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									  Mage Guide - Best Mage Spec for PvE

Since Mages are damage dealers, you can put up quite some damage
specialized on any spell line. However, the Fire Mage spec allows you to deal
insane amounts of single target and AoE damage, which makes it ideal for PvE.
But to squeeze every drop of effectiveness as a Fire Mage, some of the spells in
the Fire ability tree must be left out. So, in this short Mage guide I'm going to
tell you which talents you should leave out from the Fire tree, and which you
should train from the Arcan tree.

Talents to Leave Out from the Fire Talent Tree

Although most of the Fire talents are PvE oriented, focused in boosting your
Fire damage single target and AoE spells and reducing the mana cost of your
spells, there are a few talents that aren't too helpful for PvE DPS. These are:

Blazing Speed. This improves your movement speed and removes your
movement impairing effects when hit by melee or ranged attacks. Needless to
say, this is a PvP talent, and it shouldn't be in your DPS Mage spec.

Cauterize. This effects allows you to come back to 40% of your total HP after
being hit by an attack that would have normally killed you. However, you will
be damaged for 12% of your life for your next 6 seconds. This talent might
somewhat help your healers in a raid. But it's best to save those points for
something else. This is more of a PvP talent than one for PvE.
Molten Shields. This talent improves your Blazing Shields (a talent that you
shouldn't have as a DPS Fire Mage in the first place) and also reduces your
Mage Ward spell by 1 second. It is pretty useless for PvE.

Talents to Train from the Arcane Talent Tree

The second part of this short Mage guide refers to the remaining points, 6 to
be more specific, after training 35 points in the Fire tree. It's best to train these
6 remaining points in the first Arcane talents. These talents have a direct effect
to your DPS effectiveness. The 2 that you should choose are:

Arcane Concentration - grants you a 10% chance to consume no mana on your
next spell, after hitting any target with any spell. It's a pretty useful talent for
PvE. Saving mana will allow you to cast more spells before hitting Evocation,
and therefore to be more effective.

Netherwind Presence - a pretty simple talent, but a PvE-oriented one that
increases your global damage by 3%.

I hope this short Mage guide is useful to you.

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