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					 St James Junior School

School Improvement Plan
       2004 - 2005

                              1.Aims of St James Junior School

St. James' C.E. (Controlled) Junior School is a Christian community with governors, parents and staff
working together for the benefit of the children. From this shared relationship we aim to lay strong
academic, moral, social, and cultural foundations for all pupils.

 To assist every child to achieve their potential in terms of academic, social and cultural development
  within the school, in the context of the learning process through primary and secondary education.

 To maintain and develop in pupils lively, inquiring minds.

 To acknowledge the importance of language, mathematics, science, humanities, aesthetic and physical
  areas of learning, and to provide appropriate opportunities for each child to gain competence in them.

 To help pupils to develop personal, spiritual and moral values an understanding of religions and beliefs with
  a tolerance to others and other ways of life.

 To encourage pupils to understand that they are part of a larger community, in particular that of the St.
  James area of Tunbridge Wells, to appreciate the diversity of community life and the needs of the area.

                2. Rationale for Identified Priorities for 2004/2005

An examination of end of key stage data has revealed an increasing dip in English levels particularly in writing. This must
be our main priority for this year. Attached is an evaluation, produced by Justine Coles, that clearly articulates our concerns
and proposed actions.
The increasing development, and success bought about by the use of ICT has created our second priority.
Our own concerns to try to involve the pupils more and more in their own learning have been our third priority. National
priorities involving Workforce Review, new ways of evaluating the success of the school, as well as financial pressures on
the school have been responsible or our other concerns.

2.1 Summary of Development Issues

2.1.1 Finance
Need for an overall reduction in spending based on the poor financial settlement March 2004
Prudence in spending particularly in a reduction in the following areas,
             Teaching assistants
             Standards funds (training)
             Building maintenance

1.   To   increase the involvement of all children in learning. ( Switch on to Learning Project development and schools council)
2.   To   re-examine English teaching, specifically to develop writing
3.   To   continue to develop evaluation and monitoring as a means of improving progress.
4.   To   develop the ICT capacity, when appropriate, in all curriculum areas.
5.   To   review the assessment and monitoring of AEN

1. To implement the Workforce Agreement for all staff. Specifically to aim for 105 curriculum non-contact time.
2. To continue to develop the role of Teaching Assistant

1. Extend and develop playground areas.
2. To continue to develop the new ICT network

1. To implement the new rolling programme of activities
2. To extend the Governors curriculum monitoring programme

                           3.Financial Plan for 2004-2005 (& 2005-2006)

                                                        St James Junior School 2004 /2005
                                                 Original          Virement                 Current        Actual Y/E Forecast         Variance   % Spend
                                                 Budget                                     Budget

I01   Funds delegated by LEA                        -    554,852                -       -   554,852   -   298,172   -    559,565   -      4,713       54%
I02   Funding for 6th form students                            -                -                 -             -              -              -
I03   SEN funding                                   -     41,367                -       -    41,367   -    22,220   -     44,440   -      3,073       54%
I04   Funding for minority ethnic pupils            -      1,472                -       -     1,472   -     1,472    -     1,472              -      100%
I05   Standards Fund                                -     43,414        -     145       -    43,559   -    29,102   -     43,559              0       67%
I06   Other government grants                                  -                -                 -             -              -              -
I07   Other grants and payments                                -                -                 -   -    26,155   -     26,155   -     26,155
I08   Income from facilities and services           -     12,000                -       -    12,000   -    10,846   -     18,998   -      6,998       90%
I09   Income from Catering                                     -                -                 -             -              -              -
I10   Receipts from Supply Teacher Insurance                   -                -                 -             -              -              -
I11   Receipts from other insurance claims                     -                -                 -   -       223              0              0
I12   Income from contributions to visits etc.      -     16,400                -       -    16,400   -    12,172   -     16,400              -       74%
I13   Donations and/or private funds                -      2,000                -       -     2,000   -     3,607    -     6,000   -      2,350      180%

      Total Income (A)                              - 671,505          -      145       - 671,650     - 403,968     - 716,588      - 43,288           60%

E01   Teaching staff                                     428,037                0           428,037       212,387        427,652   -        385       50%
E02   Supply teachers                                     16,661            4,321            20,982         4,478         16,478   -      4,504       21%
E03   Education support staff                             63,612        -       0            63,612        36,337         71,757          8,145       57%
E04   Premises staff                                      18,809        -   3,309            15,500         8,005         15,581             81       52%
E05   Administrative & Clerical staff                     22,487        -       0            22,487        10,701         21,639   -        848       48%

E06 Catering Staff                                    -           -                  -              -              -                 -
E07 Cost of other staff                               -       3,309              3,309          2,847          5,088             1,779   86%
E08 Indirect employee expenses                        -           -                  -             46            100               100
E09 Staff development and training               28,795   -   5,845             22,950          3,900         22,950                 -    17%
E10 Supply teacher insurance                      1,701           -              1,701          1,701          1,701                 -   100%
E11 Staff related insurance                           -           -                  -              -              -                 -
E12 Building maintenance and improvement          5,000           -              5,000          3,599          7,198             2,198   72%
E13 Grounds maintenance and improvement           7,000           -              7,000          4,244          8,488             1,488   61%
E14 Cleaning and catering                        13,000           -             13,000          1,584          7,584   -         5,416   12%
E15 Water & sewerage                              2,000           -              2,000              -          2,000                 -    0%
E16 Energy                                        8,000           -              8,000          2,004          8,000                 -   25%
E17 Rates                                        10,123           -             10,123          5,063         10,123                 -   50%
E18 Other occupation costs                            -           -                  -              -              -                 -
E19 Learning resources (not ICT)                 34,050   -   3,557             30,493         26,755         30,493                 -   88%
E20 ICT learning resources                       18,125       3,750             21,875          8,841         21,875                 -   40%
E21 Exam Fees                                         -           -                  -              -              -                 -
E22 Administrative supply                         8,900   -   4,250              4,650          2,888          5,777             1,127   62%
E23 Other Insurance premiums                      4,250           -              4,250          2,125          4,250       -         0   50%
E24 Special facilities                                -           -                  -              -              -                 -
E25 Catering supplies                                 -           -                  -              -              -                 -
E26 Agency supply staff                               -           -                  -              -              -                 -
E27 Bought in professional services -                 -       1,722              1,722          2,210          4,420             2,698   128%
E28 Bought in professional services - other           -       4,000              4,000          7,432         14,865            10,865   186%
E29 Loan Interest                                   700           -                700            442            666       -        34    63%
E30 Contribution to capital                       8,749   -   8,749                  -              -              -                 -

      Total Expenditure (B)                    699,999    - 8,608             691,391        347,588        708,685            17,294       0

      In Year Surplus / Deficit                                                19,741                   -     7,903    - 25,995

      Surplus / Deficit CFWD 2003/2004        - 40,741            -       -    40,741    -    40,742    - 40,742       -            1

      Yearend Surplus / Deficit                       -           -       -    21,000    -    97,122    - 48,645       - 25,995

                         4. Curriculum Improvement Plan

4.1 Curriculum Responsibilities

English                Justine Coles          Music                 Jonathan Smith

Maths                  Carole Alston          Religious Education   Rachel Cox

Science                Alan Wilford           PSHE                  Alan Wilford

ICT                    Jonathan Smith         Special Needs         Judy Waters

Design Technology      Gill Waller            Gifted Education      Gill Waller

History                Alan Wilford           Creativity            Gill Waller

Geography              Angela Bickerton       Assessment            Alan Wilford

Art and Design         Lizzie Eriksen         In-service Training   Alan Wilford

French                 Alan Wilford

Physical Education     Carole Alston

4.2.       Curriculum Targets
      Target                                  Task                            Success         Resources         Timescale     Person
                                                                               criteria                                     responsible
To audit and extend     To complete the Arts Mark application and in doing   Arts Mark                          November    Gill Waller
the range of creative   review the progress across the curriculum and        recognition                        2004
arts offered across     extra- curriculum provision in the school.
the school              To make recommendations across the school for        Task Wheel     Attendance at       July 2005
                        revisions in practice in all curriculum areas.       as a tool to   Belle Wallace
                        To incorporate the use of the Task Wheel initially   develop        training - 4 days
                        in year 3.                                           greater
                                                                             and creative
                                                                             thought in
                                                                             delivery in
                                                                             year3 in

      Target                                        Task                                    Success          Resources           Timescale     Person
                                                                                             criteria                                        responsible
To improve the           The following need to be taught and modelled clearly to the       Progress for    SDD with Ros          October     Justine
results for children's   children:                                                         all pupils to   Wilson, looking       2004        Coles
                         Composition and Effect:
writing (see also Co-     Style, and the features that distinguishes it. In particular,
                                                                                           be as           at ways to
ordinators report)            to know when to use narrative, and when a more formal,       predicted or    improve
                              factual based style should be used.                          greater from    children's writing.
                          Purpose and audience, adapting vocabulary for maximum           KS1 results.
                              impact.                                                                       5 Staff meetings
                          In year 6 when revising, children need to encompass all                         in Autumn Term
                              the ideas and use any planning which is given to them as
                              part of the question.
                         Punctuation:                                                                      Co-ordinator
                          Clear progression throughout school. A checklist will be                        release time to
                              given to each year group, which will break down what                         monitor provision
                              each year group needs to teach in terms of punctuation,
                              with a possible marking system in place which will
                              emphasise its importance.
                          To encourage greater fluency, development and structure
                              become part of the writing. Particularly important in non-
                              fiction writing, and so greater emphasis needs to be
                              placed on non-fiction genre, such as reports, so that the
                              writing flows as coherently as the narrative. Again,
                              achieved by teachers modelling the writing in front of the
                              class or groups of children.
                         Reassess teaching times and practice.

                                                  ENGLISH (cont)
      Target                             Task                           Success        Resources   Timescale     Person
                                                                         criteria                              responsible
To improve           Work with infants and Y3 staff to review and     Smooth                       July 2005   Justine
continuity of        make recommendations                             transfer for                             Coles
reading methods                                                       children,
and resources with                                                    understanding
KS1                                                                   by children,
                                                                      less need to
                                                                      re- evaluate
Review spelling      Review and make decisions to the                                 2 staff      Dec 2004    Justine
scheme               implementation of Wordshark                                      meetings                 Coles (+
Across school                                                                                                  Judy)
Develop drama        Create a co-ordinated scheme of dramatic                                      Dec 2005    Justine
within school        opportunities across the school                                                           Coles
                     Identify curriculum opportunities for the
                     development of drama
                     Establish links with secondary phase for
                     supporting drama provision
To raise the         Introduce additional boy friendly texts.         SAT s result    2 staff      July 2005   Justine
attainment of boys   Develop writing and talking partners             demonstrating   meetings                 Coles
in writing           Involve modelling of writing                     equality
                     Develop structure to support planning            between the
                     Develop peer and self evaluation                 sexes
                     Use audiences to share children's work

          Target                        Task              Success criteria       Resources     Timescale     Person
To review the                 1. Discuss with staff the                      1 staff meeting   Spring 2005 Carole
implementation of maths          difficulties and                                                          Alston
development undertaken           successes of the
last year, particularly the      scheme                                                        July 2005
usage and usefulness of       2. From monitoring
the Abacus maths                 consider impact of
scheme.                          scheme
                              3. Identify additional                                           July 2005
                                 resources / training

          Target                         Task               Success criteria      Resources        Timescale     Person
To review policy               Discuss with staff to                                               Dec 2004    Alan Wilford
                               review the key stage plan
                               for science

Review resources               To discuss with staff                                               Dec 2004    Alan Wilford
                               resources needed
                               Renew and replace
Consider ways of               Organise SDD for staff on                       Staff Development   May 2005    Alan Wilford
encouraging children to        practical approaches to                         day                             / Paul
further develop their skills   stretch the science skills                                                      Chandler
                               of pupils
                               (David Coates, University
                               of Hull)
                               Incorporate ideas into
                               scheme of work

         Target                          Task                     Success criteria        Resources   Timescale     Person
Review scheme of work       1. Rewrite scheme to include                                              Dec 2004    Jonathan
                               network extension.                                                                 Smith

To review methods of        1. With staff review                                                      July 2005   Jonathan
assessing ICT.                 assessment of ICT                                                                  Smith
                            2. Develop assessment
                               further to include individual
                               end of “unit” assessments
To introduce white board    Arrange installation of board      Developed use of white                 July 2005   Jonathan
into ICT room               Train staff on use of board        board ready for extended                           Smith
                            Encourage everyone to              discussion to introduce
                            experiment                         further ICT into
                                                               curriculum delivery
To introduce termly staff                                                                 3 staff     Nov, Feb,   Jonathan
skills development                                                                        meetings    June        Smith

To continue to develop      To work with Cluster to                                       1 SDD       March       Jonathan
the use of ICT across the   develop ICT ideas and                                                     2005        Smith and
curriculum                  opportunities                                                                         postholders

                                             DESIGN TECHNOLOGY
         Target                       Task               Success criteria   Resources   Timescale     Person
To develop assessment       1. Review existing                                          Apr 2005    Gill Waller
of DT                          assessment and
                               record keeping
                            2. Discuss with staff
                               other possibilities
                            3. Moderate DT work
                               across the staff
To investigate whether      Work with staff to ensure                                   Dec 2004    Gill Waller
there is appropriate        progression is maintained
progression in DT

Ensure there is full        Discuss with staff,                                         Dec 2004    Gill Waller
coverage of all DT areas    consider key stage plan
                            for DT
                            Consider development
                            particularly of pneumatics
                            and food technology
Develop DT club in year 6                                                               Oct 2004    Gill Waller
to foster creativity                                                                                and another

        Target                     Task                Success criteria          Resources     Timescale      Person
To review scheme of      1. Discuss with staff its   Full coverage and       1 staff meeting   April 2005   Alan Wilford
work                         effectiveness           sustained progress
                         2. Discuss need to          throughout the school
                             modify topics
Improve Resources        Audit existing resources                                              April 2005   Alan Wilford
                         and replace where
                         necessary. Pay particular
                         attention to ICT
Develop consistency of   Work moderation by staff                                              April 2005   Alan Wilford
assessment               Redesign assessment

          Target                         Task                 Success criteria              Resources          Timescale     Person
To develop further distant     1. Identify opportunities                                                       July 05     Angela
geography involving               and links to                                                                             Bickerton
locations                         incorporate distant
                                  locations in
                                  geography topics in all
To extend mapping skills       1. Develop ICT mapping                                   1 staff meeting with   July 05     Angela
in all geography work             links for year 5&6                                    relevant staff                     Bickerton
                                  geography work                                        (incorporate in ICT
                                                                                        training session)
To look for ICT links in all   1. Work with cluster to                                  2 days coordinator     Dec 05      Angela
topics                         review effective links                                   training in school                 Bickerton
                               2. With introduction of                                  and with cluster                   and
                               digital projectors work                                  link with ICT staff                Jonathan
                               with staff to develop the                                meetings                           Smith
                               ICT links
To review the                  Coordinator to review        Introduction of a greater                          Dec 05      Angela
environmental elements         with staff the work          amount of problem                                              Bickerton
of geography scheme            presently undertaken         solving work in
                               Recommend further            geography. Further link
                               community involvement        with local organisations
                               in environmental             involved in
                               geography                    environmental activities.

         Target                          Task                  Success criteria         Resources       Timescale     Person
Review new scheme in       1. Review scheme and amend          Scheme that reflects                     July 2005   Jonathan
light of practice             according to current practice.   practice.                                            Smith
                              – discuss with staff

Further extend resources   1. Discuss need for recording       Non- specialists       1 staff meeting   Feb 2005    Jonathan
                               backing tapes for songs         confident to lead                                    Smith
                           2. Co-ordinator to produce          singing
                               necessary tapes
                           3. Staff training on use of
To improve boys            Encourage boys to take part in      Lessen the disparity                     July 2005   Jonathan
involvement and            voluntary musical activities        of involvement in                                    Smith
attainment in music         Introduce possibly range of       music activities,
                               suitable instruments for        lessen the gender
                               individual lessons              gap in attainment
                            Look at ways of encouraging
                               greater involvement in choir
                           Find ways to structure lessons to
                           involve boys positively
                           Introduce more ICT in music
                           education, including keyboards

         Target                                   Task                          Success     Resources   Timescale     Person
                                                                                 criteria                           responsible
To continue to develop      1. Monitor level of practice, progression and                               March       Lizzie
art within the school          attainment                                                               2005        Eriksen
                            2. To ensure that skills are revised each year
                            3. To ensure 6 areas of art are covered in
                               each year – specifically the development of
                               textiles in year5 and the development of 3d
                                                                                                        July 2006   Lizzie
                               modelling in year 5&6
To rewrite scheme of        1. To continue to raise the profile of art in the                           July 2005   Lizzie
work for Art.                  school                                                                               Eriksen
                            2. To celebrate and enjoy art in the school in
                               as many ways as possible
To consider ways of         1. Research possible approaches in other                                    July 2005   Lizzie
introducing more ICT in        schools etc                                                                          Eriksen
art education               2. To work with co-ordinator to consider what
                               is possible
                            3. To make suggestion for staff to implement
                               some of the ideas
To consider widening the    1. Investigate possibilities for provision                                  July 2005   Lizzie
range of out of hours art                                                                                           Eriksen
To expand and co-           1. With staff identify the possible opportunities                           July 2005   Lizzie
ordinate the range of          that would match our curriculum                                                      Eriksen
visits                         requirements.
                            2. To work with Tun Wells District Council to
                               liaise over events.
                            3. To develop relationships with secondary
                               schools to identify joint opportunities

                                        PHYSICAL EDUCATION
         Target                      Task                Success criteria        Resources      Timescale      Person
To review Schemes of     Consult staff on relevance,   Modified schemes of      2 staff        July 2005     Carole
work, assessment and     implementation of schemes –   work supporting and      meetings                     Alston
record sheets            modify if necessary           reflecting practice                                   (supported
                                                                                                             by all staff)
To introduce mini- squash Consult TW squash club       Club with minimum 20     Costs for coach Dec 2004     Carole
as a new extra curricular Target age group             members                  (from Sports                 Alston
activity                  Provide taster lessons       Positive evaluation by   Match)                       (supported
                          Set up, provide coach        children                                              by Squash
To enhance scheme of     Attend TOPs training in        Enhanced dance          Course         July 2005     Carole
work for Dance           Dance                          provision               2hrs cover     (or TOPS      Alston
                         Work with staff to identify                            2x Staff       time scale)
                         current practice                                       meetings
                         Provide appropriate INSET
                         Write up scheme
To widen the range of    Investigate provision of dance                                        July 2005     Rachel
extra curriculum dance   in local secondary schools                                                          Raistrick
involvement.             and identify links and
                         Look at ways of strengthening
                         links with out of school club
                         and extending the range of
                         children provided for.

                                   PHYSICAL EDUCATION (cont)
         Target                    Task                 Success criteria          Resources       Timescale     Person
To develop keep fit      To research playground      Equipment in use,         Sports match       Dec 2004    Carole
activities for none      activities,                 positive initial          funding                        Alston, Paul
structured play          - skipping, running, play   evaluation by children                                   Chandler
                         - Consult School
                             Council on ideas for
                             games etc
                         - Use Sports match
                             funding to purchase
                             equipment and
                             playground markings
                         - Develop activity cards
                         - To provide training for
                         - To work with children
                             to explain use of
                             events (include in
To develop informative   Collect data, develop       Profile in use giving a   2 staff meetings   Dec 2004    Carole
Pupil Profile            form, consult staff         snapshot of child’s                                      Alston
                                                     performance as an
                                                     assessment tool to
                                                     enhance planning

                                      RELIGIOUS EDUCATION
        Target                   Task               Success criteria            Resources     Timescale     Person
To implement new RE    To consider training       Agreement and             1 staff meeting   Jan 2005    Rachel
scheme                 requirements for staff.    implementation of                                       Raistrick
                       .                          scheme
To develop resources   Order new resources for    Resources in place and                      March       Rachel
                       Sikhism and Christianity   being used to provide a                     2005        Raistrick
                                                  better delivery of RE
To develop ways of     To work with staff,                                                    March       Rachel
assessing RE           advisor to consider                                                    2005        Raistrick
                       effective ways of
                       assessing RE.
                       To develop simple
                       assessment procedures

                              ADDITIONAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS
    Target                             Task                             Success      Resources   Timescale     Person
                                                                         criteria                            responsible
Literacy      Spelling                                                              Wordshark    July 2005   Judy
               Consider spelling books (Southborough)                              £500                     Waters /
               Introduce Wordshark to children with spelling age                                            Justine
               Liaise with Infant School
               Testing Y3 children with no recorded RA
               Consider with Justine support provided
               Consider use made of reading scheme
               Consider question of comprehension of text
               With Justine examine practice incl. Infant School
               Consider appropriate style
               Introduce support in lower school
               Intro. Handwriting in Gym Club
Mathematics    All children with deficit of --- included in RM maths                            July 2005   Judy
                 programme                                                                                   Waters / K.
               Kathy to take responsibility for record keeping                                              Burke
               Develop use of Numicon Consider Number Shark
AEN Support    Start provision mapping                                                          July 2005   Paul
               Explore with head and Govs use of Tas                                                        Chandler/
               Head to redefine role and job descriptions of AEN                                            Judy
               Develop role of Tas in classroom
Gym Club       Investigate Beam training                                                        July 2005   Carol
               Develop approach for assessing need                                                          Bagshaw
               Consider use of Jump Ahead
               Investigate Fizzy
               Grow parental support especially for handwriting

                           ADDITIONAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS(cont.)
    Target                                Task                              Success      Resources     Timescale     Person
                                                                             criteria                              responsible
SULP               Carol to start upper junior group                                                  July 2005   Carol
                   SENCo and another to attend training with Liz                                                  Bagshaw/
                    Connors                                                                                        Judy
                  Suggest Counselling training for a TA
                  Consider further extension of SULP to lower juniors
                  Redefine Upper Junior group as transition group
Training         TA training                                                            6x ½ days      July 2005   Judy
                  Plan training, meeting timetable                                     supply cover               Waters
                  Link TA training to staff meeting timetable
                  Lead school in Quality Inclusion Mark
                  Build in termly time for professional development,
                    research etc.
                  Attend Provision Mapping training
                  Attend SEN self evaluation training
                  Begin learning walks with infants school
                  Inclusion and Special Needs Course
                  Lead school in Quality Inclusion Mark
                  Inclusion and Special Needs Course
                  Lead school in Quality Inclusion Mark
Pupil Tracking   Data                                                                                  July 2005   Paul
                  Analysis of pupil data with HT, looking for deficit in                                          Chandler
                    maths, reading, writing and spelling
                  Analyses of SEN pupils progress through school
                  Analyses of SEN pupils value added at KS2 SATs
                 Record Keeping
                  Review AEN record keeping systems
                  Audit records as part of Freedom of Information Act

                          ADDITIONAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS (cont.)
    Target                               Task                             Success     Resources   Timescale     Person
                                                                           criteria                           responsible
Communications   Parents                                                                          July 2005   Judy
                  IEP involvement                                                                            Waters
                  Support
                 Infant School
                  Consider liaison policy
                 Secondary School
                  Consider liaison policy
Review and        Place as part of whole process-                                                July 2005   Judy
Liaison days      open evening, staff/Tas , parental involvement                                             Waters
                  Create aid-memoir of IEP actions, include time scale
                     and follow up.

                           MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGES – FRENCH
        Target                        Task              Success criteria   Resources   Timescale     Person
Review MFL policy                                                                      Dec 2004    Alan
Extend MFL teaching into    Work with staff to extend                                  July 2005   Alan
year 4                      the Kent Primary French                                                Wilford
                            Project across years
Develop appropriate         Order additional berets                                    July 2005   Alan
resources                                                                                          Wilford

         Target                   Task                Success criteria       Resources       Timescale     Person
To review progress in   1. To discuss with staff   Scheme reflecting     2x Staff meetings   July 2005   Alan
PSHE teaching across       existing coverage. – is teaching in school.                                   Wilford
the school.                PSHE being
                           adequately covered in
                           all years?
                        2. Consider the
                           coverage of

To further extend the   1. Take views of                                                     Dec 2004    Alan
impact of the Schools      progress so far and                                                           Wilford
Council                    developments for the                                                          (Lizzie
                           future – consider the                                                         Eriksen)
                           effectiveness of the
                           Schools Council
                        2. Develop through put
                           of ideas from class to
                        3. Involve Governing
                           Body in Schools
                        4. Set more frequent

                                                       PSHE (cont)
         Target                     Task                 Success criteria       Resources        Timescale     Person
To look for ways to       Continue the Switch onto                          5. Staff meetings    July 2005   Alan
involve the children in   Learning project with                             Release time for                 Wilford/
developing the learning   Institute of Education                            both co-ordinators               Lizzie
experience                London                                                                             Eriksen
                           Analyse
                           Work as a school to
                              refine information on
                              play ground and
                           Work with other
                              schools to develop the
                              other areas identified
                              in the survey
                           Work with other
                              schools in developing
                              the pupil voice

                                      ASSESSMENT/ REPORTING
        Target                      Task                  Success criteria         Resources      Timescale      Person
To enable assessment to   1. To review and revise      Sensible assessment     2 staff meetings   April 2005   Alan
be used effectively to       policy                    policy that develops                                    Wilford
enhance teaching and      2. Continued monitoring of   learning and does not
learning                     pupils work using         restrict teaching
                             summative assessment
                             sheets in order to
                             ensure progression
                          3. Moderation of pupils
                             work in core subjects
                          4. Use of data to monitor
                             progress of pupils
                             between boys and girls
                          5. Compare distribution of
                             academic ability across
                             year groups

6. Curriculum Resource Implications

Curriculum Event                                           Provider                            Cost
Area                                                                                           School              Cluster
                                                                                               supply   training

Learning    Creativity training days   ½ day x 3           Networks – various                    £450                 X
            with Belle Wallace         ½ day x 3

English      Writing                   1 SDD               Cluster – Ros Wilson                  £450                 X
                                       5 staff meetings
Maths                                  1 staff meeting

Science      Higher order science      1 SDD               David Coates – University of Hull     £400
ICT          Introducing new           3 staff meetings    In house                              £150                 X
DT           Scheme                    1 staff meeting     In house

History                                1 staff meeting     In house


Music        Technology                1 staff meetings    In house                              £280

Curriculum Event                                           Provider                            Cost
                                                                                               School              Cluster
                                                                                               supply   training
PE            Dance                    TOPs Course         KCC                                                         X
                                       2 staff meetings    In house

RE            Scheme                   1 staff meeting

PSHE          Scheme                   1 staff meeting     In house                              £900                  X
              Switch on to Learning    1 staff meeting     In house + Institute of Education
Additional    SULP training            2 TA meetings       In house + cluster                                          X
Educational   Quality Mark provision   1 staff meeting
Gifted        Able Writers Group (6                        Brian Moses                                                 X
Education     schools)
Assessment    Scheme                   3 staff meetings    In house

                                              5. Staffing Plan
5.1.Staffing Targets

         Target                   Task              Success criteria       Resources         Timescale     Person
Implementation of the   1. Continue the                                                      July 2005   Paul
Workforce Agreement        implementation of the                                                         Chandler
                           transfer of                                                                   and Neil
                           administrative tasks                                                          Thorn
                           from teachers
                        2. Redefine job
                           descriptions for TAs
                        3. Reduction for
                           workload – at the
                           moment all staff have
                           non – class contact 2x
                           ½ hours each week.
                        4. Plan to increase                            £15,000 to be found
                           reduction of workload                       by 2005
                           to 10% per week. –
                           set up working group
                           of staff/ govs etc

                                                   Staffing (cont)
         Target                     Task                  Success criteria         Resources   Timescale     Person
To redefine the role of   Evaluate existing use of     Better focused support                  Sept 2005   Paul
TAs in light of budget    TAs                          resulting in reduction of                           Chandler/
reductions and SEN        Discuss with staff role of   TAs by 2, maintain                                  Judy
evaluation requiring      support                      attainment levels and                               Waters
tighter, more specific    Evaluate IEP findings        social support.
targeted support.         Redefine job descriptions


5.2.Training Plan 2003/2004

                                  What                     Who for                           Provider       Dissemination/
   Teacher Staff   Focus Group Activities                                         Networks - various     Through staff meetings
                                                                                                         Network evaluation
                             Music                Jonathan Smith

                             RE                   Rachel Raistrick

                             English              Justine Coles

                             Maths                Carole Alston

                             Creativity           Gill Waller, Rachel Raistrick

                   English                        Teaching Staff                  Ros Wilson (cluster)   Through staff meetings

                   ICT                            Teaching staff
                             Skills Development                                   In house               ICT co-ordinator

                             Use of ICT across-                                   Cluster                Staff working across
                             curriculum                                                                  cluster

                   Music                          Teaching staff                  In house               Music co-ordinator
                             Use of keyboards
                   PE                             Teaching staff and LSAs         In house / TOPs        PE co-ordinator
                   RE scheme review               Teaching staff                  In house               Rachel Raistrick

 (cont)               What                            Who for                        Provider              Dissemination/
           PSHE review                    All staff                       In house                     Alan Wilford

           Science                        Teaching Staff                  David Coates (U of Hull)     Staff meetings co-
                                                                                                       ordinated by Alan
           Assessment                     Teaching staff                  In house                     Staff assessment of
                   Scheme                                                                              usage
           Pupil Learning -               2 staff                         London Institute of          I of E
           Switch on to Learning          + whole staff                   Education
           Creativity                     Gill Waller, Rachel Raistrick   Cluster                      Staff Meetings

           RE                             Rachel Raistrick                D of Rochester               Staff Meetings

           Music                          Jonathan Smith                  Networks                     Staff Meetings

           Middle Management training     Gill Rachel                     Cluster
LSA Team   Team meetings for              SEN staff (LSA + Judy and       Carol and outside agencies   Carol Bagshaw
           developing specific skills -   Carol Bagshaw)
                  Supporting Medical
                  Supporting Physical

  (cont)                   What                         Who for                 Provider   Dissemination/
Admin. Staff   Financial support - as          Juliet Walters             KCC

               Data handling - use of SIMS     Paul Chandler and Lesley   KCC
               software for assessment info.   Harston
               And pupil data

               Assessment Manager 2            Lesley Harston and Paul    KCC

                          6. PREMISES IMPROVEMENT PLAN
         2004/2005                  2005/2006                       2006/2007                 2007/2008
   External maintenance       External maintenance            External maintenance       External maintenance
Replacement               Replacement                      Replacement
Windows x2        £7000   Windows x2          £7000        Windows x2        £7000
    (Y6)                       (Y5)                            (Y3)
                            Decorate          £1000
                            Replace           £3000
                 £7000                       £11000                          £7000
   Internal maintenance      Internal maintenance             Internal maintenance        Internal maintenance
                          Decorate Y6        £1000         Decorate Y3        £1000

                          Decorate Y5       £1000          Decorate Y4       £1000    Decorate ICT      £1000
                                                             Replace         £3000
 Reorganise      £2000
new room as
                 £2000                      £2000                            £5000                      £1000

         2003/2004                     2004/2005                 2005/2006                2006/2007
          Grounds                       Grounds                   Grounds                  Grounds
 Playground       £4000

Review H&S                     Review H&S                Review H&S               Review H&S
policy                         policy                    policy                   policy
Risk                           Risk                      Risk                     Risk
assessment                     assessment                assessment               assessment

  ANNUAL          £9000                        £13000                    £12000                   £1000

                                 7.GOVERNORS IMPROVEMENT PLAN

         Target                         Task               Success criteria   Resources   Timescale     Person
Refocus Governing Body        1.Review the role of the                                    Dec 2004    John
to provide more effective     Governing Body                                                          Pomeroy
support for the Governing     2.Re constitute the sub-
Body                          committee structure
                              3.Re establish terms of
                              4. Investigate training
                              related to sub. committee
Develop Role of Gov.          Sub committees to review                                    July 2005   Sub -
Body and sub-                 their role and to suggest                                               committee
committees to provide an      amendments                                                              chairs
evaluation and monitoring
role as well as providing a
framework for supportive
Restructure the                                                                           July 2004   John
Governing Body as                                                                                     Pomeroy
suggested by DfES

Appendix 1:
                                      Analysis of Key Stage 2 SATs Results for English 2004 by Justine Coles

Breakdown of Results

No of children: 66 (1 absent)

English Levels:

Level 2    2      3%                  Reading:                                               Writing:
Level 3    9      14%
Level 4   46      70%                 Level N:           1        1%                         Level N;            2       3%
Level 5    9      14%                 Level 2:           0                                   Level 2;            0
                                      Level 3:           6        9%                         Level 3;           27       41%
                                      Level 4:           34       52%                        Level 4;           33       50%
                                      Level 5:           25       38%                        Level 5;           4        6%

                                      Level 4 or above: 89%                                  Level 4 or above: 56%

Concerns to address

         Too few level 5s in writing (6%) and overall in English (14%). How can Level 4 writers be pushed on?
         Too many level 3s. Where are the weaknesses?

As coordinator I was particularly disappointed with the writing results this year, especially as so much time and effort had been put into extending children’s creativity and
autonomy as writers. 16 children (24%) were awarded a lower level in their test compared to their predicted teacher assessment of English. 13 of these children were
predicted a level 5 and gained level 4; 3 children were predicted a level 4 and gained level 3.

Analysis of writing scripts

There are five mark scheme strands:

   Sentence structure and punctuation

Vary sentences for clarity, purpose and effect; write with technical accuracy of syntax and punctuation in phrases, clauses and sentences.

   Text structure and organisation

Organise and present whole texts effectively, sequencing and structuring information, ideas and events; construct paragraphs and use cohesion within and between

   Composition and effect

Write imaginative, interesting and thoughtful texts; produce texts which are appropriate to task, reader and purpose.

   Spelling (separate task but included in the shorter writing test mark)

   Handwriting (as part of the longer writing task)

On analysing the results I found that:

Composition and Effect

Many children had very poor marks in ‘Composition and Effect’, particularly in the longer writing task. This task was out of 12 marks, yet the highest mark achieved was
only 8, which is band 3 (6-8). The average mark was 3.7.

- many children had written a balanced argument
- few were persuasive, and didn’t give a view one way or the other
- points raised were not specific enough
- not enough emotion and sense of a child audience or appeal
- some didn’t sound like a speech, instead were more like a written report
- not all the points in the question were covered

‘Composition and Effect’ in the longer writing task meant the children needed to:
       -think of the audience, in this case a school assembly

         - cover all the points given in the question
         - give a clear viewpoint to engage and persuade the reader

Looking closely at the mark schemes and children’s scripts I found that many children had written this task as a balanced report, and not as a persuasive argument.

In the mark schemes it states:

‘Those children who write on a different topic or in another form will not be credited with any marks for composition and effect. Those children who do not maintain the
form throughout the piece, for example a non-fiction piece becoming narrative, will not have access to the full range of marks.’

Looking back at the SATs paper, the question only asks for the child’s views. Unfortunately many of our children gave their view but only at the end after considering the
different sides of the issue. I felt that many of the children were penalised unfairly for their misinterpretation of the task and their ability at writing a difficult task was not
given credit.

Several of the children who were predicted level 5 in their writing, were awarded level 3, which was such an untrue reflection on their ability as writers. These were due to
low or no marks awarded in the ‘Composition and Effect’ section. I felt that the marking of this was particularly harsh.

Sentence Structure and Punctuation

The average mark out of 8 in the longer writing task was 3.7, and although many children were getting 5 or 6 marks, there was a large group with only 2 or 3 marks.

    -    most children are at least in band 2 (2-3 marks), meaning they are using full stops, capital letters, commas in lists, and exclamation and question marks. Also
         commas marking phrases and clauses.

Children need to:

    -    use a greater range of punctuation: brackets, dashes, colons, semi-colons, commas.

    -    use simple and complex sentences with a variety of connectives.

    -    use the correct tense

    -    use variety of words and phrases for effect

Text Structure and Organisation

The average mark for this section in the longer writing task was 3.6 out of 8.
Few children had above 4-5 marks, but few had much lower than this.

In order to develop higher marks children need to:

    -      have a greater relationship between paragraphs for overall structure

    -      develop paragraph content further once introduced ideas

    -      sequence sections appropriately for overall impact to whole piece


This is out of a possible 3 marks. 17% gained 3 marks; 55% gained 2 marks and 18% gained 1 mark.

Those gaining 1 mark have handwriting which is generally disjointed and uneven, with a lack of a joined style. To gain 3 marks children need to write in a fluent, consistent
and evenly placed style to engage the reader.


For this test children are read out 20 words in the context of a passage of writing. There are a total of 7 marks for the test.

62% of the children were gaining 5 - 7 marks (13-20 words), and 86% were getting half or more of the words correct (10-20 correct words).

Action needed in the Teaching and Learning of Literacy

The findings of these results need to impact on the subsequent teaching of literacy across the school. This will be achieved through staff development, where the literacy
coordinator will go through the different aspects of writing and how to assess this; and also to reiterate what is required of the child as a writer by the end of each year.

A number of points need to be addressed. The following need to be taught and modelled clearly to the children:

Composition and Effect:

    -    They need to be very aware of the style in which they are writing, and the features that distinguish it. In particular, to know when to use narrative, and when a more
         formal, factual based style should be used.

    -    They need to write knowing their purpose and audience, adapting their vocabulary for maximum impact.

    -    In year 6 when revising, children need to be taught to encompass all the ideas and use any planning which is given to them as part of the question.


In terms of punctuation, the basics such as the full stop need to be insisted upon in year 3, progressing to the use of brackets, dashes, colons, and semi-colons in years 5 and 6.
Not enough children are using the comma when separating clauses in a sentence, and this must be demonstrated from year 4, so that it becomes natural by year 6. A checklist
will be given to each year group, which will break down what each year group needs to teach in terms of punctuation, with a possible marking system in place which will
emphasise its importance.


Most children are using paragraphs, but this now needs to be built upon in years 5 and 6 so that greater fluency, development and structure become part of the writing. This
is particularly important in non-fiction writing, and so greater emphasis needs to be placed on non-fiction genre, such as reports, so that the writing flows as coherently as the
narrative. Again, this can only be achieved by teachers modelling the writing in front of the class or groups of children.


Teachers need to assess which children are having difficulty with handwriting as early as possible and to give support, particularly with those who orientate their letters
incorrectly, or the left-handers who find they have to adapt the way they write once they start using cartridge pens. Regular practice needs to be given so that children
develop a fluent and consistent style.

                                          Development of the School Improvement Plan
1. Principles
      The school plan is a working document that enables the school community to review and move forward the education of our children. It
       is based on the collective vision articulated by the school aims. These aims have evolved over frequent analysis and conversations across
       the whole community.
      The plan is a working document. It is to be used by staff and governors as a means to chart progress, review developments and celebrate
       success. It is expected that it will be revised and amended as the year progresses.
      The School Improvement Plan incorporates the curriculum plan, staffing plan, and finance plan.
      The school self assessment process is feeds the school improvement plan. It informs stakeholders in discussion about where we rea going
       and how to get there.
      The annual cycles of school self-evaluation and improvement planning support each other to make a continuous cycle of evaluation and

2. Consultation
The headteacher is responsible for formulating the final plan but it is good practice to involved the following in the SIP development process:
           teachers
           teaching assistants
           pupils
           governors
           parents
           school improvement partner

The process will involve:
   1. Reviewing – staff, governors can use the previous plan to build on
   2. Brainstorming – all of the above can be used for brainstorming ideas, through discussion and questionnaires.
   3. Collating – can be achieved by subject coordinators and headteacher
   4. Refining – to be achieved by headteacher, governors and senior management team

3.     Information Gathering

Talk to people
Walk the school (learning walks)
Use evidence – data
Survey parents and pupils
Coordinators analysis
Review previous years successes and failures
Be aware of local and national initiatives

4. Plan timetable

Time                Action                                      Person responsible
July                Review previous SIP                         Head, governors, SMT
                    Review SATs and QCA data
July                Review vision and values (aims of school)   Staff
                                                                Governors (Perf. & Strat. sub)
September           Coordinators draft ideas                    All teaching staff
                    Staff ideas and comments
                    Consider ideas from surveys
October             Performance Management targets input        PM leaders
                    Governors sub committee discussions         Governors
November            Collate information                         Headteacher
                    Present final version to Governors
February            Review by SMT                               SMT
                    Review by Governors sub committees          Governors
                    Parent questionnaires                       Headteacher
April               Progress review                             Staff
May                 Review by Governors sub- committee          Governors
June                Pupil questionnaire                         headteacher
July                Review SIP                                  staff


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