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									Instructor contact information

 Instructor:        Karla Nast                          Office Phone:       281-290-3249

 Office:            216M Technology                     Office Hours:       Monday, Wednesday
                                                                            10:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m.
                                                                            T/Th 9:15-10:15 a.m.

 E-mail:               Website:  

Welcome to
Course Title:                    Reading II              Semester and Year:        Fall 2007
Course Prefix:                   ENGL
Course Number:                   0305                    Class Days & Times:

                                                         Section 8W001 (DL)        Distance Learning

Credit Hours:                    3                       Class Room Location:      Online/ Web CT
        Lecture Hours:           3
        Lab Hours:               1                       Section 81005             T 10:20 a.m.- 12:20p.m.
                                                                                   Tech. 113
                                                                                   Th 10:20 a.m. -12:20 p.m.
                                                                                   Tech. 213
        External Hours:          0
        Total Contact            64                      Section 81006             T 12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
        Hours:                                           Class Room Location:      Tech 113
        (All hrs. x 16)                                                            Th 12:30 p.m.- 2:30 p.m.
                                                                                   Tech. 213

CEU’s (if linked w/ credit       6.4
course): NOTE: divide the
credit contact hours by 10
to get the Continuing
Education Units.

Course overview

        For details go to

Catalog Description:
A developmental reading course continuing the instruction and reinforcement of those skills taught in
ENGL 0304. Emphasis is on learning higher level reading skills required for college reading
assignments. Short paragraph writing is required to complement some reading activities. This course
carries institutional credit but will not transfer and will not be used to meet degree requirements.

Course Learning Outcomes:

    Students will read college level materials to:

       Demonstrate an understanding of the components of the reading process including: previewing
        to activate knowledge, and to establish a purpose for reading; incorporating study skills in
        assimilating new knowledge; use recall techniques to verify comp.
               Demonstrate comprehension of various types of reading passages by: using metacognitive
                strategies to determine self-need; applying fix-up strategies to correct failures in
               Demonstrate an understanding of the critical thinking process as it relates to comprehension of
                various types of reading passages by: applying knowledge gained from reading, synthesizing
                knowledge gained from reading, and critically evaluating reading.

        Getting ready

        Prerequisites:                    Placement By Testing
        Co-requisites:                    None
        Required Material:                Improving Reading Skills, 5 Edition
                                          Deanne Spears 2004

                                          *Internet Access (at home or on campus).
        Optional Materials
        or Reference Texts:               None
        Course Materials:                 Loose leaf paper, 3.5” floppy disk or portable jump drive

Instructor guidelines and policies
Attendance: Distance Learning
Although we will not meet on campus, your attendance for this distance learning class will be assessed based
on your involvement with the course. If you are not active within the course for over one week, then you will be
denied access and you must write to me for permission to continue your studies. A pattern of inactivity and lack
of participation will also indicate poor attendance, for which you will be dropped due to “Excessive Absences.”
In order to be “Active” you must participate in the discussion postings and you must complete the posted
assignments, quizzes, tests, etc…

Attendance: Campus Sections
Attendance is required. Every class period you will sign-in. The sign-in sheet will be the official record that you
were in class therefore it is critical that you sign-in.

Late Arrival and Early Leave: Three instances of arriving to class 10 minutes late or leaving 10 minutes early
without prior notice will result in one absence. You are “late” if you arrive any later than the posted class/lab
“start” time, regardless of whether instruction has started. Also, you can be counted absent if you miss more
than 10 minutes of any class. Thus, if you come to class and take an “unofficial break(s)” that exceeds 10
minutes, then you can be counted absent. You will also be counted absent if you choose to sleep in class or if
you put your head down. Finally, it is unacceptable to disrupt others. If you disrupt the class then you will be
asked to leave. Disruptions include inappropriate behavior, talk, and any type of cell phone use.

I also reserve the right to withdraw students for poor attendance with or without notice. Please note that there is
no distinction between “Excused” and “Unexcused” absences. Each absence will count towards the limit of four,
regardless of the reason for the absence. Every class counts toward attendance. If a student accumulates
four unexcused absences, he or she will be dropped from the course. Absences apply both to class
time and to lab time!

All Classes:
If you find it necessary to stop attending class, you must process an official drop in the Registrar’s Office
before the withdraw date. You must also give me written notice and obtain my signature on your drop
form. You may go to Student Services to complete the proper documentation to drop the class. The last day to
drop this class with a “W” (Withdrawal) is November 9, 2006. Please see the “Withdrawal Policy” at below.

Communication Guidelines:
You will maintain regular contact with the instructor. Web CT email is the expected communication method,
although you can also call. I reply to all emails with 24 hours, although allow 2 business days for a response.
Likewise, it is critical that you reply to my emails within 2 business days. Correspondence received over the
weekend will be returned on the following Monday.
You must keep up with assignments. You cannot make a satisfactory grades without studying and participating.
Keep up with your assignments and use the available resources (tutoring, peer study groups, etc…). As this
course uses e-discussion and participation in the class, discussions and activities are essential to successful
completion. Tutoring is assigned if you drop below a passing grade. Extra-credit work is only available when
assigned to the entire class and not on an individual basis.

Class Assistance & Special Needs:
Please contact me if I can help you to be successful in this class! My goal is for you to succeed. You will have to
do the work to meet the standards of the course and there are many college resources and available to help
you do this -- but you need let me know if you need accommodations. Cy-Fair College and other NHMCCD
colleges have incredible Assistive Labs that are specifically designed to help students with learning disabilities.
For more information about the labs, please contact me. My office phone and e-mail are listed on this syllabus.
I also encourage you to become familiar with the information and resources on my instructor website: If you request any special academic needs, then I must have your
documentation by the end of Week 1! I will give you written proof that I have received your documentation at
this point.

Class Preparation and Late Work Policy
It is expected that every student will come to class on-time and prepared. You will need to purchase the class
textbook and software the first week of school. You will need your textbook in class every time that we meet,
along with any additional articles or work that we are studying, even if you have completed the work ahead of
schedule. It will be your responsibility to be prepared for each class, including having read the chapters and
printed any related assignments. Each time that you arrive to class unprepared, you will receive an
absence. Late work will not be accepted without official documentation. Each assignment will be posted in
advance and you will have time to complete the work on-time.

Make-up Exams:
Make-up exams (including the final exam) will not be allowed. In the event of unexpected weather and/or loss
of Internet access, the exams availability period will either be temporarily suspended or a time extension will be
allowed. If this should happen, then an email update will provide specific instructions on the due dates.

Emergencies & Course Disruptions
In the event that our course should be disrupted due to severe weather or other unexpected conditions, then
please follow these procedures:
                 1. Classes that meet on campus will continue to meet unless the college issues a formal
                     statement of closure. The college website and local media will
                     provide updates when necessary. If the college is closed, then Distance Learning classes
                     will also be suspended until further notice.
                 2. It is your responsibility to monitor the college postings regarding emergency procedures
                     related to canceled and resumed classes.
                 3. If classes are canceled, then my classes are directed to check my online faculty office for
                     postings and updates related to the class schedule. If this is not possible, then an alternate
                     site (Campus Cruiser) has been established for emergency use only. This site will not be
                     used unless college resources are unavailable.

        Distance Learning courses will follow the same procedures as campus classes, however if there is a
        technology outage that prevents access to Web CT for more than 12 hours, please check these sites
        for updates:
            (Online Faculty Office for Professor Nast)
Student Conference/ Tutoring
Every student is required to meet with the instructor for at least one conferences (30 min.) during the semester.
Students may arrange to meet with the instructor on campus during the posted office hours, or a telephone
conference can be scheduled. The pre-conference paperwork must be completed prior to arrival. In addition, a
follow-up survey must be completed afterward.
    If the student grade drops below a 70 during the course of the semester then the student must attend a
minimum of one tutoring session per week until the grade is above passing. Students may arrange for free
tutoring services through their NHMCCD college or they may arrange to meet with the instructor during posted
office hours for tutoring.

             Your grade will be                                           Details                                      Points               Percent of
        determined by the following                                                                               (if applicable)             Final
        Final Exam                                  Final Exam*                                                             n/a                20

        Tests                                       Two Major Tests                                                        n/a                    30
        Lab Assignments & Quizzes                   Weekly Lab Assignments, Quizzes,                                         n/a                  30
        Coursework                                  Homework, Class Assignments,                                             n/a                  20
                                                    Discussion Postings
                                         Total:                         n/a                                              N/a                     100
                                                                                                    Total:               n/a                     100%
             *Please note that all Distance Learning Final Exams will be administered at the nearest NHMCCD
             facility in the Assessment Center during Week 15.

                      Letter Grade                                                          Final Average in Percent
                            A                                                                        90-100
                                         B                                                              80-89
                                         C                                                              70-79
                                          F                                                           Below 69
                                         IP                                                           Below 69

        *Please note that an “IP,” which stands for “In Progress,” is assigned to a student at the instructor’s discretion based on a case-
        by-case basis. The instructor has the option of giving a student an “IP” in lieu of an “F” if a student has put forth a substantial
        effort throughout the course but is still unable to successfully satisfy the course requirements. If an “IP” is assigned to a student,
        the course must be repeated again to receive institutional credit.
                                               ENGL.0305.DL Fall 2007 Instructional Outline:

All Assignment details are listed on the online class website. Read each text chapter below as scheduled and
create an outline. Unless noted, the page numbers refer to Improving Reading Skills… 5 ed. text.
MRL= MyReadingLab assignments found at

 Week               Activities                                                         Objectives
Number           and Assignment                                                        and Details
                      th        st
    1       August 27 - 31                           See online class website for additional details and assignments. Complete all
                                                     related exercises for the readings and practice below.
Syllabus Review & Course Introduction                Theme: Gender Roles & Issues
Vocabulary                                           “Tips for Women…” by D. Barry (Read pgs. 23-34.)
(Read pgs.1-21)                                      MRL Article: “Social Expectations and the Big ‘I Do’”
                                                     MRL Practice: “Reading Skills Diagnostic Pre-Test, Outlining”
                                                     Week 1 Class Web Site Posting: Introductions
                           rd        th
    2       September 3 - 7                          See online class website for additional details and assignments. Complete all
                                                     related exercises for the readings and practice below.
Lesson I: Main Idea & Writer’s Purpose               Theme: Gender Roles & Issues
(Read pgs. 35-45)                                    “Digging” by A. Dubus (Read pgs. 111-122.)
9/3 Labor Day: College Closed                        MRL Article: “Ten Things Most Americans Believe”
                                                     MRL Practice: Vocabulary & Main Idea
                                                     Week 2 Class Web Site Posting: Gender Roles & Issues
                            th            th
    3       September 10 - 14                        See online class website for additional details and assignments.
Lesson II: Annotating, Paraphrasing,                 Theme: Gender Roles & Issues
and Summarizing                                      “Shop Like a Man” by P. Underhill (Read pgs. 189-201.) Complete all exercises.
(Read pgs. 123-131)                                  MRL Article: “Accessories: More Than an Afterthought”
                                                     MRL Practice: Purpose & Tone, Note Taking
                                                     Week 3 Class Web Site Posting: Social Stereotypes
                            th            st
    4       September 17 -21                         See online class website for additional details and assignments.
Lesson III: Making Inferences                        Theme: Current Social Issues
(Read pgs. 223-229)                                  “Fast Food Nation: Behind the Counter” by E. Scholosser (Read pgs. 233-245.)
                                                     Complete all exercises.
                                                     MRL Article: “Advertising: The Power Behind the Product”
                                                     MRL Practice: Active Reading, Inference
                                                     Week 4 Class Web Site Posting: Social Habits/Culture
                            th            th
    5       September 24 - 28                        See online class website for additional details and assignments.
Lesson IV: Persuasive Writing &                      Theme: Current Social Issues
Evaluating Evidence                                  “Lost, Then Found: Helping People Off the Streets” by Raksin & Sipchen (Read
(Read pgs. 339-346)                                  pgs. 374-377.) Complete all exercises.
                                                     MRL Article: “Wealth and America’s Resources”
                                                     MRL Practice: Supporting Details
                                                     Week 5 Class Web Site Posting: Social Structure
                      st         th
    6       October 1 - 5                                 See online class website for additional details and assignments.
Lesson V: Patterns of Development &                       Theme: Current Social Issues
Transitions                                               “Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America” by B. Ehrenreich (Read pgs.
(Read pgs. 399-408)                                       475-494.) Complete all exercises.
                                                          MRL Article: “Reasons for Crime”
                                                          MRL Practice: Organization
                                                          Week 6 Class Web Site Posting: Social Challenges
                      th              th
    7       October 8 - 12                                See online class website for additional details and assignments.
Critical Thinking &                                       Theme: Current Social Issues
Review                                                    “The Hunger for More” by L. Shames (Read pgs. 213-221.) Complete all
                                                          MRL Article: “The Increasing Problem of Decreasing Resources”
                                                          MRL Practice: Critical Thinking
                                                          Week 7 Class Web Site Posting: Supply vs. Demand/ Wants vs. Needs
                           th              th
    8       October 15 - 19                               See online class website for additional details and assignments.
Critical Thinking &                                       Theme: Current Social Issues
Review                                                    “Hero Inflation” by N. Thompson (Read pgs. 380-385.) Complete all exercises.
                                                          MRL Article: “Violence in the Workplace”
                                                          MRL Practice: Reading Rate
                                                          Week 8 Class Web Site Posting: Social Recognition
                           nd              th
    9       October 22 - 26                               See online class website for additional details and assignments.
Critical Thinking &                                       Theme: Language, Reading & Communication
Review                                                    “”Making Up for Lost Time: The Rewards of Reading at Last” by R. Wolkomir
                                                          (Read pgs. 173-187.) Complete all exercises.
                                                          MRL Article: “Alternative Schooling”
                                                          MRL Practice: Graphics
                                                          Week 9 Class Web Site Posting: Literacy
                           th                        nd
   10       October 29 - November 2                       See online class website for additional details and assignments.
Critical Thinking &                                       Theme: Language, Reading & Communication
Review                                                    “The Telephone” by A. Accawi (Read pgs. 289- 301.)
                                                          MRL Article: “Surfing the ‘Net”
                                                          MRL Practice: Memorization
                                                          Week 10 Class Web Site Posting: Technology & Communication
                            th         th
   11       November 5 - 9                                See online class website for additional details and assignments.
11/09 Last Day to Drop with a “W”                         Theme: Language, Reading & Communication
Critical Thinking & Review                                “What Hath Goth Wrought?” by J. Katz (Read pgs. 427-436.)
                                                          MRL Article: “The Stanford Prison Experiment”
                                                          MRL Practice: Test Taking
                                                          Week 11 Class Web Site Posting: Social Groups/ Institutions
                                 th             th
   12       November 12 - 16                              See online class website for additional details and assignments.
Research & Review                                         Author Analysis Assignment
                                                          *Extra Credit Assignment Due! Book Review.
                                                          MRL: Reading Skills Post-Test
                                      th        rd
         13         November 19 -23                         See online class website for additional details and assignments.
     11/22 through 11/25 Holiday                            Reading Assessment Project/ Group Discussion
     Personal Reading Assessment Project
                                      th        th
         14         November 26 - 30                        See online class website for additional details and assignments.
     Final Exam Review                                      Review Lessons I-V. Discuss themes and authors. Analyze skills and strategies.
                                    rd     th
         15         December 3 - 7                          Final Exam will be this week! The Final Exam is 20% of your grade.
                                                            Please note that all online 0305 students will need to report to their NHMCCD
                                                            campus Testing Center to take the final.
         16         December 10 -12th                       Conference Times Available Upon Request

                  Cy-Fair College and North Harris Montgomery Community College District Policies

Academic Integrity
Cy-Fair College is committed to a high standard of academic integrity in the academic community. In becoming a part of the academic community, students are
responsible for honesty and independent effort. Failure to uphold these standards includes, but is not limited to, the following: plagiarizing written work or projects,
cheating on exams or assignments, collusion on an exam or project, and misrepresentation of credentials or prerequisites when registering for a course. Cheating
includes looking at or copying from another student's exam, orally communicating or receiving answers during an exam, having another person take an exam or
complete a project or assignment, using unauthorized notes, texts, or other materials for an exam, and obtaining or distributing an unauthorized copy of an exam or
any part of an exam. Plagiarism means passing off as his/her own the ideas or writings of another (that is, without giving proper credit by documenting sources).
Plagiarism includes submitting a paper, report or project that someone else has prepared, in whole or in part. Collusion is inappropriately collaborating on
assignments designed to be completed independently. These definitions are not exhaustive. When there is clear evidence of cheating, plagiarism, collusion or
misrepresentation, disciplinary action may include but is not limited to: requiring you to retake or resubmit an exam or assignment, assigning a grade of zero or "F" for
an exam or assignment; or assigning a grade of "F" for the course. Additional sanctions including being withdrawn from the course, program or expelled from school
may be imposed on a students who violate the standards of academic integrity.

Americans with Disabilities Act Statement
Cy-Fair College is dedicated to providing the least restrictive environment for all students. We promote equity in academic access through the implementation of
reasonable accommodations as required by the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title V, Section 504 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA)
which will enable students with disabilities to participate in and benefit from all post-secondary educational activities.

If you require reasonable accommodations because of a physical, mental, or learning disability, please contact the Counseling Office to obtain the
necessary information to request accommodations. Upon completion of this process, please notify your instructor as soon as possible and preferably
before the end of the first two weeks of class to arrange for reasonable accommodations.

Computer Virus Protection
Computer viruses are, unfortunately, a fact of life. Using diskettes on more than one computer creates the possibility of infecting computers and diskettes with a
computer virus. This exposes the computers of the college, your personal computer, and any others you may be using to potentially damaging viruses. The college
has aggressive anti-virus procedures in place to protect its computers, but cannot guarantee that a virus might not temporarily infect one of its machines. It is your
responsibility to protect all computers under your control and use and ensure that each diskette you use, whenever or wherever you use it, has been scanned with
anti-virus software. Since new viruses arise continually, your anti-virus software must be kept current. And, since no anti-virus software will find every virus, keeping
backup copies is extremely important.

Evaluation of Instructor
Instructors at Cy-Fair College are evaluated in several ways. Students provide input for each course they take in a semester. The college deans review these
evaluations. The deans also complete an evaluation of the instructor and may visit each instructor’s class at some time during the semester to observe the
instructional environment provided by the instructor.

Equal Opportunity Statement
It is the policy of the North Harris Montgomery Community College District to provide equal employment, admission and educational opportunities without regard to
race, color, creed, national origin, gender, age, veteran's status, sexual orientation, or disability.

NHMCCD Colleges strive to provide an excellent learning environment free from harassment or intimidation directed at any person’s race, color, creed, national
origin, gender, age, veteran's status, sexual orientation, or disability. Any form of harassment will not be tolerated.

Final Examinations
A final evaluation activity will occur during the published final evaluation period. The appropriate dean must approve any variation to this schedule.

Guaranteed Graduate Policy
North Harris Montgomery Community College District guarantees that graduates of its Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or Associate of Applied Science and
all Certificate programs, providing under certain circumstances, additional education and training tuition free to students lacking appropriate mastery of specified
competencies. For additional information, refer to the NHMCCD college catalog.

Internet and E-mail
The District provides computing and network resources to students. You are encouraged to use the computers, software packages, and electronic mail (e-mail) for
educational or District-related activities and to facilitate the efficient exchange of useful information. However, the equipment, software, and network capacities
provided through the district computer services are and remain the property of the District. Use of the equipment and networks is to comport with the policies and
procedures of the District and access may be denied to any student who fails to comply with the District’s policies and procedures regarding its use.
Access to the District’s e-mail and similar electronic communications systems are a privilege and certain responsibilities accompany that privilege. All users are
expected to demonstrate the same level of ethical and professional manner, as is required in face-to-face or written communications. Anonymous or forged
messages will be treated as a violation of this policy.

Software Piracy
Law strictly prohibits unauthorized copying of software purchased by Cy-Fair College for use in laboratories. Cy-Fair College administration will take appropriate
disciplinary action against anyone violating copyright laws.

Withdrawal Policy
Withdrawal from the course after the official day of record and prior to “W” Day, (November 9th) will result in a final grade of “W” on your transcript.
Instructor approval is necessary if you want to withdraw after official day. No credit will be awarded for a course earning a “W”. If you stop attending
class, you must withdraw at the registration office prior to “W” day. If you stop attending class and do not officially withdraw, you will receive an “F” for
the course.

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