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									 Midland Minnie

      Laney Hawn
Highland Park Elementary
      Spring, 2009
   Midland Minnie is the oldest human
remains found in Texas. The bones were
found to be female and thus they named
them Midland Minnie. Her more scientific
name that most archaeologists and scientists
used is Llana.
    Location and Description
        Midland Minnie was found in Midland county, Texas.
Midland county is in the southern part of the High Plains. Its
regular temperature average is about ninety-five degrees
maximum and thirty degrees minimum. [Fahrenheit] But,
when Midland Minnie was alive, the land was cool and
humid. She was part of the Folsom culture in the late
Pleistocene age.
       Significant Artifacts
When Midland Minnie was excavated, she had
quite a lot with her other than fossilize bones.
They found Folsom points, projectile points, and
chert shards. Also, a basket and some bits of rope.
Midland Minnie had a
complete skull when
she was found, she
also had a long head
like the image on the
right. [that is not her]
      History of Excavation
Midland Minnie was excavated in 1953.
She was radiocarbon tested twice, one
reading saying she was 20,000 to 37,000
years old and the other saying she was
between 10,000 and12,000 years old.
Scientists are still arguing about it today.
  Knowledge of Midland Minnie
        based on bones
     Midland Minnie was      Midland Minnie might
found to be part of the      be from another
ancient long-headed
                             culture that came here
people from the studies of
her skull. The ancient       from a different place
people who crossed the       a different way.
Bearing straight land
bridge were from the same
time, but round-headed.
 Midland Minnie bids Goodbye

Midland Minnie linked us to the past. She
 might even lead us on some new
 discoveries. She will be remembered
The End

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