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Best Steps to Speed Up Your Internet Explorer


Internet Explorer is the most frequently used browser. Its many versions are available in the market. Mostly the users avoid using Internet Explorer even if it is the default browser for Windows OS.

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									Best Steps to Speed Up Your Internet

Internet Explorer is the most frequently used browser. Its many versions are available in the market. Mostly the users

avoid using Internet Explorer even if it is the default browser for Windows OS. The main reason for less user base of

Internet Explorer is its slow speed. For speeding up IE, you can use you can follow the below mentioned steps.

Disable unnecessary add-on

Startup time of the browser is increased by the installed add-ons. These add-ons can be ActiveX control or Browser

helper objects or toolbar. They provide multimedia or interactive content like animations, which increase your


However, there are some unnecessary add-ons are also present which can effect on the speed of Internet Explorer. If

this will happen then you can disable those add-ons. Precaution is required in disabling the add-on sometime the

users disables the necessary add-ons like Adobe Flash Player, Microsoft Silverlight, or Java. Disabling of such add-

ons will affect the stability of your browser instead of helping to optimize the performance. It is suggested to take help

of technical experts from third party Browser Support if you don't know exactly which add-on to disable.

Increase speed by turning off graphics:

Graphics are the important web pages, but they also take time to download. If you want to speed up the Internet

browsing, then you have to turn off these graphics. You can follow these given instructions to turn off these graphics:-

1. Click the "Tools" menu.

2. Click "Internet Options".

3. Go to Advanced tab and scroll down to Multimedia section.

4. Uncheck following checkboxes

o "Play animations in web pages",

o "Play sounds in web pages",

o "Play videos in web pages",

o "Show pictures".

5. Click "Apply button".
Remember following these steps will disable you to see the images, videos, animations, and hear sounds while

browsing. Make use of such steps only when you only need text-based information from Web. Undo the steps after

completing such work to enjoy multimedia in Internet Explorer in future.

Disable Auto Tuning

TCP Auto tuning is the default feature, which came with Windows 7. Some sites face problem in opening up in

Internet Explorer with this feature. To turn off this feature, you need to log in to your computer with administrator user

and follow below steps:

- Click on start button.

- Type cmd to run Command Prompt.

- Here, write following command to disable:

netsh interface tcp set globle autotuninglevel= disabled

You can also take help from third-party Browser support in disabling auto tuning.

Increase cache to open Web pages faster

By increasing size of the Temporary Internet Files in Internet Explorer, you can let the browser work faster than

before. Many of the images will already be downloaded on the computer, this decrease the amount of time it takes to

open a page.

1. Click the "Tools" icon and click "Internet Options".

2. Click "General" tab.

3. Click the setting button in the browsing history section.

4. Click the radio button next to "Automatically".

5. Type "250" in the box next to "disk space to use" and click "ok".

Make free reserve bandwidth:

Windows 7 comes with 20% reserve bandwidth, which is accumulated for some applications as Windows Update.

Internet performance will automatically improve on gaining this bandwidth, often called "Qos Bandwidth Limit".

We can get this back by making some changes in the Windows Registry. However, making unnecessary changes in

System Registry can even crash your computer resulting into the loss of stored data and damage to Windows OS,

program, or even devices. If you are a newbie in playing with the Windows Registry then take help of third party
technical support for this step.
In addition, there will be no guarantee of the results after performing below steps. This is because the result solely

depends upon how a reader understands and performs these techie steps at his/her side.

= Go to start and type "regedit". Browse the key titled


= Here, you have to create a new key named "pschea".

= In the right side panel, do a right click and create a DWORD named "NonBestEffortLimit" and set its value to 0.

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