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Research Market Opportunity Presen


									Research Market Opportunity: Presence in IMS


As the value of all bearer services, including voice and raw data, become increasingly
commoditized, there will be accelerated downward price pressure on voice services and even
basic data service. This is driven by a variety of factors including increasingly great capacity,
which will become even more of a supply-side factor with LTE. On the demand side, bear
services, particularly data, continues to grow at a healthy pace, but there are limits to growth in
bearer service for consumer and even enterprise usage. This drives the need for incumbent
operators to recognize that core services will provide less marginal profitability over time and
that profitability and revenue growth must come from deployment of Value-added Service
(VAS) applications.

Presence represents a capability that facilitates the implementation of VAS applications. In other
words, presence, like location determination is not an application by itself but rather is an enabler
of applications that add value. This report evaluates presence in general, presence in IP
Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) networks and applications, and analyzes some specific
applications that will benefit from presence.

Target Audience:

Next Generation Network (NGN) suppliers
IMS equipment and software vendors
Mobile and fixed network operators
Systems integration companies

Table of Contents :

Executive Summary 3

Overview 4

Evolution of Presence 4

Presence Concepts and Definitions 5

Example Application: Presence and IPTV 6

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