Social Studies Second by 5eL1H3


									Morgan County School District
                                                                      Social Studies Second Grade
 Month                     Content                                    Skills                      Assessment                             Resources
August      Why are rules and laws important and       List rules, laws and consequences.       Teacher observation        Trade books
            how are they enforced? S H 5.2.1, C        Introduce                                                           Community guests
            1.1.2, C 2.3.2, C 4.1.2 (See Colorado       Differentiate between good and bad      Role play                  School handbook
            Model Content Standards)                   rules or laws. Mastery
                                                        List characteristics of good            Write a list
                                                       community and classroom citizens.        Report cards
September   How do families and communities rely       Establish how families work together     Teacher observation        Trade books
            on each other? S H 5.4.1                   and relate this to how communities       Role play                  Video
                                                       rely on each other. Introduce            List                       Basal 2.1 T.276

            How do you use a timeline? S H 1.2.2       Create a personal timeline. Introduce    Teacher observation        Students' families
October     What is the purpose of reading and         Use maps and globes to locate            Teacher observation        Maps
            interpreting maps and globes? S G          information and locations. Introduce     Oral response              Globes
            1.1.1,G 1.1.2                                                                                                  Basal 2.1 T.276

            What geographic features are located       Locate Colorado on a map of the          Teacher observation        Maps
            in Colorado in relation to the rest of     United States. Mastery                   Oral or written response   Basal 2.1 2.1 T.125A
            the U.S. and world? S G 1.2.1, G            Identify major geographical features.
            1.2.3, G 2.2.2, G 3.1.3                    Introduce

            Geographically, what is the difference     Match definitions of location,           Teacher judgment           Maps
            between location, direction, and           distance and direction. Introduce        Worksheet                  Graphs
            distance?                                                                           Matching game              Diagrams
            S G 1.3.1                                                                                                      Games

November    Why did the Native Americans and           List reasons why people would locate     Discussion                 Trade book
            Pioneers settle in this area? S G 4.4.1,   in a certain area. Introduce             Teacher observation        Trip to museums
            G 4.4.2, G 6.1.1,G 6.1.2, H 4.1.1           Explain how places change over          Timeline                   Settler/Pioneer classroom simulation
                                                       time. Introduce                                                     Oregon Trail computer game
                                                                                                                           Basal 2.1 T.14A, T.94A

            How do people record historical            Label sources of historical              Teacher observation        Trade books
            information? S H 2.2.1, H 2.2.3,           information. Introduce                   Discussion                 Museums
Morgan County School District                                       Social Studies Second Grade

 Month                   Content                                    Skills                              Assessment                        Resources
           H 6.3.1                                   Identify methods used by different    Labeling worksheet             Videos
                                                    cultures to record historical
                                                    information. Introduce
                                                                                           Venn diagram                   Trade books
           How is life different today compared     Compare and contrast present day       Role playing                   Videos
           to the past? S H 2.3.1                   events to past events. Introduce                                      Museums
                                                                                                                          Basal 2.1 T.116A, Basal 2.1, T.236,
                                                                                                                          Basal 2.1 T.206
December   How does where you live influence        Compare and contrast customs of        Teacher observation            Basal 2.1 T.58A
           what you do? S G 2.3.1, G 4.2.1, G       various peoples. Introduce                                            Trade books
           5.1.1, G 5.2.1, H 3.2.3, H 6.1.1, H
January    Why do we need money? S E 3.2.2          Explain why we need money.             Give examples of why we need   Math book
                                                    Mastery                                money.                         Trade books-Chair for my Mother

           How have historical figures with                                                                               Trade books
           diverse backgrounds in the U.S.          Recognize some historical figures      Teacher observation            Videos
           advanced the rights of individuals and   who have improved the rights of        Discussion
           promoted the common good? S H            individuals and promoted common        Role playing
           5.1.1                                    good. Introduce                        Write a paragraph
February   Complete activities from January

March      How does the sun affect plant life and   Explain the sun's role on different    Teacher observation            Trade books
           climate? S G 3.1.2                       regions. Introduce                                                    Magazines
                                                                                                                          Basal stories

           What are the parts of the water cycle    Draw and label the water cycle.        Teacher observation            Trade books
           and how are they represented locally?    Name local water sources. Introduce    Water cycle diagram            Videos
           S G 3.2.1, G 3.2.2, G 5.3.1                                                                                    Experiments-condensation/evaporation
April      How does transportation and              Identify types of transportation and   Discussion                     Videos
           communication networks affect the        communication found in the             Collage                        Trade books
           community? S G 4.3.2, H 4.1.2            community and how they have
                                                    changed over history. Introduce

           What is the difference between rural     Compare and contrast rural versus      Teacher observation            Trip to museum
           and urban populations? S G 4.1.1, G      urban populations. Identify why        Class discussion               Trade books
Morgan County School District                                    Social Studies Second Grade

 Month                     Content                               Skills                               Assessment                Resources
          4.1.2, G 4.1.3                         people live where they do. Introduce

          What is the difference between goods   Create a T-chart to identify goods and    Class discussion        Trade books
          and services? S E 1.1.1                services. Introduce                       T-chart                 Career books
                                                                                                                   Guest speakers
May       How do habitats relate to Earth's      Identify the characteristics of various   Teacher observation     Basal 2.1 T.44, Basal 2.2 T.127A
          physical systems and their             habitats. Introduce                                               Magazines
          characteristics? S G 3.1.1                                                                               Trade books

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