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									High School Assessment Program (HSAP)


What is HSAP?
The High School Assessment Program (HSAP) meets both federal and state

It meets the requirement of the South Carolina Education Accountability Act
(EAA) of 1998 that each public school student pass an exit examination to
receive a South Carolina high school diploma.

It is also used to measure students' academic achievement on high school
standards in accordance with the federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001

The HSAP assesses selected South Carolina academic standards in English
language arts and mathematics that students have had opportunity to learn
by the end of the tenth grade. The standards assessed on the HSAP are
outlined in the HSAP ELA Test Blueprint and HSAP Math Test Blueprint.

Who takes HSAP?
Students who meet the state HSAP participation guidelines will take the
HSAP, unless they meet the state qualifications for alternate assessment. For
information on testing specific groups of students, please refer to the
Frequently Asked Questions link on this page.

What does the HSAP measure?
The HSAP is based on the South Carolina Curriculum Standards for English
language arts (ELA) and mathematics that teachers use in classroom

The English language arts examination consists of multiple-choice and
constructed-response items and an extended-response writing item.
Students may use dictionaries only during the extended-response writing
portion of the examination.

The mathematics test consists of multiple-choice items and three
constructed-response items that require students to show their work to
support their answers. Students may choose to use calculators while taking
any part of the mathematics examination.

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