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									                           Eating Lots of Salt Can Have a Negative Impact on the Body

        You have probably heard that eating lots of salt can have a negative impact on the body.
However, a study says that reducing salt kontorversial can actually increase the risk of death from heart
attack and stroke.

The findings showed that those who eat less salt, about one teaspoon per day, showed no positive
effects on health. This than those who eat more salt. Those who ate less salt even higher risk of death
from heart disease.

The study also found that salt intake is above the average did not increase the likelihood of high blood
pressure. The study involved 3681 healthy women and men in Europe, with a 60-year age range.

As reported by the Daily Mail website, research conducted over the past eight years measuring levels of
sodium in the urine at the beginning and end of the study.

Those who consume less salt have a mortality risk 56 percent higher because of a heart attack or stroke,
than those who consume more. This figure appears without prejudice to other risk-enhancing factors
such as obesity, cholesterol levels, smoking, and diabetes.

There were 50 deaths of respondents who had the lowest salinity, 24 deaths were respondents with
intake, and 10 deaths with a high intake.

The results are published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Released three months
after the U.S. government launched a campaign urging restaurants and health food manufacturers to
reduce salt use.

"We do not support a reduction in salt intake because of the results of the research community," said
Jan Staessen, lead researcher and Head of the Laboratory of Hypertension at the University of Leuven,

However, scientists did not give further details on the results of their research. They just speculate that
low levels of salt in the body can trigger panic nervous system, increased sensitivity to insulin, as well as
the influence of hormones controlling blood pressure and sodium absorption.

The research is clear controversy. Some experts said that people should still eat less salt. The study
included disanksikan because only people with normal blood pressure, and young and relatively healthy.

While previous research that supports the intake of salt reduction campaign, involving people with high
blood pressure, elderly, obese and tend to react negatively if you eat lots of salt. Many studies say that
salt is bad for the body.

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