer
     • --------, Taiwan
         – 4/8-wire sensor manufacturer
What is ULTRA?
• Resistive based touch sensor with highly durable
   glass outer surface

• Ultra-thin borosilicate glass/polyester lamination
   provides 6.5 Mohs flexible glass top sheet that is
   incredibly strong and resistive to scratching,       Borosilicate glass

   chemical solvents, dirt, water, flames, etc.

• Available 100 gloss anti-glare or clear versions

• Pressure activated technology that provides tactile

• Utilizes standard 4 or 5-wire controllers
• Can be applied from small to large format touch

• Internal surface anti-Newton Ring type A/G coating
Key Innovation

• Advanced material engineering
• O.1mm borosilicate glass laminated to
   .7mm ITO coated polyester in an optically
   perfect fashion

• Patent protected bonding process that
   overcomes the difficulties of different
   coefficients of thermal expansion and

• Result is a flexible membrane for use in a
   resistive touch sensor that is incredibly
   tough and impervious to moisture,
   chemicals and the elements
Benefits of ULTRA
•   Abrasion and scratch resistant

•   Impervious to chemicals, solvents, flame, etc.

•   Provides a complete moisture barrier – ideal for very humid
    environments. Over time, moisture will permeate the polyester in a
    conventional resistive sensor

•   Top-sheet does not shatter and continues to operate even after
    extreme abuse such as deep scoring, repeated hammer blows and
    other vandalism

•   Contributes to public safety and reduces liability by keeping broken
    display or substrate glass behind the outer membrane

•   Maintains all typical benefits of resistive technology; glove or stylus
    activation, good EMI/EMF profile, simple/inexpensive controllers,
    tactile feedback, accurate, cost effective

•   Eliminates “pillowing” effective common to regular resistive sensors

•   The slightly stiffer membrane significantly extends the operational life
    of 4 and 5-wire sensors by reducing fracturing of the ITO coated
    polyester, which is the most common failure for standard resistive
When to use ULTRA?

• Ideal for harsh environments:
   – Industrial automation and shop floor displays
   – High traffic or vandal prone public kiosks
   – Military
           – In-vehicle displays
           – EMI sensitive applications
   – Hand held field devices
   – Gaming consoles and machines
   – Just those difficult to solve problems
                                              ULTRA with enhanced substrate

• Any capacitive or NFI application

• Any resistive application where field maintenance is an
ROI Considerations

• Significant reduction in replacement and field
    maintenance costs
•   Compatible with standard 5-wire controllers and
    controller chips-sets. Much less costly than
    capacitive electronics
•   No retraining of field technicians required on
    new technology
•   When used with A D Metro drivers; capacitive,
    regular resistive and ULTRA sensors are
    interchangeable – reducing logistic, support and
    maintenance costs
ULTRA Options
For improved impact resistance, ULTRA is offered with re-enforced
  substrates – additional glass or polycarbonate panels are optically bonded to
   rear of standard ULTRA sensors.

          – UltimateULTRA
                Various thickness tempered or chemically strengthened glass

          – AbsoluteULTRA
               Lamination of 12mm polycarbonate backplane
               Suitable for use in explosion proof rated equipment

     • sizes up to 23”
          – NRE and minimum order required

ULTRA Conversion Program
     • ULTRA lamination can be applied to finished polyester sensors
     • Enables conversion of existing spec’d product to ULTRA
     • 4 and 8-wire conversions
ULTRA Option cont.
•       EMI Shielding
    –     Rear surface ITO coating, 100, 20 Ohm/sq/in
    –     4 or 8 Ohm/sq/in conductive film
    –     <2 Ohm/sq/in micro mesh window
•       IR, Privacy and other film laminations

•       8/4-Wire sensors utilizing anti-reflective
        polyester and rear surface treatments reduce
        internal surface reflection
          •   Enhances contrast and clarity for sunlight and bright
              overhead light applications
Custom Sensor Development

• ULTRA sensors are ideally suited to difficult to
  solve touch applications that often require
  customization and low volume production.
      • Laminating enhanced glass or polycarbonate
           backplanes to increase impact resistance
       •   Providing various ITO coatings or mesh laminations
           for RFI/EMI shielding, including sensors for MIL-461
           rated environments
       •   Infra-red shielding to help reduce solar heating and
           protect LCD panels in outdoor locations
       •   Specific optical configurations such as A/G, A/R, anti-
           Newton ring and others
       •   Custom cable location and length
ULTRA – 5-wire Production

Type                    5-Wire resistive

Positional Accuracy     + / - 2.5mm

Corner to Corner Ohms   40 - 60 ohms depending on size

Controller              Serial RS232 or USB 2.0

Isolation               >= 15 M Ohms

Cable Termination       5 Pin AMP .1" centers

Electrostatic           Laminated glass assembly complies with EN
                        60950, UL 60950, and UL 544
                        Per EN 61000-4-2, 1995: Withstands 20
                        discharges up to 15 kV                           Operating Temperature   -10 C to 55 C
Resolution              Touch point density is based on controller
                        resolution. Typically 4096x4096                  Storage Temperature     -40 C to 70 C

Mechanical                                                               Relative Humidity       Operating: 90% RH non-condensing at max
Available sizes         6.4”, 10.4", 12.1", 15.0". 14.1”, 17.1", 19.1"
                        and custom sizes                                                         Storage: 90% RH at max 35°C for 240 hours,
Finish                  Polished Glass or Anti-Glare

Surface Material        Borosilicate Glass                               Altitude                Operating: 10,000 ft (3,048 m)

Sensor Thickness        2.64mm or 3.64mm                                                         Storage/transport: 50,000 ft (15,240 m)
Cable Length            455mm
                                                                         Chemical Resistance     Impervious to all chemicals and solvents that
Activation Force        85 grams                                                                 do not affect glass

Input Methods           Finger, glove, stylus

Sealability             Can be sealed to meet NEMA 4 and 12 and IP
ULTRA Specs,                                                 continued

Light Transmission          84% +/–5% at 550 nm wavelength
                                                                 Surface Hardness               6.5 Mohs’

Haze and Clarity (Typical   ULTRA - Haze 2%, Clarity 95%         Vandal Proof                   Will continue to operate after deep
Values)                                                                                                scoring with knife or other metal
Second surface coating      Anti-Newton ring type A/G                                                  implement.

                                                                 Fire proof                     Surface unaffected by open flames,
                                                                                                      cigarettes burns or sparks.

                                                                 Sensor Life                    70 million touches per point

                                                                 Shock Vibration                In accordance with UL291 when installed
                                                                                                       in a suitable correct bezel

                                                                 Impact Resistant               Meets UL-60950 and CSA C22.2 No.
                                                                 *enhanced substrate versions         60950 ball drop test (0.5 kg, 50
                                                                                                      mm diameter ball dropped from
                                                                                                      height of 1.3 m) with enhanced
                                                                 Backplane                      Optional laminations of chemical strength,
                                                                       strengthening                  tempered glass and polycarbonate
                                                                                                      substrates to meet vandal proof,
                                                                                                      explosion proof housing and
                                                                                                      industrial specifications.

                                                                 Water                          Resistant to water droplets on the surface
                                                                                                      and impervious to moisture and

                                                                 Weather                        Resistant to snow, ice, rain, sleet, hail,
                                                                                                      wind, etc.
Contact Info
A D Metro
1181 Parisien Street
Ottawa, Ontario Canada, K1B 4W4

Canada & USA:          1-800-463-2353
Telephone:             613-742-5545
Fax:                   613-742-5245
Email:                 info@admetro.com
Web:                   www.admetro.com
 NuShield, Inc.

 The Leader in non-
Touch Screen Device
Executive Summary
• The Challenge
  – Electronic devices using LCD displays
    are vulnerable to screen damage from
    stylus and other sharp objects touching
    the screen and wearing the protecting
    coating away
  – Germs and bacteria can also collect on
    the screen surface
  – When multiple users are touching the
    screen, bacteria can transfer from hand
    to screen
• The Solution
  – NuShield antimicrobial screen protector
NuShield     AM TM     Screen
  The NuShield AM antimicrobial film
  has been formulated to provide
  protection from glare, scratches and
  is the first film of its kind to include
  Microban® antimicrobial protection
  which inhibits the growth of bacteria,
  mold and mildew that can cause
  odors and spread infection including
  the multiple antibiotic resistant
How Does it Work?
 Microban® protection is
 incorporated into the NuShield film
 during the manufacturing process
 and its performance will not
 deteriorate when cleaned by
 chemicals or household cleaners.

 For further information about how Microban works and
 their properties, see www.microban.com
Where to Use?
  • NuShield antimicrobial film is
  ideally suited for use in hospitals,
  medical centers, doctor’s offices,
  fitness centers, restaurants,
  schools, airports, convention
  centers, hotels, libraries and
  information kiosks where
  cleanliness is a key concern
  • Use with LCD monitors, PC
  tablets, POS displays, laptops, and
  devices that are handled by
  multiple users
Specifications            for NuShield AM Film
      Property                Value                       Test Method

      Burst Strength          1.75 MPa                    ASTM D774-67

      Elastic Modulus         4-5.5 GPa                   ASTM D882-83 23°
                                                          C, 50% RH. Strain
                                                          Rate-10% per minute
      Gardner Haze            54.5 ± 1.0                  ASTM D1003-77

      Total Luminous          92.0 ± 0.5                  ASTM D1003-77

      Dimensional Stability   0.2% max shrinkage          MD @ 120° C

      Taber Abrasion          9% max                     ASTM D1044

      Gloss Level @ 60°       170.7 Gloss Units           ASTM D2457-70

      Yellowness Index        4.2 ± 0.5                   ASTM D1925-70

      Chemical resistance     Resistant to:               DIN 42 115
                              Dilute acids
                              Dilute alkalis
                              Household cleaning agents
    Oceanside Technical/Zytronic Displays Ltd.
    We want to thank you for your time today we hope
    we have help you understand our products better.

•   Oceanside Technical Sales Inc.
•   Kenneth H. Beuck CEO Oceanside Technical Sales inc.
•   3051 N.E. 48th street # 701 Ft. Lauderdale Florida 33308
•   Direct Number 954-776-7105
•   Ken.Beuck@OceansideTech.com
•   www.OceansideTech.com

•   Zytronic Displays Ltd
•   Tony Spencer
•   Sales Manager
•   m +44 (0)7850 509542
•   e tony.spencer@zytronic.co.uk
•   www.zytronic.co.uk
•   Whiteley Road, Blaydon on Tyne,
•   Tyne & Wear, NE21 5NJ, United Kingdom

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