ZETA 2008 Supply List

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					                                                         ZETA Unit
                            North                            Supply

                          2008-2009                     Survival List

                                                USB Flash Drive (optional)
Dear Zeta Parents & Students,                   Scientific calculator with your name
                                                 on it
                                                Transparent protractor
                                                Ruler with both English (inches) and
We are sure you are eager to take                metric measurements
                                                (2) 3-ring binders with 2” rings, and
advantage of the many “Back To School”
                                                 pockets for literature & language,
sales. In order to assist you in making          math & social studies)
                                                (4) Packs of 5 section dividers for:
your purchases, we have developed a
                                                 literature, language arts, social
list of supplies essential for survival in       studies, & math
                                                (2) Marble composition notebooks
the ZETA Unit.
                                                (1) Heavy duty pocket folder
                                                (3) Packs of hole-punched loose-leaf
                                                 paper - *refill throughout the year
 Looking forward to a wonderful year,           (10) #2 lead pencils
                                                Blue or black pens (not erasable)
            Ms. Berkey-Carr                     (2) Different colored highlighters
             Ms. Charnley                       Colored pencils
              Ms. Crespo                        Glue sticks
                Ms. Fava                        (3) Rolls of scotch tape
             Ms. Laskowitz                      (3) 100 pack of index cards 3X5
              Mrs. Mierta                       Hand held plastic pencil sharpener
              Mr. Niemis                        Zipper pouch to hold supplies
             Mr. O’Connor                       Plastic hole puncher
                                                Graph paper
                                                Book covers for all text books

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