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Queries raised by Director _Tariff_ on ARR and Tariff Application of .._2_


									Queries raised by Director
 (Tariff) on ARR and BSP
       Application of
  GRIDCO for FY 2011-12
• In TRT-15, it is observed that the coal price of different
  Central Thermal Stations varies widely. For instance,
  the coal prices of some of these stations for the month of
  September’10 is given below :
             Price of Coal              GCV of Coal
FSTPS        Rs.4254.29/mt              3746 Kcal/kg
KSTPS        Rs.2096.89/mt              2974 Kcal/kg
TSTPS        Rs.1647.13/mt              2674.40 Kcal/kg
TTPS         Rs.841.58/mt               3406.00 Kcal/kg
• GRIDCO may explain as to why there are wide
  variations in coal prices and GCVs from station to
  station. Also action taken by GRIDCO to ascertain the
  reasons of such variations may be furnished.
• GRIDCO has suggested the BSP of 290.26 P/U (a rise
  of 70.5% over the current year BSP 170.25 P/U) to
  recover its full ARR without leaving any gap for FY
  2011-12. If the total cost proposed by GRIDCO is
  approved and the same is passed on to DISCOMs,
  then it will result in a substantial rise in Retail Tariff
  for consumers. The present average retail supply tariff
  of 320.58 p/u shall become 473.85 p/u i.e. rise of the
  order of around 153.27 p/u (48% rise). GRIDCO,
  therefore, may suggest other possible ways to recover
  the said cost with nominal implication on RST.
• Monthly Statement of Cash flow for the current year
  2010-11(Actuals upto January 2011) may be
  furnished.                                              3
• Loan availed upto end of January 2011(for
  the FY 2010- 11) may be submitted.
• In absence of any communication from
  DISCOMs, GRIDCO has considered the
  energy demand of 22755.20 MU for the
  DISCOMs based on the Business Plan
  approved by the Commission. However,
  DISCOMs in their submission have
  projected 23,014 MU for FY 2011-12.
  GRIDCO may furnish its Plan for meeting
  such energy demand of DISCOMs.
• Miscellaneous Receipts: GRIDCO in its ARR for
  2011-12 has shown an amount of Rs.5.10 crore
  towards receivables from NALCO & ICCL on
  account of supply of 10 MU emergency power under
  the head Miscellaneous Receipt. It is observed from
  Performance Review for the year 2009-10 and 2010-
  11 (upto September’ 10) that GRIDCO has earned
  Rs.127.79 crore & Rs.58.35 crore by supplying
  emergency power of 301.86 MU & 114.40 MU
  respectively to NALCO & ICCL. GRIDCO may
  clarify the reasons for projecting a low quantum of
  the order of 10 MU of emergency power supply to
  NALCO & ICCL and the resultant low
  Miscellaneous Receipts for FY 2011-12.             5

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