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					                       Rowley Math Facts
One of the most challenging math assessments in first grade requires memorization of
addition and subtraction facts. The district has adopted a program known as the Rowley
Method to help students with this task.
In class we will be practicing math facts using the Rowley Method. The calendar shows which
math fact your child should be working on at home. Usually we take the test on Friday.
Some facts we work on for 2 weeks, so will take the RM test both weeks. I will let you know
by email if your child passed. We move on in class. If your student does NOT pass have
them work a little bit on the old fact and the new fact, according to the calendar.
I will email the weekly practice sheet for your child to study. We start with 2 through 5
addition, then 2 through 5 subtraction, then 6 through 9 addition, and last, 6 through 9
subtraction. As we progress each week, I will send home more pages. Most parents either
make copies of them or put them in paper protectors, and use whiteboard marker. I will also
post it on my classroom webpage . Here is the procedure:

       1. Fold the first row of the PRACTICE sheet back. This is used to help them study
          their facts. Students are learning a variety of strategies to memorize (Say the Fact,
          Write in the Sky, Telephone Talk, Tell it to the Hand)
       2. Your child will study 3 to 4 facts on row #1 using above strategies.
       3. The students will turn over their practice sheet (answers not showing) and try to
          answer the facts on the next row. Give him/her 20 seconds.
       4. After 20 seconds, tell your child to “STOP, PUT YOUR PENCIL DOWN AND
          CHECK YOUR ANSWERS”. Give your child about 20 seconds to check his/her
          answers (unfold the top row to compare).
       5. Repeat this process for the remainder of the rows. About 2-3 rows per sitting is
       You can use flash cards as a study change. Because they are small, they can go in the
car to study on trips. Write the facts on an index card. Put the answer on the back of the
card. When the student is using them to memorize the fact, they say the fact, flip over the
card and can say and see the answer. To test, them they can try to give the answer without
looking at it.

Some students memorize better by looking at the fact, saying it, and writing it. Give your
child paper, let them look at the answer row, say the fact, write the fact. Do 3 or 4 at a time.
They can do # 3 above using the practice sheet.

Thank you,
Mrs. Matelski

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