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									How to Choose a Home Warranty

If you’re looking to choose a home warranty, it’s probably because you’re getting ready to move.
Or maybe it’s because you just moved into a new place and want to get protected from the

Either way, there are several important factors you should consider when you choose a home

Factors for When You Choose A Home Warranty

Here are some things you should consider before you choose a home warranty:

   1. Do you really need one?—the answer to this one is up to you to decide. Do you want to
      protect your home from the cost of unexpected repairs and replacements? Do you want to
      pay a small deductible or do you want to cover the entire repair cost from your pocket?

       If you’re looking to keep your costs as low as possible, your best bet is to choose a home

   2. What does it cover?—most home warranties have pages of fine print, so you need to
      make sure you read it all thoroughly before you choose. These companies are banking on
      the fact that you’re not reading all the fine print, so they include all kinds of terms,
      conditions and additional costs instead of telling you about them up front. That’s why
      reading the fine print is important.

       For example, if you’re looking for an easy-to-understand home warranty that tells you in
       one page exactly what your warranty covers, you could choose Allied Home Warranty.
       We have a simple one-page contract that makes warranty coverage easy for you.
   3. What is the deductible?—it’s important to know how much money is going to come out
      of your pocket if/when you do need to use your home warranty. The average is about
      $60, but some companies charge more.

   4. What is the annual cost?—you want to make sure when you choose a home warranty
      that you determine ahead of time if the annual cost, plus the cost of the deductible is
      worth it. If you’re paying an arm and a leg per year, plus a high deductible, and you never
      end up using your warranty, that’s wasted money.

   5. Are you selling your home anytime soon?—if you are, a home warranty can be a great
      motivator for a buyer who’s on the fence. Offering a warranty with the sale of your home
      helps ease a potential buyer’s mind, making him feel better about his purchase.

   6. How is the company’s customer service?—you want to choose a home warranty that
      has a good customer service team. Otherwise you may find yourself dealing with a whole
      lot of hoop-jumping before you finally get your warranty request serviced.

       One way to test a company’s customer service is to call in and ask questions. See what
       your experience is like overall before you choose a home warranty.

   7. What are the company’s reviews like?—a good way to get a feel for how it would be to
      have a warranty from a certain company is to find reviews online. Of course, you should
      always keep in mind that most reviews are written by angry people who only review
      things when they’re unhappy, regardless of whether it was the company’s fault or not.

By keeping this list of important deciding factors in mind when you choose a home warranty,
you’ll be able to make the best possible decision for your home.

What factors are most important to you when choosing a home warranty?

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