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									                                                                                                          NEW MEXICO

Local litigation firms             Local litigation stars
Highly recommended                 Margaret Branch
                                   Branch Law Firm
Lewis and Roca                     Environmental, Toxic Tort

McGinn Carpenter Montoya & Love    Turner Branch
                                   Branch Law Firm
Rodey Dickason Sloan Akin & Robb   Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation

                                   Allegra Carpenter
                                   McGinn Carpenter Montoya & Love
Recommended                        Medical Malpractice, Nursing Home Negligence,
                                   Personal Injury, Products Liability
Branch Law Firm
                                   Ross Crown
Carpenter & Stout
                                   Lewis and Roca
                                   Insurance, Professional Liability
Martinez Hart & Thompson
                                   David Freedman
Salazar Sullivan & Jasionowski
                                   Freedman Boyd Hollander Goldberg Ives & Duncan
Shapiro Bettinger Chase            Personal Injury, Products Liability, Wrongful Death

                                   Michael Hart
                                   Martinez Hart & Thompson
                                   Civil Rights, Personal Injury

                                   Dennis Jontz
                                   Lewis and Roca
                                   Intellectual Property, Professional Liability

                                   Kathleen Love
                                   McGinn Carpenter Montoya & Love
                                   Employment, Medical Malpractice, Nursing Home
                                   Negligence, Personal Injury, Products Liability

                                   Randi McGinn
                                   McGinn Carpenter Montoya & Love
                                   Commercial Litigation, Personal Injury

                                   Elicia Montoya
                                   McGinn Carpenter Montoya & Love
                                   Civil Rights, Personal Injury, Products Liability,
                                   Wrongful Death

                                   Pia Salazar
                                   Salazar Sullivan & Jasionowski
                                   Medical Malpractice, Nursing Home Negligence

                                   Andrew Schultz
                                   Rodey Dickason Sloan Akin & Robb
                                   Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation

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      New Mexico                                                                                               cases involving hydrogen sulfide, natural gas,
                                                                                                               hydrochloric acid and pesticides.

                                                                                                               Carpenter & Stout
                                                                                                               Founded in 1968 by William Carpenter, and
      New Mexico handled the recession fairly well, with lawyers saying the legal mar-                         joined nearly 20 years later by David Stout,
      ket was slow to enter the slump, without ever getting too low. Litigation rose in                        Carpenter & Stout is hailed for its expertise
                                                                                                               in personal injury, wrongful death, products
      2010, with lawyers noticing a more rapid increase in 2011. The economy has led                           liability, and bad faith insurance matters.
      to more employment suits, particularly retaliation-related ones. The film industry                       “Bill Carpenter is very good,” says a
      has increasingly flocked to New Mexico, creating additional litigation opportuni-                        competitor. “I would recommend them.”
      ties. Once notorious for bad judges, lawyers say the state’s judicial quality has
      improved significantly.                                                                                  Martinez Hart & Thompson
                                                                                                               Martinez Hart & Thompson has over 20
      Highly recommended firms                             Rodey Dickason Sloan Akin & Robb                    years of experience handling serious
                                                           Rodey Dickason Sloan Akin & Robb began              accident cases, including automobile
      Lewis and Roca                                       practicing in 1883, long before New Mexico          accident, construction accident nursing
      Founded in 1950, Lewis and Roca has over             was accepted as a state. Today the firm             home negligence matters. Michael Hart
      200 lawyers working in Arizona, Nevada,              employs over 70 lawyers who handle                  focuses on abuse matters, including sexual
      California and New Mexico. Many lawyers              appellate, bankruptcy, commercial, health           abuse and civil child abuse, as well as
      at the firm are experienced business                 care, products liability, intellectual property,    personal injury, professional malpractice
      professionals, which the firm believes brings        employment and professional liability               and civil rights matters. Hart is also a past
      a stronger understanding to their clients’           litigation matters for clients like Sandia          president of the New Mexico Trial Lawyers
      needs. The Albuquerque office opened in              National Laboratories, Bank of America and          Association.
      2004 and focuses on commercial, intellectual         Pfizer. “The Rodey firm has always been a
      property and water rights litigation. Ross           very solid performer for us, which is why we        Salazar Sullivan & Jasionowski
      Crown serves as the Albuquerque practice             have used them for so many years and will           Base in Albuquerque, Salazar Sullivan &
      group leader, specializing in government             continue to use them,” says a large national        Jasionowski       specializes     in  medical
      contract law and commercial litigation.              client. The firm currently represents               malpractice cases, as well as matters
      Dennis Jontz has prosecuted professional             Albuquerque car dealership Quality Jeep             involving injuries due to medical malpractice,
      liability and patent infringement cases and          Chrysler in an arbitration challenging its          nursing home neglect and negligence. Pia
      formerly served as president of the New              termination by Chrysler as part of its 2009         Salazar is a past president of the New Mexico
      Mexico State Bar.                                    bankruptcy. Andrew Schultz serves as                Trial Lawyers Association. “Pia Salazar
                                                           director of the Albuquerque office and head         handles      really     good-sized    medical
      McGinn Carpenter Montoya & Love                      of the firm’s complex and commercial                malpractice cases,” says a competitor.
      Based in Albuquerque, McGinn Carpenter               litigation groups. Schultz specializes in high-
      Montoya & Love has six attorneys                     risk litigation, with a special interest in class   Shapiro Bettinger Chase
      representing clients injured in accidents, as well   actions and civil rights litigation.                Based in Albuquerque, Shapiro Bettinger
      as seeking future safety changes. Founded in                                                             Chase handles contingency-based cases
      1985, the firm takes on insurance companies,         Recommended firms                                   involving medical, hospital and pharmacy
      businesses and government agencies, treating                                                             malpractice and negligence, nursing home
      every case as if it were going to trial, including   Branch Law Firm                                     abuse and neglect, birth injuries, defective
      gathering evidence, researching legal issues,        Established in 1966, Branch Law Firm grew           products, dangerous drug, automobile
      and developing presentations to show                 from a one-man shop to a widely respected           accident, wrongful death and personal
      insurance companies and jurors. Randi                plaintiffs firm specializing in catastrophic        injury matters. “Shapiro Bettinger Chase is a
      McGinn formerly served as president of the           injury and wrongful death. During the late          top plaintiffs firm, specializing in medical
      New Mexico Trial Lawyers Association and             1980s and early 1990s, the firm represented         suits,” says a competitor. “They do a really
      has tried over 100 jury trials in both state and     over 50 households in Northern New Mexico           fine job of picking cases, they are good
      federal court. “Randi McGinn has handled big         whose water supplies were contaminated by           businessmen. They are very detail-oriented,
      personal injury and commercial cases,” says a        methane, proving that drilling by large oil         not a volume plaintiffs firm. Some plaintiffs
      competitor. “She is respected and feared. When       and gas companies had contaminated the              firms, you call to ask about a case and they
      Randi gets a case you can be sure it is a big case   water. Turner Branch has tried over 250 civil       don’t know what you are talking about,
      worth a lot of money and she will be prepared        jury trials to completion. Margaret Moses           because they are trying so many. Not
      to take it to trial.”                                Branch is particularly involved in toxic tort       Shapiro Bettinger Chase.”

                                                                                                                               NEW MEXICO

2025 Rio Grande Blvd. NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104
Tel:     (505) 243 3500
Fax:     (505) 243 3534

Helping Clients Secure Compensation and Repair Their Lives
Nationally recognized for its experience in plaintiffs’ personal injury and
wrongful death litigation, Branch Law Firm undertakes a wide variety of
meritorious cases that include everyday tort actions such as car,
motorcycle and truck collisions, as well as explosions, premises and
products liability, medical malpractice and other catastrophic death and
injury cases.

A large part of the firm’s practice also includes serving as counsel in
nationwide class action and mass tort litigation.

Making a Difference in People’s Lives
“We understand what injured people and their families go through,” says
firm founder and 46-year personal injury law veteran Turner W Branch.
“People who have lost everything depend on you to provide some means
by which they can regain their ability to support their family.”

Commitment, Compassion and Tenacity
Branch has argued numerous cases before state and federal appellate
courts and has tried more than 250 civil jury trials to completion. He is a
certified civil trial specialist and one of only 500 elected as a fellow of the
International Academy of Trial Lawyers.

Branch has assumed leading roles in numerous high-profile class action
and mass torts involving drugs, defective medical devices and tobacco,
among others. He is humbled to have been included in the Guide to
America’s Leading Litigation Firms and Attorneys.

                                                                         THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO AMERICA’S LEADING LITIGATION FIRMS & ATTORNEYS   129

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