Green Tea Detox And Herbal Detox Tea For Body Cleansing

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					   Green Tea Detox And Herbal Detox Tea
            For Body Cleansing
Have you ever wondered what is the better, a pure green tea detox, or a green tea detox together
with detoxifying herbs? Or better yet ask, is the antioxidants of the green tea detox enough for
cleansing the body from toxins?

The antioxidants when inside the body are known to get rid of harmful substances like toxins. It
also serves as the remover of clumps in the way of natural healing of our body itself. A good
amount of these antioxidants is found in the green tea detox beverage. Therefore, drinking green
tea for taste and flavor is also very good for the welfare of our health and body. The antioxidants
found in the green tea detox are capable of eliminating the toxins in our bodies. The science of
medicine backs up the intake of the green tea detox in order to prevent serious illnesses such as
obesity and high cholesterol levels in the body. However, there are still some issues regarding
the suitability and dosage of how much one should drink.

Antioxidants Found In Green Tea Detox

There are catechins found inside the green tea detox which makes all the cleansing properties of
the tea available. These catechins are known to aid in making a person lose excess weight or
maintain a proper weight. It is said that the elimination of unhealthy fats happens fairly effective
in the abdomen area of the body. Studies have stated this fact. Results show that six teacups of
the beverage every day in a month’s time could aid in losing a pound of weight. This is done
with the help of a good eating habit and exercise, as well. Therefore, we should start now to get
the proper and healthy weight that we should have to avoid serious illnesses in the long run.

Herbal Detox Teas

Such detox teas often include the green tea detox in them. However, some may not. Some are a
result of a combination of herbs that are made to teas with the goal of detoxifying the body. If
you shall see one, look at the list of ingredients to know the effects it has. To give you a tip on
these herbal detox teas, this is a list of good herbs to give you an effective result:

      The burdock root is said to clean our blood and is also diuretic.
      The dandelion root is also diuretic and should help you increase your appetite.
      The licorice is said to clean the liver and help you get rid of phlegm.
      The juniper berries are diuretic or can help you in releasing more urine.
      The turmeric is said to make the function of the liver better and it also aids in joint pains.

These herbs that are usually found in herbal detox teas, same with the green tea detox, have been
used by the ancients. Therefore, their effectiveness is also proven and tested.
Conclusion and thoughts on green tea detox and herbal teas

                                                                If it is body cleansing that you are
                                                                really seeking, it is best to drink
                                                                the green tea detox. However, if
                                                                you are into any of the mentioned
                                                                effects of the herbal detox teas
                                                                then it is best to drink such.
                                                                Although these two wonderful
                                                                beverages have been proven and
                                                                tested through time, remember
                                                                that they should still be
                                                                accompanied by good eating
                                                                habits and exercise to get the full
effect. Also, remember to read the labels before drinking any of these powerful beverages. The
green tea detox is known to have caffeine in it. Some herbs in the herbal detox teas can give side
effects like allergies and such depending on the person taking it. Therefore, remember to take
them as prescribed by a professional.

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