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									                   Human Growth and Development: STD Game
EALRs:                                WA State Learning Goals 1, 2, 3
Health & Fitness 2.0 – The student acquires the knowledge and skills necessary to
maintain a healthy life: Recognize patterns of growth and development, reduce
health risks, and live safely.

Working with others to create a project to review information on sexually
transmitted diseases will reinforce concepts of abstinence and disease prevention
and allow students to practice effective communication skills.

Behavioral Objectives:
1. Student groups will create and produce board games that display evidence of
   their knowledge of STDs.
2. Students will use technical writing skills to compose instructions to play their

135-150 minutes (2-3 class periods)

Materials Needed:
Student group project assignment and scoring guide
Class notes and handouts on STDs
Poster board, markers, glue, other art supplies as needed

Anticipatory Set:
Journal: Describe 3 classifications of STDs and at least 2 ways to prevent
contracting them.

Instructional Content:
1. Ask the class to share some of their answers.
2. Relate to information on bacterial, viral, and parasitic classifications of STD,
   abstinence and monogamous relationships.
3. Form student groups to create and produce a board game to teach about at least
   8 of the STDs covered in class, including Chlamydia, herpes, gonorrhea,
   syphilis, HIV/AIDs, HPV, genital lice, scabies, hepatitis B, PID.
4. Explain group assignment and scoring.
5. Facilitate student access to supplies.
VanderWerff 2006
6. Students work for remainder of period and the following day.
7. Students will play each other’s games during the 3rd class period.

Based on;
1. student groups’ self assessment
2. teacher assessment
3. peer assessment on clarity of directions.

Day 1. Have each group share one strategy they used to work effectively as a team.

Day 2. Have each group share the name of their game.

Day 3. Ask each group to assess the success of their game and their teamwork.

VanderWerff 2006

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