Writing to Describe by 2tG08pX


									                                  Writing to Describe

Describe ‘A Winter Scene’.

      It can be real or imagined,

      Positive (e.g. a garden scene, the school site, a walk through the snow,
       snowboarding or skiing or a town centre)

      OR negative (eg being stuck in a blizzard on the motorway, walking through snow
       and ice, your house and garden cut off by snow).

      You can write from your own experience – ie first person, or as an observer – ie
       third person.

Start by:

      Deciding what you are going to describe

      Picturing the scene in your mind – what do you see, hear, touch, smell, taste?

      brainstorming ideas which you write on your spider diagram on the next page.

      Then, think of describing words for each idea you have thought of.

The next step is to plan your paragraphs.

       Aim to write five paragraphs.

       You must be careful not to tell a story.

       You could plan your description by thinking about how the scene changes
       through the day, OR how you go on your journey, or how your activity develops.

       Think about how you will link your paragraphs e. g.
   -   ‘When I first…’,
   -   ‘Later that day…’
   -   ‘At last..’
       Here is an example to get you thinking…
       When I first looked out of my bedroom window, all I could see was miles of crisp, white
       snow. I raced downstairs and I went outside. The ground was pure white, and I could hear
       the birds singing in the trees. I started to walk down the path but it was really slippery…
My scene is
Choose one of these images to help you, if you are stuck for something to describe 

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