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					       GET UP!                GET MOVING!                  GET INVOLVED!
   Come and Explore the World of Student Activities at Douglass College
Student activities are a big part of life at Douglass. Programs and leadership opportunities
at Douglass provide you with an environment that promotes participation and fosters
learning and development. In other words, it’s "total synergy" for those who want to be
involved with their college community.

The campus environment allows you to explore and strengthen your skills, interests, and
leadership potential by being an active member of student organizations, programs, or

And don’t forget – it can be just for fun too!

                   The Douglass Student Activities Office
                     Your ticket to life outside of the classroom!

       Read about the SAO Mission
       Meet the Student Activities Office Staff

The Douglass College Student Activities Office (SAO), a division of the Department of
Student Life, is committed to providing you with the information and resources that you
need to establish and develop your leadership roles and college life experiences.

It is the hub for student involvement here at Douglass College!
Through it’s various components,

                           The Student Development Center (SDC)
                           The “S.O.R.Ce” (Student Organization Resource Center)
                           Student Organizations
                           Leadership Transcript Program
                           Douglass Traditional Events
                           Cultural Heritage Celebrations
                           Women’s Wellness Activities
                           Idle Hours Programs

the SAO is equipped to help you explore and strengthen
your leadership and membership skills.
The SAO, located on the second floor of the Douglass College Center, complements the
mission of the college by designing involvement opportunities and creating a
environment that enables all Douglass women to become leaders in all areas of society:
research, education, business, public policy, communication, and community service.
Working in collaboration with a dedicated faculty and staff, the SAO provides a wide
range of programs, services, and activities that foster the personal, professional, social,
and cultural development of all members of the Douglass Community.

The staff in the Student Activities Office is here to ensure that students and student
organizations are successful in accomplishing their goals. They help navigate your
organizations’ program planning process and assist with policies and procedures related
to events.

Cheryl F. Wilson
Director of Student Activities
Emmie O’Such
Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper
Amy Johnson
Program Coordinator
Neenia C. Barlatt
Program Coordinator

Your contact for more information on student activities at Douglass is:

Cheryl F. Wilson
Director of Student Activities
Douglass College Student Activities Office
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
100 George Street, DPO 27705
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901-8727
Phone: 732/932-9373 Fax: 732/932-1793
               Student Development Center (SDC)
The Student Development Center, located on the second floor of the Douglass College
Center, is where “total synergy” occurs for students who want to be involved in their
campus community! Within the center you will find student organization offices, student
organization mailboxes, meeting space,
 and “The S.O.R.Ce.”

Its mission is to be a part of the educational process and foster student learning and
personal development in women/men.

It is a fun place where students can explore and strengthen their skills through
organizational membership and leadership opportunities in programs, activities, clubs,
and organizations.

                     The Student Development Center is open from:

         10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.                       Monday - Thursday
         10:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.                         Friday
         12 Noon– 4:00 p.m.                            Saturday

                                    The S.O.R.Ce
Located in the Student Development Center, the Student Organization Resource Center
the “S.O.R.Ce” houses information and resources that help clubs and organizations run
more efficiently.

Included in this area are an information library and resources to assist students with
leadership and personal development skills, vendor information, and programs focusing
on women’s leadership.

As the largest Women’s College, developing student leaders is a significant part of our
mission. Each fall, the SAO uses the information and resources provided by the
S.O.R.Ce, to develop it’s annual Community Development Day, a one-day leadership
conference designed specifically to help students become more efficient leaders and run
more effective organizations.
                   Student Organizations
Why should I join a Student Organization?
By joining a student organization you will be embarking on personal voyage
that will give you the opportunity to not only interact with other students,
faculty, administration, staff, and the community but also help you to
develop and enhance your leadership and organizational skills.

How do I find out more about a student organization?
You can find out more about an organization by stopping by the Student
Activities Office and a staff member will supply you with more information
about the organization you are interested in along with the group’s officer
contact information.

What if I want to start a new student organization?

If none of the current student organizations meets your interests, then you
may want to start your own organization on campus. Students wishing to
start a new organization should consult the Student Organizational Resource
manual, which can be obtained from any staff member of the Student
Activities Office.

                   Student Organization Directory

For more information on any of the following Student Organizations:

Please Contact:
The Douglass College Student Activities Office
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
100 George Street, DPO 27705
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901-8727
Phone: 732/932-9373 Fax: 732/932-1793

       Annual Women’s Conference
       Organization purpose: To plan and organize a weekend of programming aimed at
educating and entertaining college women and invited guests.

       Bunting Peer Advisors

       Organization purpose: To provide the university and its surrounding community
with a wide variety of theatrical experiences. The theater also serves as a forum for
students to learn aspects of theater.

       Organization purpose: To publish a bi-weekly magazine that highlights and
discusses issues relevant to women to our world and at Douglass College. Regular
columns include women’s issues, poetry, opinions, Queer Qorner, and the 3rd wave of
feminism. We accept and publish ALL submissions.
       Catholic Students Association
        Organization purpose: To act as the umbrella organization of activities and events
at the Catholic Center. Through its leadership, planning, and coordination of the
religious, cultural, community service, and social programs, it will enhance the self-
esteem, peer support and leadership qualities of students throughout the University

       Class of 2001
Organization purpose: To build and raise class and school spirit, to raise funds for and
plan our Senior Week and to help support our school, community and other worth while

       Class of 2002
Organization purpose: To unite the members of the Class of 2002 in the spirit of
sisterhood and community at Douglass College.

       Class of 2003
Organizations purpose: To provide programs and activities that will unite the members of
Class of 2003 as well as organize various fundraising events that will provide the means
in which to select a Graduation Speaker and a variety of Senior Week Activities.

       Commuter Peer Advisors
Organization purpose: To act as mentors and peer counselors to new commuting students,
introducing them and helping them adjust to their new environment.

       Cook/Douglass Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Society
Organization purpose: To inform and educate Cook/Douglass students on the many
opportunities in the medical field

       Cook/Douglass Recreational Advisory Council
Organization purpose: To assist in the administration of recreational activities. The
student-run organization is responsible for bringing innovative special events to the
campus each semester and making student life on the C/D campus as well as it can be.

       Douglass Activities Board (DAB)
Organization purpose: The primary programming body of Douglass College that fosters
the development of leadership, communication, assertiveness, and business skills through
the design and implementation of various types of social, educational, recreational, and
entertaining programs.
       Douglass Asian Women’s Association (DAWA)
Organization purpose: To empower Asian women with leadership roles that would
“break our silence and make a difference.” Our goal is to educate the community with
knowledge of the Asian culture.

       Douglass Black Students Congress (DBSC)
Organization purpose: Established in 1968 to address the academic, political, and social
needs of all Black women at Douglass College.

       Douglass Commuter Activities Board (DCAB)
Organization purpose: To provide activities for the commuter population at Douglass as
well as a forum for pertinent issues.

       Douglass College Center Governing Board (DCCGB)
Organization purpose: To act as the decision making group concerning policies and
issues related to the Douglass College Center.

       Douglass College Government Association (DCGA)
Organization purpose: To deal with matters concerning the welfare and development of
the college. Its purpose shall be to consolidate college activities, regulate the life of
students while under college jurisdiction, and prepare students to assume the duties an
active world citizenship.

       Douglass Model United Nations Club
Organization purpose: To educate and train students about Parliamentary Procedure and
to actively compete at local and regional Model United Nation Competitions.

       Douglass Orientation Committee (DOC)
Organization purpose: To help ease the transition to Douglass College (and college in
general) for all incoming students.

       Equal Shot (Rutgers University Film Club)
Organization purpose: To educate the student body about the array of important and
exquisite films made in foreign countries, as well as to incorporate these students into the
film-making experience.
       Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance
Organization purpose: To promote equality between the sexes and reproductive choice.

       Gatehouse Peer Counseling
Organization purpose: To provide a counseling and referral hotline to the Rutgers
University community. To build the listening and communication skills of our members.

       Islamic Society of Rutgers University
Organization purpose: To provide all members of the Rutgers- New Brunswick
community with experience of the Islamic Culture. To provide a peaceful environment
for the practices and knowledge of Islam.


       Kappa Delta Phi (Mu Rho Chapter)
Organization purpose: To promote the professional development of perspective teachers.

       La Casa Boricua
Organization purpose: To promote a “home away from home”, meaning an atmosphere
that is similar to one’s personal experiences that are not found in the standard residence
halls. Not only is there a sisterhood bonding but a cultural experience of the Hispanic

       Latin American Women’s Organization (LAWO)
Organization purpose: To create coalitions and support systems for the advancement and
empowerment of Latin American women; to enhance the richness and diversity of the
Latin American Community; to educate the community about and acknowledge the
contributions of the Latin American women and Establish networks with all women’s

       Latino Student Council
Organization purpose: To serve as a representative body for Latino organizations within
the Rutgers University and/or any organization that will benefit and strive for the success
of the Latino community at large. To work with the Rutgers community in order to
promote multicultural awareness and partnerships among groups at Rutgers.

       Lesbian And Bisexual Women In Action (L.A.B.I.A)
Organization purpose: To provide a social, political and educational safe space for
women with the aim of furthering pride and unity. LABIA welcomes all women (and
those who identify as women) regardless of identity.

Organization purpose: To provide Douglass College with an annual literary
magazine that is composed of works submitted from all Rutgers University students and

Organization purpose: To lead a statewide student-led consumer and environmental
group. To promote awareness and activism in students. To organize waterways cleanups
and educate the community about water quality issues in New Brunswick and around
New Jersey.


Organization purpose: To create and publish the official yearbook of Douglass College,
in which memories are preserved for college graduating seniors.

       Red Pine Ambassadors
Organization purpose: Red Pine Ambassadors are the “ambassadors” for the College who
provide campus tours to prospective students, greet important campus guests, and host
overnight visitors.

       Rutgers University Hillel
Organization purpose: To provide an organizational opportunity to Jewish students.

       Rutgers University Liberated Gospel Choir
Organization purpose: To inspire student and public interest in gospel music by allowing
students to use their musical and vocal talents, public relations skills and communications
abilities while fostering social interaction among the members.

       Rutgers University Public Health Association (RUPHA)
Organization purpose: To serve as a resource for public health students; provide
information on job/career and community service opportunities; educate Rutgers
University community on public health issues; and to provide opportunities for the design
& implementation of projects that aid in public health awareness.

       Rutgers University Queens Chorale
Organization purpose: to spread the name of Rutgers University in song and friendship
(and perform concert repertoire)

       Rutgers University Society for Creative Anachronism
Organization purpose: To educate the Rutgers community about the Medieval and
Renaissance period, and re-create the periods in our events on campus
       Scared Path Committee
Committee purpose: To plan and produce this traditional Douglass College program at
the end of the school year that celebrates the “moving up” of the classes and recognizes
service to the college.

       Sociedad Estudiantil Dominicana
Organization purpose: To promote student involvement and relations in Rutgers
community. To better the education of the Latino community.

Organization purpose: To foster a sense of community among those students enrolled in
Mary I. Bunting Program. The organization strives to do this by offering various
programs to encourage interaction among nontraditional –aged students and by providing
mutual support within the group.

       Student For a Free Tibet
Organization purpose: To educate and raise awareness on a grassroots level of the plight
of the Tibetan people.

       The Douglass Pine
Organization purpose: To inform Douglass and Rutgers students of all events and
organizations at the university, with a focus on Douglass College.

Organization purpose: To unite different cultures of Africa and friends of Africa. To
educate and bring understanding about the rich cultures that exist in Africa.

       Voorhees Choir
Organization purpose: To cultivate interest in women’s choral repertoire through
performances before the Rutgers University community, the people of New Jersey , and
the global community.

       Winter Ball
Organization purpose: To plan and implement the Winter Ball, a traditional program at
Douglass College

       Women’s Economics and Business Society (WEBS)
Organization purpose: To address the needs of aspiring business students and those with
an interest in business. Dedicated to providing student with the knowledge to pursue a
career in the business world. WEBS seeks to furnish students with business through
networking, role-plays, interactive workshops, guest speakers, and company visits.

       Women Take Back the Night
Organization purpose: To provide a safe space for Women of Rutgers University and to
promote awareness about sexual violence and sexual abuse.

       Yule Log Committee
Committee purpose: To plan and produce this traditional Douglass College ceremony
celebrating light as the common experience and guiding symbol in all cultures.
                Leadership Transcript Program
The Leadership Transcript Program is a voluntary program that
chronicles co-curricular involvement similarly to the way the registrar’s
office compiles grades.

You can pick up a Leadership Transcript Database form in the Student
Development Center (SDC), located on the second floor of the Douglass
College Center.

After you have filled out the form, you must then have it signed by the
advisor(s) of the organizations with which you are/were involved in. Once
that it is completed, bring the Leadership Transcript form back to the
Student Activities Office (also on the second floor of the Douglass College
Center), where a file will be created for you.

Then at the end of your senior year, come in for your official Leadership
Transcript Program Certificate, which you may use any way you choose-
submit a copy with your resume or graduate school application, hang it in
your office, or file it for future reference.
Douglass Traditional Events

International Spectacular
Come one! Come all! To the annual International Spectacular, April 2-6
2001! Each year the Douglass Activities Board (DAB) sponsors this week-
long event to celebrate and acknowledge the importance of all cultures at
Douglass College and Rutgers University.
For more information contact Crystal King at 932-3286
(Need schedule from Amy)

Moms’ Day

Saturday December 9th marks the 25th Anniversary of Moms’ Day here at
Douglass College. It is a traditional event that pays tribute to the special
bond shared between mothers and daughters.

This daylong event, (9:00 am –3:30 pm) gives mothers and their daughters
the opportunity to attend a number of educational and entertaining
workshops, which cover a wide variety of topics. (money management, self-
defense, mechanics, stress management….).

                                        MOMS’ DAY 2000
                                        Schedule of Events
                              (Tickets on sale at the DCC Info Desk)

9:30am Registration and Coffee
NJC Lounge

10:00am        “State of the College”
Dean Barbara A. Shailor
NJC Lounge


12:00pm         Murder Mystery Lunch
Trayes B

3:15pm    Closing Session & Dessert
NJC Lounge

4:00pm Mother-Daughter
Activities on Your Own:
1. Trip to the State Theater to see “The Nutcracker” @ 4:30 *
2. Holiday Shopping at East Brunswick Mall (Rt. 18S), Menlo Park Mall (Rt. 1N), or Woodbridge
Mall (Rt. 1N).
3. See play, “Getting Out” @ the Levin Theater, 8pm (call 932-7511 to reserve tickets)

* DAB is selling specially priced tickets for
Moms’ Day participants only.

                                        *WORKSHOP TOPICS

                                      Session I (10:45 - 11:45am)

   Forever Young: Holistic Health and Beauty Tips for Women of All Ages

   “ ‘Hi-Yaa! Take THAT!’: Self Defense for Women”

   “Take a D-e-e-e-p Breath: Stress Management and Self-Massage”

   Arts and Crafts: Design Your Own Holiday Ornaments

   “The Ghosts of Douglass” Story Hour

   LIVE Cabaret Improv Presentation

                                      SESSION II (2:00 - 3:00pm)

   “Our Money Matters: Managing Women’s Dollars Makes Good Cents!”

   “ Ma! I Have a Flat Tire!” Basic Car Repair for Women

   “Take a D-e-e-e-p Breath: Stress Management and Self-Massage”

   Arts and Crafts: Scrapbook Design

   Arts and Crafts: Votive Candle-Making

~ Brochure written and designed by cfw 11/2000
Dads’ Day
Saturday February 24th is Douglass’ Dads’ Day. This annual all day event
allows fathers and their daughters to participate in a variety of exciting and
informative workshops that …
(Need schedule from Amy)

Cultural Heritage Celebrations

Black History Month
Black History Month was first implemented as a nation-wide celebration in
1976, providing all Americans with the opportunity to reflect on both the
history and teachings of African Americans whose contributions were
seldom recognized.

Each year for the entire month of February, Douglass College joins in this
celebration by offering a variety of educational and entertaining workshops
and programs focusing on African –American heritage and culture.

(Will need schedule)

Latin Heritage Month
For the entire month of November, the Douglass College Student Activities
Office in conjunction with other student-governed organizations
acknowledges Latin heritage by taking part in the National celebration of
Latin Heritage Month.
 During this month, students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to participate
in various workshops and activities, which focus on the many attributes of
Latin culture. From Salsa dancing to Life Lessons in Leadership, you are
bound to find a program that interests you. So come and take part in this fun
and festive celebration!
(Schedule currently posted)

Women’s Herstory Month
Women’s Herstory Month is an annual month –long Douglass Celebration
that takes place during the month of March. Its purpose is to honor the
achievements and contributions of women all over the world as well as
women right here at Douglass College.

The exciting and informative events and programs that are offered from
March 1st to the 31st will give you the opportunity to interact with other
outstanding women while obtaining invaluable information that you will be
able to make use of for years to come. One highlight of the celebration is the
Annual Women’s Conference, which takes place during the first week of
(Need schedule from Neenia – spring semester)

Women’s Wellness Activities
Early adulthood represents an important developmental period for young
women to learn and make choices about health behaviors such as diet,
physical activity, tobacco and alcohol use, drugs, and sexual practices that
can influence their health throughout life.

In its attempt to educate the Douglass community on health behaviors, the
Women’s Wellness Committee, will be providing information and
sponsoring special events that will focus on a wide variety of women’s
wellness issues. Some topics that will be addressed will be breast cancer and
So get a jump-start on your future! Take advantage of these opportunities
and start making the necessary choices that will assist you in becoming both
mentally and physically healthier.
(Need schedule from Amy-spring semester)

Idle Hours Program
Interested in learning a new craft or skill? Is there something you always
wanted to do or learn but never really had the time? Well here is your
opportunity! Enroll in an Idle Hours workshop TODAY!

Idle Hours programs are informative, enlightening and FUN monthly
workshops*, offered by the Douglass Student Activities Office, that help
you quench your desire to learn new and exciting things. From massage
therapy to money management, you’re sure to find a workshop that pertains
to your interests.

All students, faculty, and staff are allowed to participate and may register for
each workshop up to the Friday before each workshop. A valid RU ID card
is required, and the registration fee (if applicable) is due at the time of
registration. All workshops are held in the Douglass College Center.

Don’t miss your opportunity to broaden your horizons and unleash you
hidden talents. Register TODAY for an Idle Hours workshop by calling the
Douglass Students Activities Office at 732-932-9373.

If you have a special skill or talent and would like to instruct an Idle Hours
workshop please contact Amy Johnson at

(Need schedule from Amy – spring semester)

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