TOP STORIES                                                             Enron Corp. – The financial collapse,
   Enron case becoming                                                     bankruptcy and trials surrounding
                                                                           Houston’s biggest corporate scandal.
   'deep pocket' suit,                                                     IN PROFILE
   attorneys say—Plaintiffs                                                CONVICTION VACATED
  representing Enron shareholders in                                                Ken Lay
  civil litigation bound for trial this year                                        Once one of Houston's
  are trying to siphon the "Enron" out                                              most respected power
  of the case, attorneys for their                                                  brokers and
  opponents said. READ STORY                                                        philanthropists.
            •
    Law firm's Enron settlement  LAY-SKILLING CONCLUSION                     Jeff Skilling
    is $18.5 million Jan 19 2007 • May 25: Jury finds Ken Lay                The executive who took
    1:30PM                       and Jeff Skilling guilty of                 Enron away from
                                 fraud and conspiracy                        pipelines and into more
                                 • July 5: Lay dies of a heart               glamorous ventures.
                                 • Oct. 17: Lay's conviction     Other key players
    2 from Enron receive prison vacated
    assignments Jan 12 2007      • Oct. 23: Skilling sentenced
    10:32PM                      to 24 years and four months
                                                                       • Lawyers for the defense
                                 in prison.
    •                            TRIAL'S END                      • Lawyers for the prosecution

    Attorneys seek to drop 5                • Interactive                  • In depth: Judge Sim Lake
    Enron defendants Jan 10          Timeline — Key events in the
    2007 10:32PM                     Lay-Skilling trial.                    • Updates on Enron's familiar faces

    •                                • Verdict Scorecard — Count-          SEARCH ENRON ARCHIVES
                                     by-count breakdown of the
                                     jury's decision on Skilling and                           Go
    States support shareholders      Lay.
    in Enron-related suit Jan 9
    2007 10:35PM                                                           OTHER TRIALS
                                    INSIDE THE ENRON CASE

    •                                                                             •    Broadband
                                            • Raptor 1/Talon — A
                                     deal that the government says
    Causey lands at federal          broke the rules.
                                                                            •   Barge
    prison near Bastrop Jan 3
    2007 10:32PM                     • Nigerian Barge Deals —
                                     Prosecutors say they were a            •   Andersen
                                                                           Prosecution Scorecard
                                     • Claims of Misleading
    Enron ripe for resolution in     Statements — What Enron
    new year Jan 1 2007 10:33PM      execs said vs. what the               Criminal defendants
                                     government says they knew.            Total: 34
                                                                           Guilty pleas: 16
                                     • Falling Shares — Enron's fall
                                     as told by its stock price                    • Ben Glisan Jr.
    No fanfare as Skilling walks                                            5 years. DETAILS
    into prison life Dec 13 2006
    10:58PM                         Quote
                                      "All that being said, your            • Lea Fastow
                                    honor, I am innocent of these           1 year. DETAILS
                                      charges. I am innocent of
                                    every one of these charges,"            • Andrew Fastow
    New guidelines ease              — Jeff Skilling, former Enron          6 years. DETAILS
    burdens of post-Enron                           chief executive
    regulation Dec 15 2006                                                  • Richard Causey
                                                                            5 years 6 months. DETAILS
10:23PM                         PODCASTS                              • Michael Kopper
                                                                      3 years 1 month. DETAILS

•                                       • Skilling Sentencing
                                 Podcast — Experts discuss the        • Mark Koenig
                                 24-year sentence and address         18 months plus probation.   DETAILS
Ex-Enron exec pleads
                                 broader issues of fairness in
guilty; could get 20 years in    federal court.                       • Paula Rieker
prison Dec 15 2006 5:33PM
                                                                      2 years' probation.   DETAILS

                                 • Trial's End Podcast —
•                                Experts evaluate the meaning         • Timothy Belden
                                 of the guilty verdicts and           Awaiting sentencing.   DETAILS
                                 discuss issues likely to be
Ex-Enron CEO Skilling            reviewed on appeal.
reports to prison Dec 13                                              • Jeffrey Richter
2006 12:25PM                                                          Awaiting sentencing.   DETAILS
                                 • Defense Podcast — Experts
                                 weigh the testimony of Lay and
•                                Skilling, and its potential impact   • Lawrence Lawyer
                                 on the jury.                         2 years' probation. DETAILS

Skilling's reprieve short Dec
12 2006 11:01PM                  • Midtrial Podcast — Experts         • Dave Delainey
                                 analyze the trial after the          2 years, 6 months.    DETAILS

                                 government rests its case.
                                                                      • Ken Rice
                                ASK MARY                              Awaiting sentencing.   DETAILS
Prosecutors easing back on Lead reporter Mary Flood
methods Dec 12 2006        answers readers' questions                 • Kevin Hannon
10:36PM                         SPEAK UP IN OUR FORUM                 Awaiting sentencing.   DETAILS
                                Talk about Enron
•                               LOREN STEFFY
                                                                      • John M. Forney
                                Columnist's coverage                  Awaiting sentencing.   DETAILS
                                NICK ANDERSON
Judge asked to drop Enron Cartoons on the Enron trial
defendant Dec 12 2006         VERDICT EXTRA                     • Timothy Despain
10:36PM                       Print Edition - Page 1            4 years' probation. DETAILS
                              Print Edition - Page 2
•                             CHRONICLE VIDEO                   • Christopher Calger
                              Outside the Skilling              Awaiting sentencing. DETAILS
Ex-trader to pay former
                              Skilling professes his           Jury conviction: 5
Enron employees Dec 12
2006 10:36PM                  innocence
                              Attorney's hopes before
                              Skilling verdict                         • Ken Lay
•                                                               Died before sentencing; conviction
                              Fastow, former Enron CFO,         vacated. DETAILS
                              gets 6 years
Skilling loses bid for        Houston says goodbye to Ken
                                                                • Jeff Skilling
freedom pending appeal Dec Lay                                  24 years 4 months in prison. DETAILS
12 2006 5:09PM                Lay's Aspen memorial
                              Chapel holding Lay's
                                                                • Kevin Howard
•                             memorial
                                                                Convicted in retrial of conspiracy, fraud
                              Aspen reacts to Ken Lay's         and money laundering. Prosecutors
                              death                             asking for four convictions to be erased,
Appeals court postpones       VIDEO FROM AP                     his lawyers are challenging a fifth.
Skilling's prison date Dec 11 Skilling insists he's innocent    DETAILS
2006 10:53PM                  Ken Lay dies
                              Key figures react                 • Dan Boyle
•                             What's next?                      3 years, 10 months. DETAILS
                              Ken Lay shocked
Skilling won't have to report Skilling speaks                   • James A. Brown
to prison yet Dec 11 2006     Guilty verdicts for ex-execs      3 years, 10 months. DETAILS
7:54PM                        Prosecutors pleased
                              Workers still struggling
                                                               Acquittal: 2
                              Ex-employee rebuilds
                              Anatomy of a scandal
•                               PHOTO GALLERIES
                             Jeff Skilling sentenced —                • Sheila Kahanek
Skilling's prison has good                                    Not guilty. DETAILS
                             Former CEO faces the judge.
food, no bars on windows
Dec 11 2006 3:25PM           10/23/06
                                                              • Michael Krautz
                             September                        Found not guilty in second trial, May
                             Andrew Fastow sentenced          2006. First trial ended in mistrial.
•                            — Former chief financial         DETAILS
                             officer gets seven years in
Enron case plaintiffs ask to prison. 9/26/06                 Conviction overturned: 2
dismiss V&E Dec 8 2006       July
11:35PM                      Lay's Houston memorial —
                             Family and friends, including 
                                                                       • Arthur Andersen
                                                              Government won't retry. DETAILS
•                            high-profile guests, say
                             farewell. 7/12/06
                             Lay memorial in Aspen —          • William Fuhs
Former Enron accountant                                       Convictions thrown out on appeal for
                             Many, including Jeffrey
must report on Jan. 2 Dec 8 Skilling, gather to mourn         lack of evidence. DETAILS
2006 11:35PM
                             Lay's passing. 07/09/06
                             Lay dies — A look back at       Case dropped: 1
•                            the Enron founder's life.
                             7/05/06                                  • David Duncan
                                                MORE PHOTOS        Plea and charge withdrawn.      DETAILS
Causey gets Jan. 2 deadline
to surrender in Enron case
Dec 8 2006 6:17PM                                                 In limbo: 2

•                                                                         • Robert Furst
                                                                   Conviction overturned on appeal.
                                                                   Government could retry. DETAILS
Lawyers claim Enron fraud
case really about theft Dec 5
2006 10:31PM                                                       • Daniel Bayly
                                                                   Conviction overturned on appeal.
                                                                   Government could retry. DETAILS
                                                                  Others charged: 8
Time runs out Dec. 12 for                                         Broadband division
Skilling's freedom Dec 1
2006 10:52PM
                                                                         • Joe Hirko
                                                                   Awaiting retrial. DETAILS
                                                                   • Rex Shelby
Houston musical parodies                                           Awaiting retrial.   DETAILS

Enron scandal Nov 30 2006
2:52PM                                                             • F. Scott Yeager
                                                                   Awaiting retrial. DETAILS
                                                                  British bankers
Prosecutors have a few
options for pursuing barge                                                • Gary Mulgrew
case Nov 24 2006 10:35PM                                           Extradited, awaiting trial.   DETAILS

•                                                                  • David Bermingham
                                                                   Extradited, awaiting trial.   DETAILS

Government drops
                                                                   • Giles Darby
challenge against Lay                                              Extradited, awaiting trial.   DETAILS
record Nov 20 2006 10:33PM
                                                                  TRIAL CALENDAR
•                                                                 • Kenneth Rice
                                                                  Sentencing scheduled Jan. 16 for
Leniency given in Enron         former broadband unit CEO.
pair's sentencing Nov 17        • Kevin Hannon
2006 10:56PM                    Sentencing Jan. 16 for former
                                broadband unit chief operating
•                               officer.
                                • Kevin Howard
                                Sentencing Feb. 5 for former
2 former Enron executives       broadband unit finance chief.
receive prison terms Nov 17     • Ex-executives of Enron
2006 10:50AM
                                Broadband Services
                                Joe Hirko, Rex Shelby, Scott Yeager
•                               face retrial.
                                TRIAL BLOGS
Enron's Kopper, Koenig to
be sentenced today Nov 16                ENRON: TRIAL WATCH
2006 7:17PM                              Latest news on the Lay-
                                         Skilling trial

                                         Podcast on Skilling
Lay's death leads senators
to offer restitution measure             LOREN STEFFY
Nov 16 2006 7:17PM                       Business-blogging the Lay-
                                         Skilling trial
                                         ENRON: LEGAL
Skilling settles employee
                                         Lawyers blog on the Lay-
case Nov 16 2006 7:17PM                  Skilling trial

•                                        Was Houston the Right
                                         Place for this Trial.
Steffy: In odd way,
accountant owes thanks to
Fastow Nov 16 2006 7:17PM


Bill would let crime victims
seek restitution if defendant
dies Nov 16 2006 3:43PM


Enron's top accountant gets
5 1/2 years, fine Nov 15
2006 11:00PM


Skilling ordered to report to
Minnesota prison by Dec.12
Nov 15 2006 11:00PM


Last of Enron's bigwigs
learn fates this week Nov 12
2006 11:02PM


Enron's ex-accounting chief
to learn his fate this week
Nov 12 2006 5:21PM


Fastow won't be serving
time in the prison of his
choice Nov 9 2006 10:59PM


Appeals panel upholds
decision to clear Lay Nov 6
2006 10:31PM


Panel rejects challenge to
erasing of Lay's convictions
Nov 6 2006 8:43PM


Enron collections near
billion mark Nov 3 2006


Fastow, corporate convicts
use rehab to cut time Nov 3
2006 11:03PM


Enron settlements near $1
billion mark Nov 3 2006


Task force prosecutors
prosper after Enron case
Nov 1 2006 10:31PM


Enron to settle suit over
Lay's life insurance Oct 31
2006 3:01PM

 Man writes children's book
 about the collapse of Enron
 Oct 26 2006 6:24PM


 Skilling wants 'crown jewel'
 of prison system Oct 24 2006


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Peter Elkind           .... Himself

Andrew Fastow          .... Himself

David Freeman          .... Himself

Philip Hilder          .... Himself

Al Kaseweter           .... Himself

Kenneth Lay            .... Himself

Jay Leno               .... Himself (archive footage)

Bill Lerach            .... Himself

Loretta Lynch          .... Herself

Amanda Martin-Brock .... Herself

Bethany McLean         .... Herself

Mike Muckleroy         .... Himself

Reverend James Nutter .... Himself

John Olson             .... Himself
   Lou L. Pai             .... Himself

   Kevin Phillips         .... Himself

   David V. Porter        .... "David" a Quoted Enron Trader

   Nancy Rapoport         .... Herself

   Harvey Rosenfield      .... Himself
                          .... Himself (archive footage)
   Maria Shriver          .... Herself (archive footage)

   Jeff Skilling          .... Himself

   Mimi Swartz            .... Herself

   Sherron Watkins        .... Herself

   Colin Whitehead        .... Himself

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