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                                                                                                                                   g Sup
Spring/Summer 2001• Volume 7, Number 2


Do Bald Men Lose Elections?                                                             him 1,000 votes in Florida?
                                                                                        We have unfortunately been
                                                                                                                                chosen to fight the trend say-
                                                                                                                                ing “bald is good,” at least for
 In an article in the most and balding men in high-level
                           elective office.”
                                                                                        aware of the discrimination             him that is. What is “in your
recent issue of George, Gersh                                                           against balding men in dating           head” is not necessarily popu-
                                                The problem seems even                  circles as showed in a famous           lar. For those of you seeking
Kuntzman gives a depressing                 worse in the 2000 elections,
view of the American impres-                                                            ABC 20/20 report. When                  public office, take note of the
                                            where “candidates with hair,                people are looked at in the job         George Kuntzman’s insight-
sion of the balding individual.             knocked off bald incumbents
He says that countless studies                                                          market, in promotional com-             fully written article in the final
                                            in every head-to-hair congres-              petitions and where image is            issue of George: “A Hairy
have shown that, “bald men                  sional match-up.”
are perceived as weaker, less                                                           important, even among hair              Political Problem.”
                                              Kuntzman further stated, “in              transplant surgeons, the per-
likable, less fun, and, in one              four of the 10 races lost by
memorial report, ‘less good’.”                                                          ception of baldness is an
                                            incumbents, bald men lost to                important factor. New Hair
   More than 50% of the male                men with hair and Missouri is
population over the age of 40                                                           Institute is an equal opportu-
                                            the only state where a balding              nity employer and we do not
show signs of significant bald-             guy – Democratic guberna-
ing.      According to one                                                              discriminate against the follic-
                                            torial candidate Bob Holden –               ularly challenged.
University of Arizona study,                defeated a guy with hair for an
the statistics showed that only                                                          Drs. McClellan and Rassman
                                            open governor’s seat.”                      have been converted to the
37.2% of elected officials had a              Everyone noticed Al Gore’s
similar balding pattern. These                                                          world of the hairy with hair
                                            bald spot. Should the next                  transplants, but Dr. Robert
authors wrote that: “There is a             logical question be: was his                Bernstein, NHI’s bald Medical           Kuntzman, G. A hairy political problem. George.
significant bias against bald               bald spot enough to have cost                                                       6(1):19; 2001.
                                                                                        Director in New York, has
                                                                                                        Dr. William Rassman

NHI Giveth and NHI Taketh Away                                                                                                  ever, this technique may not be
                                                                                                                                appropriate and that is where
Laser Hair Removal…a new service for our patients.                                                                              lasers are helpful.
  The    New Hair Institute's               women, but laser hair removal                                                            Electrolysis relies on the
                                            is especially will suited in men                                                    careful insertion of a fine nee-
main focus has been on state-               for two reasons. First, the hair
of-the-art technology in hair                                                                                                   dle down the hair follicle and
                                            that is bothersome to men is                                                        the application of a small elec-
restoration. Many of our                    usually pigmented, and darker
patients have expressed a                                                                                                       tric current. However, changes
                                            hair absorbs laser light partic-                                                    in the skin associated with the
desire to rid themselves of                 ularly well. Second, unwanted
unwanted hair; especially after                                                                                                 healing of larger grafts distort
                                            hair in men often covers large                                                      the follicles and prevent the
their lost hair has been suc-               areas such as on the back and
cessfully restored. With the                                                                                                    electrolysis needle from being
                                            shoulders. Since lasers can eas-                                                    inserted properly. Since lasers
recent advances in laser tech-              ily and rapidly treat large areas             Another use for Lasers is in          use a focused beam of light
nology for hair removal, NHI                of the body, they are especially            the repair of plugs and poorly          that passes through the skin,
has now expanded its services               well suited to this task.                   placed grafts. When grafts are          they do not rely on needle
into this area as well. Hair                     “Since we are now going to offer       too large, sit too low on the           insertion.
removal will be offered at                  this service, I thought I would be the      hairline, or have been placed at          Laser Hair Removal is a pro-
selected locations out of our               first patient to experience it. On
                                            April 6, 2001, I had laser treatments
                                                                                        the wrong angle, they can be            cedure that removes hair uti-
offices in Los Angeles, San
                                            for hair in three areas of my body.         surgically removed. This is a           lizing a high intensity beam of
Jose and New York City.
                                            For those of you who want progress          common corrective procedure             very focused monochromatic
Unwanted body hair is an                    reports from me, please write to me         performed at the New Hair               (single wavelength) light. The
extremely common problem                    at:”                   Institute. In some cases, how-          laser works by disabling hairs
that affects both men and                                           - Dr. Rassman
Spring/Summer 2001 • Volume 7, Number 2

NHI Giveth cont.                                                             NHI Featured on Good Morning America & The Discovery Channel
that are in their active growth                                              A “Good Morning” for NHI Patient                                             cult path before finally meet-                                                ond session of 1,923 follicular
cycle at the time of treatment.                                                                                                                           ing Dr. Bernstein. At the end                                                 unit grafts, adding more full-
Since other hairs will enter                                                   Dr. Bernstein was recently                                                 of the clip, Charlie Gibson of                                                ness and completing the
their growth cycle at different                                              featured on ABC’s Good                                                       GMA          interviews    Dr.                                                restoration. Charles plans to
times, additional treatments                                                 Morning America in a seg-                                                    Bernstein and Mr. Teacher                                                     return the United States again
may be necessary to disable all                                              ment titled: “The Bald Facts.”                                               together and shows how                                                        next year and appear on the
of the follicles in a given area.                                            The program that aired                                                       Charles looks 7 1/2 months                                                    program after his second ses-
Multiple treatments will gen-                                                February 13, 2001, revolved                                                  after his first procedure. Mr.                                                sion has fully grown in. He is
erally be required for satisfac-                                             around Dr. Bernstein’s patient,                                              Teacher had flown in from                                                     looking forward to show what
tory hair removal.                                                           Charles Teacher, who had                                                     England for the surgery.                                                      a truly “Good Morning” he
   Laser Hair Removal is being                                               2,853 follicular unit grafts                                                 Immediately after the pro-                                                    had during his visit to
offered at our Los Angeles and                                               transplanted on June 29, 2000.                                               gram a limo whisked Charles                                                   America.
New York facilities. Call 800-                                               The      segment     explored                                                back to the NHI facilities in
NEW-HAIR to schedule an                                                      Charles’ reasons for wanting                                                 Fort Lee, where he had a sec-
appointment.                                                                 hair restoration and his diffi-
                                                                             Dr. Bernstein is “The Repair Guy”
                                                                                                                                                          plants of his patient, Ken                                                    from Ken’s donor area. The
                                                                               In a recent exposé on the                                                  Gold, who had a “corn row”                                                    program shows the impact on
                                                                             Discovery Channel titled                                                     look produced by the old “plug                                                Ken’s life of both his bad
                                                                             “Cosmetic Surgery Gone                                                       technique.” Dr. Bernstein                                                     transplant and then the repair.
                                                                             Wrong,” that aired on                                                        removed the old grafts, dis-                                                  It is no wonder that Dr.
                                                                             February 12, 2001, Dr.                                                       sected them under a stereo-                                                   Bernstein was featured in this
                                                                             Bernstein was featured as the                                                microscope, and then re-                                                      program. Repair work com-
                                                                             physician who fixed problems                                                 implanted them as individual                                                  prises fifty percent of all surg-
                                                                             created by other hair trans-                                                 follicular units.                                                             eries in NHI’s East Coast
                                                                             plant doctors. He was shown                                                  This was followed by addi-                                                    facilities where Dr. Bernstein
                                                                             repairing the previous trans-                                                tional      Follicular   Unit                                                 serves as Medical Director.
                                                                                                                                                          Transplantation using hair

NHI Achieves National                                                       patients are the ultimate bene-                                              be commended for this                                                         Group Practice,
                                                                            factors of our voluntary partic-                                             accomplishment."                                                              American Academy of Facial Plastic
Accreditation                                                                                                                                                                                                                          and Reconstructive Surgery,
                                                                            ipation in the accreditation                                                     The AAAHC conducts its                                                    American Association of Oral and
New Hair Institute Medical                                                  program."                                                                    accreditation program on a                                                    Maxillofacial Surgeons,
Group,      A      Professional                                               In order to achieve accredita-                                             national basis and has accred-                                                American College Health
Corporation (NHI) has been                                                  tion, NHI went through an                                                    ited more than 800 ambulato-                                                  Association,
awarded the certificate of                                                                                                                                                                                                             American College of Occupational
                                                                            extensive on-site survey of its                                              ry health care organizations
accreditation       by       the                                                                                                                                                                                                       & Environmental Medicine,
                                                                            facilities and services. The sur-                                            including single and multi-                                                   American Society of Dermatologic
Accreditation Association for                                               vey team, composed of physi-                                                 specialty group practices,                                                    Surgery,
Ambulatory Health Care, Inc.                                                cians and health care adminis-                                               ambulatory and office-based                                                   American Association of
(AAAHC). This award means                                                   trators, evaluated all aspects of                                            surgery centers, college and                                                  Ambulatory Surgery Centers,
that NHI has met nationally                                                                                                                                                                                                            Association of Freestanding
                                                                            patient care. The survey find-                                               university health services,                                                   Oncology Centers,
recognized standards for qual-                                              ings resulted in a favorable                                                 health maintenance organiza-                                                  Federated Ambulatory Surgery
ity health care set by the                                                  decision.                                                                    tions and other managed care                                                  Association,
Chicago-based accrediting                                                    Dr. Bernstein, NHI's Medical                                                systems, dental group prac-                                                   Medical Group Management
organization.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Association,
                                                                            Director, points out that, "not                                              tices, community health cen-
   NHI is the first hair trans-                                                                                                                                                                                                        National Association of Community
                                                                            all ambulatory care organiza-                                                ters, and occupational health                                                 Health Centers, and the Outpatient
plant clinic in the United                                                  tions seek accreditation and                                                 centers.                                                                      Opthalmic Surgery Society.
States to receive accreditation.                                            not all that undergo an on-site                                                  AAAHC is a private, non-
"We are pleased and proud to                                                survey receive favorable deci-                                               governmental, not-for-profit
have achieved accreditation,"                                               sions." In a letter to NHI, the                                              organization. It receives pro-
stated Dr. Rassman, NHI's                                                   AAAHC president said, "the                                                   fessional guidance and finan-
founder. "Accreditation is very                                             dedication and effort neces-                                                 cial support from:
important and has helped us
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                NWSLTR 4/01

                                                                            sary to achieve accreditation is                                             American Academy of Cosmetic
improve the quality of care we                                              substantial.      New       Hair                                             Surgery,
provide. We feel that our                                                   Institute Medical Group is to                                                American Academy of Dental

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