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                    INFORMATION RESOURCES

                                       Section I

       BID/Tender Document for Preparing of Data Sheets for Books/Monographs/
Thesis and its Data Entry using CDSISIS/WINISIS Software.

      (i)     Date of release of Tender:           23/3/2005

      (ii)    Last date for Submission of Bids : 11/4/2005
              At NISCAIR Book SHOP               Time 13.00 Hrs
              (Ground floor)
      (iii)   Date of Opening Bid :              11/4/2005
              Time : 15.00 Hours at NISCAIR, Dr. K S Krishnan Marg,
              New Delhi 110012
     National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources
         Dr. K.S. Krishnan Marg (Near Pusa Gate), New Delhi-110012

Bid Document……………………………….

Date of Issue…………………………………

Name of the Firm: ………………………………………………….




                                  Important Notice

An incomplete offer and/or Late bid is liable to be ignored. To aid the bidders in
submitting complete offers, a checklist is included in the bid document (Annexure -).
The bidders must fill this and submit along with their offer in their own interest.
                           INVITATION FOR THE BID

1.1    Sealed bids are invited for the preparation of datasheets and data entry of the
       prepared information using CDSISIS/WINISIS software.

       Contact Person: 1. Dr. Narendar Kumar, NISCAIR,
                          14 S V Marg, New Delhi-110067

                       2. Ms. Najma Rizvi, Sr. Librarian, School of Planning &
                          Architecture (SPA), I P Depot., New Delhi

1.2.1 The bids complete in all respects should reach NISCAIR, Dr. K S Krishnan Marg,
      New Delhi-110012 latest by 1.00 P.M. on 11/4/2005. The bids will be opened on
      the same day at 3.00 P.M. in the presence of bidders who choose to be present at
      the    Conference      Hall,    NISCAIR,       Dr    K.S.   Krishnan      Marg,
      (Near Pusa Gate) Ph: 25849787 Fax: 25847062, 25849949,
      e-mail: Website:
2.1    Introduction

       The National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources
(NISCAIR) is a constituent unit of the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research
(CSIR). The R&D Programmes being undertaken at NISCAIR are geared towards
meeting the information needs of the different segment of the society and institutions.
The institute also helps other institutions in computerizing their library records.

2.2    Scope of work including technical specifications:

2.2.1 Data sheet Preparation

        Data sheet of 30,000 publications (Monographs including thesis) have to be
prepared directly from accessioned School of Planning & Architecture library documents
in the format given in annexures 1 and 2, at SPA Library. ITO, New Delhi under the
supervision of the Librarian, SPA and Project Leader/staff of NISCAIR. 1000-1500
datasheets should be prepared per day and this work should start atleast two weeks before
the data entry work starts. The books will have to be removed for data sheet preparation
from the racks and reshelved at the proper place in the same sequence by the vendor. The
vendor should employ Lib.Sci. qualified (B.Lib. & M.Lib.) & experienced staff for the

2.2.2 Data entry:

       1. Data should be entered from the prepared data sheet using CDSISIS/WINISIS
          software in its database structure with 100% accuracy. The average number
          of characters in all type of records may be 800.

       2. The entered data should be submitted on daily basis in lots of atleast 1000
          records alongwith printouts of good readable quality for proof reading.

       3. The proofread printouts will be returned back to the vendor for carrying out
          the correction and the corrected data should thereafter be submitted within 2-3
          days on a regular basis. Alternatively, the vendor may depute staff to carryout
          the corrections at SPA premises itself directly on the computer but it is totally
          on the discretion of SPA Librarian. The computer facility in that case shall be
          made available by the SPA Librarian.

       4. Data entry work has to be carried out at the vendor’s place using his
          machinery and material.

2.3    Time Schedule:

       The work will have to be completed within a period of three months from the date
       of starting the work. The work will have to be started within fifteen days of
       despatch of award letter by the NISCAIR.
3.        Penalty conditions:

          1. While checking the data sheets, if the error percentage increases more than
             10% in any lot of 1500 records, the same lot will have to be rechecked and
             redone by the vendor at his cost.

          2. If such type of error occurs in more than 10 lots the contract would stand

          3. Likewise, the above two clauses shall stand for data entry work also.

          4. In case, there is any delay in the job, the Director, NISCAIR reserves the right
             to withdraw the job and no payment would be made for any part of the job
             completed or in progress.

          5. In case, the bidder fails to provide the services referred, to the satisfaction of
             the Director, NISCAIR, he shall have the right to deduct a sum which is
             proportionate to the extent of work not performed or performed
             unsatisfactorily plus any reasonable sum to the extent of 30% of their bill as
             liquidated damage. The decision of the Director, NISCAIR shall be final in
             this regard and binding on the bidder.

          6. The names of workmen deployed at SPA library shall be intimated to the SPA
             Librarian and the bidder will be responsible for any mishap, theft, loss,
             misbehavior, happening because of the staff deployed by him.

4.        Preparation of Bids
          The bid prepared by the bidder shall be provided in the following Model
          Response format:

Model Response Outline

     1.      Standing of each bidder – past experience and performance in the works of
             library publications related to datasheet preparation & their data entry
             during the last five years.

     2.      List of other Govt. Departments and Public Sector units for which the bidder
             is having the similar type of contracts and a certificate regarding satisfactory
             performance of the contract.

     3.      Level of agreement with the proposed terms and conditions.
       4.      Copy of the audited balance sheet of the vendor for the year 2002-03 and
               2003-2004 indicating the Turnover in works related to datasheet preparation
               & data entry.

       5. Bidder will provide documentation establishing bidder’s capabilities and
          qualifications to satisfy Niscair that the bidder will assume the total responsibility
          for the satisfactory execution for Data Sheet Preparation and Data Entry

       6. Copy of registration of Company.

       7. Details of subcontractors and agreements thereon.

       8. Bidders are expected to enclose samples demonstrating their capabilities

       9. Availability of internet access and related facilities Bidder to give address of their
          Website if applicable.

       10. Total regular qualified manpower (B.Lib. & M.Lib) and manpower on contract
           available with the bidder.

       11. The bid shall indicate the unit prices for each and every item indicated in the

       12. Prices quoted by the bidder shall be fixed during the bidders performance of the
           contract/empanelment and not subject to variation on any account. A bid
           submitted with an adjustable price, quotation will be treated as non-responsive
           and will be rejected.

       13. All prices and other information like discount, etc., having a bearing on the price
           shall be written both in figures and words in the prescribed offer form. If there is
           discrepancy between the price/information quoted in words and figures, the
           price/information quoted in words will be treated as final.

5.          Submission of Bids
5.1         Sealing and marking of Bids

(i)         The outer envelope containing bid shall be addressed to THE DIRECTOR,
            National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources, Dr. K S
            Krishnan Marg, New Delhi-110012.

(ii)        The outer and inner envelopes shall indicate the name and address of the bidder to
            enable the bid to be returned unopened in case it is declared late.

(iii)       Telex, cable or facsimile bids will be rejected.
5.2     Deadline for Submission of Bids

(i)     Bids must be received by NISCAIR at the address given in Section-I not later than
        the time and date specified on the cover page. In the event of the specified date
        for the submission of bids being declared a holiday for NISCAIR, the bids will be
        received upto the appointed time on the next working day.

(ii)    The Director, NISCAIR may, at his discretion extend this deadline for submission
        of bids by amending the bid documents, in which case all rights and obligations of
        NISCAIR and bidders previously subject to the deadline will thereafter be subject
        to the deadline as extended.

5.3     Late Bids

        Any bid received by NISCAIR after the deadline for submission of bids
        prescribed by the NISCAIR will be rejected and/or returned unopened to the

6       Clarification of Bids

(i)     During evaluation of the bids, NISCAIR may at its discretion, ask the bidder for
        clarification and the response shall be in writing and no change in price or
        substance of the bid shall be sought, offered or permitted.

(ii)    No bidder shall contact NISCAIR on any matter relating to its bid, from the time
        of the bid opening to the time the contract is awarded. If the bidder wishes to
        bring additional information to the notice of NISCAIR, it should be done in

(iii)   Any effort by a bidder to influence NISCAIR in its decisions on bid evaluation,
        bid comparison or empanelment/contract award decisions may result in rejection
        of the bidder’s bid.

6.1     Evaluation of Bids

(i)     Prior to the detailed evaluation pursuant to clause 3.4, NISCAIR will determine
        the substantial responsiveness of each bid to the Bidding Documents. For
        purpose of these Clauses, a substantially responsive bid is one which conforms to
        all the terms and conditions of the bidding documents without material deviations.

(ii)    A bid determined as not substantially responsive will be rejected by NISCAIR
        and may not subsequently be made responsive by the bidder by correction of the
(iii)   The bid evaluation will be done on the basis of bidder’s response to “Model
        Response Outline”

(iv)    If there is any discrepancy between the price quoted in figures and words,
        whichever is the higher of the two shall be taken as the bid price.

(v)     Bidders shall state their bid price for the payment schedule outlined in the
        Clause 9.2 of section II. Bids will be evaluated on the basis of this base price.
        Bidders are, however, permitted to state an alternative payment schedule and
        indicate the reduction in bid price they wish to offer for such alternative payment
        schedule. NISCAIR may consider the alternative payment schedule offered by
        the selected bidder but it may not be binding on NISCAIR.

7.      Empanelment/Award of Contact

7.1     Empanelment/Award Criteria

(a)    Subject to Clause 3 & 4, NISCAIR will empanel the successful bidder(s) whose
bid have been determined to be substantially responsive and have been determined as the
best evaluated bid provided further that the bidder is determined to be qualified to
perform the contract satisfactorily.

(b)     As it is planned to prepare a panel of firms engaged in works related to datasheet
        preparation and data entry, the jobs can be given to a firm who execute quality
        works within a tight schedule as and when required.

©       NISCAIR as an option may ask the bidders who are lower in rank to match rates
        of the lowest bidder and decide about the award of job, to them also.

(d)     As far as possible Merging of NISCAIR Library Collection with NSL Collection
        Data Sheet Preparation & Data Entry work shall be entrusted to empanelled firms
        in tune with the equipment and machinery installed and quality of performance.
        As such, the empanelled firms shall execute the work as may be entrusted, as per
        mutually acceptable schedule of production and schedule of delivery in a
        business-like manner. Refusal to accept and execute the work orders shall be
        viewed as violations of the provisions of the terms of agreement.

7.2     NISCAIR’s Right to Accept any Bid and to Reject any or All Bids.

        NISCAIR reserves the right to accept or reject any bid, and to annul the bidding
        process and reject all bids at any time prior to award of Contract, without thereby
        incurring any liability to the affected bidder or bidders or any obligation to inform
        the affected bidder or bidders of the grounds for NISCAIR’s action.
7.3     Notification of Award

(i)     Prior to the expiration of the period of bid validity, NISCAIR will notify the
        successful bidder in writing by registered letter or by fax to be confirmed in
        writing by registered or hand delivered letter, that its bid has been accepted.

(ii)    The notification of Award will constitute the formation of the Contract.

7.4     Signing of Contract

(i)     At the same time as NISCAIR notifies the successful bidder that its bid has been
        accepted, NISCAIR will send the bidder the Contract agreement as per Form
        provided in Annexure –4 of the Bidding Documents, incorporating all agreements
        between the parties.

(ii)    Within three (3) days of receipt of the Contract Form, the successful bidder shall
        sign and date the Contract and return to NISCAIR.

7.5     Performance Security

(i)     The Vendor should furnish performance security to NISCAIR for an amount of
        Rs.15000/- in accordance with the Conditions of contract (Clause 4.3), in the
        Performance Security Form prescribed by NISCAIR (Annexure-2) in the form of
        Bank Guarantee or another form acceptable to NISCAIR. The payment will be
        released subject to the production of this document. Risk cost will be recovered
        from the contractor.

(ii)    Failure of the successful bidder to comply with the requirement of Clause 3.7.4 or
        Clause 3.7.5(i) shall constitute sufficient grounds for the annulment of the award
        in which event NISCAIR may make the award to the next evaluated bidder or call
        for new bids.

7.6     Corrupt or Fraudulent Practices

(i)     Vendors shall observe the highest standard of ethics during the procurement and
        execution of the contract.

(ii)    NISCAIR will reject a proposal for empanelment if it determines that the bidder
        recommended for empanelment has engaged in corrupt or fraudulent practices in
        competing for the contract in question.

(iii)   NISCAIR will declare a firm ineligible, either indefinitely or for a stated period of
        time, if it at any time determines that the firm has engaged in corrupt or fraudulent
        practices in competing for this bid, or in executing the contract.
7.7     Miscellaneous

(i)     It will be imperative on each bidder to fully acquaint itself of all the local
        conditions and factors which would have effect on the performance of the work
        and its cost.

(ii)    During the validity of this bid or during the extended period, if any, if the bidder
        provides the same or equivalent services to any other Department/Organisation in
        India at a price lower than the price fixed for NISCAIR, the bidder shall
        automatically on the benefits to NISCAIR.

8.      Factors affecting the Chances of Empanelment.

(i)      The bidder should have their own Contract support facilities.        The support
facilities should be fully owned and managed by the bidder.

(ii)    Conformity with the request for Bid/Tender required and conditions.

(iii)   The assessment based on the response to Model Response Outline

(iv)    The assessment of the capability of the bidder to meet the terms and conditions.

(v)    Work orders for quality jobs related to Data Sheet Preparation and Data Entry
work of Library Documents specially from Government Department.

(vi)    Similar type of work order executed for at least two libraries.

(vii)   The assessment of the capability of the bidder with respect to facilities and
        equipment/machinery available with the bidder.

(viii) The following equipment/facilities are important factor for award of work:

                       Pentium computers with higher configuration, media compatibility
                        for transportation of digital data-3.5” floppy drives and Printers
                       Qualified manpower preferably B.Lib. Sc or Equivalent for data
                        sheet preparation.
                                         Section II

                       GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS

9.     Definitions and Interpretation

In this contract, the following terms shall be interpreted as indicated:

i.     “The Contract” means the agreement entered into between NISCAIR and the
       Vendor as recorded in the Contract Form signed by the parties, including all the
       attachments and appendices thereto and all documents incorporated by reference

ii.    “The Contract Price” means the price payable to the Vendor under the Contract
       for the full and proper performance of its contractual obligations:

iii.   “NISCAIR” means the organization intending to get the works related to School
       of Planning & Architecture, Delhi. It means and includes an officer who is
       authorized on behalf of the Director, National Institute of Science Communication
       and Information Resources, Dr K S Krishnan Marg (Near Pusa Gate), New Delhi

iv.    ‘SPA Library’ means the Library located in School of Planning & Architecture,
       I P Depot., Delhi.

v.     “The Vendor” means the firms providing the desired services under the Contract;

vi.    ‘The Site” means the NISCAIR Campus Dr K S Krishnan Marg (Near Pusa Gate),
       New Delhi 110012 and School of Planning & Architecture, I P Depot., Delhi and
       “Day” means calendar day.

9.1    General Terms & Conditions of the Contract

1.     Quotation must be submitted ONLY ON THE ENCLOSED PROFORMA and
       every page must be signed by the authorized official of the quoting firm, failing
       which it is liable to be rejected.

2.     If the firm fails to execute the job within the stipulated time or leaves the job
       incomplete or refuses to complete the work or takes more time than the schedule
       fixed then the firm will be liable to be penalized. The Director, NISCAIR,
       reserves the right to impose a penalty at his discretion. In such cases. The
       director, NISCAIR reserves the right to the termination of the
       empanelment/contract without any advance notice and the firm will be black-
3.     Bills will be accepted and admitted only after the work is done satisfactorily
       completion and approval. The firm should submit pre-receipted bills in triplicate
       accompanied by the delivery challans.

4.     The Institute reserves the right to terminate the contract at any time without
       assigning any reasons. In case of any dispute arising out of the job contract, the
       decision of the Director, National Institute of Science Communication and
       Information Resources.

5.     The Director, NISCAIR reserves the right to get any job enlisted in panel.

6.     There will not be any enhancement of rates quoted and approved during the
       period of contract.

7.     In case of     (I)     Default in maintaining time schedule;
                      (II)    Delayed and/or bad quality work.

                              Penalty as per contract terms would be levied.

8.     The firm would have provide free messenger service for collecting the material
       and deliver of electronic data at our Office.

9.     Final deductions in the bill on account of short supply or bad quality would be
       done by the Institute.

10.    This panel will remain valid for a period of 12 months (ONE YEAR) initially
       from the date of award of the contract. However, the contract may be extended or
       curtailed at the discretion of ‘The Director, NISCAIR, depending on the
       performance of the firm.

11.     The successful bidder will be required to deposit Rs. 15000/-(Rs. Fifteen thousand
only) as Security Deposit.

12.    The earnest money amount to Rs.7500/-(Rs.Seven thousand five hundred only) by
       way of Demand Draft in favour of The Director, NISCAIR, New Delhi issued by
       a scheduled bank, should accompany the original tender which will be open. All
       tenders which are received without earnest money will be rejected.

13.    The earnest money will be liable to be forfeited if the bidder withdraws or
       amends, impairs or derogates from the tender in any respect within the period of
       validity of his tender or fails to furnish the Security Deposit.

14.    The earnest money can be adjusted against the Security Deposit required to be
       furnished by the successful bidder.
15.    Earnest Money is liable to be forfeited if the contractor selected for the work fails
       to confirm the acceptance of the order within seven days from the date of
       intimation to that effect or fails to start the work from the date of commencement
       given in the work order.

16.    Canvassing in connection with the tender is strictly prohibited and the tenders
       submitted by the contractor who resort to canvassing will be liable to rejection on
       that ground alone.

17.    The award of preparation of data sheets and data entry in CDSISIS/WINISIS will
       be made on the basis of evidence of their experience and performance in their
       respective areas and not merely on the basis on lowest rate basis.

18.    The firm entrusted with the work shall execute the work in the most business
       like manner maintaining optimum and high standards in all respects, without any
       compromise at any stage of execution.

19.    Bidder is requested to please enclose a pre-receipt towards the receipt of their
       earnest money so that the same maybe returned to un-successful bidders.

20.    Tenders should be submitted in a SEALED COVER with quoting reference
       written on the envelope in the name of DIRECTOR, NISCAIR, DR. K S
       KRISHNAN MARG, NEW DELHI-110 012. They will be received upto 1.00
       PM on or before 11/4/2005 and will be opened at 3.00 PM on the same day at
       NISCAIR,Building in the presence of the authorized representative of quoting
       firm (One member only).

21. Tenders and/or earnest money received after 1.00 PM on 11/4/2005 whether sent
by post or delivered in person are liable to be rejected.

22.      The Director, NISCAIR reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids
without assigning any reason and engage more than one contractor for getting the work
completed on time.

9.2   Payment Conditions

       Payments will be released in two parts: after completion of 75% of work
       satisfactorily i.e. of data sheet preparation as well as data entry work and after
       completion of work. The payment released would be 50% and then 50%

       Payment will be made within 30 days after receiving bills and satisfactory
       execution of the jobs.

       The Director, NISCAIR reserves the right to make suitable deduction from the
       Bill in case the quality of work is not found satisfactory.

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