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					EVALUATION FORM Small Business Learning Sessions
Thank you for attending! Please spend a few minutes to complete
and hand in before you leave. Your feedback is valuable to us!

Session: _________________________ Date: ____________Location: ___________________
Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements: (Please circle one)

I was satisfied with this Small Business Learning Session

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The presenter demonstrated a solid knowledge of the topic area covered today.

           Strongly Disagree              1         2          3         4          5         6          7         Strongly Agree

As a result of attending this session:
        I have a better understanding of the topic covered today.

           Strongly Disagree              1         2          3         4          5         6          7         Strongly Agree

Comments on the session and/or any additional information The Business Link can provide to you:

How did you hear about the session offered today? (i.e. brochure, email, social media site)
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□ other: _______________

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Please note that this section is optional and the information collected is subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act. The information gathered
is used solely by The Business Link to enhance our services and is held in the strictest of confidence.

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