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Reporting on Women and Agriculture_ Africa


									Reporting on Women and
   Agriculture: Africa

       Cece M. Fadope

        October 2009
What are the goals of this project?
                   • toincrease and sustain
                   accurate, consistent, and
                   more rigorous news media
                   reporting on agriculture and
                   rural development
                   • to incorporate women’s
                   roles, stories, needs and
                   solutions in the coverage of
                   agriculture and rural
                   • to create more gender
                   equality in newsrooms
    The Reporting Environment in the
           Focus Countries
• Only four percent of media coverage is
  devoted to agriculture.
• Women are almost invisible in the media.
• Whether female or male, farmers’ voices
  were in the minority in agriculture.
• Fully 84 percent of the agriculture coverage
  focused on breaking news; little coverage
  took the forms of analysis, in-depth
  features, investigative pieces and farmer
    COEs = Centers of Excellence
  L’Essor and Radio Klédu

                            The Daily Monitor and the Uganda
                                Broadcasting Corporation

  The Times and the Zambian
National Broadcasting Corporation
                The Project in Phases
• Phase I: production of report
   – conduct baseline research
   – selection of countries and Centers of Excellence
   – Begin training activities with TOT

• Phase II: selection of COEs, launch of training, and development of
  monitoring and evaluation
   – Changing the narrative about the role of women in Agriculture
   – Hold Leadership Institute to build skills for women in newsrooms
   – Empower women farmers by amplifying their voices as
     authorities in agricultural production

• Phase III: ongoing COE training
   – continue ongoing, on-the-ground training
   – hold Leadership Institutes in 2010 and 2011
   – Monitor and evaluate
          Where are we going?

• Ongoing training at the COEs towards
  telling women’s stories in farming work
• Building and maintaining the IWMF network
• Leadership Institutes in 2010, 2011
• Intensifying training and skills-building for
  investigative reporting
• Ongoing monitoring and sharing of
  journalists success stories
                Changing Face of

                                Jatropha Tree Farm in Lusaka

Part-time woman tree farmer
                              Women Farmer’s Cooperative in
                                 Mouribabougou, Mali
            Taking it to the Newsroom

                                   Journalist at UBC in Kampala
Journalist at ZNBC in Lusaka

Journalist in the lobby of Radio     Director of HR, ZNBC in Lusaka
      Kledu in Bamako
             Indicators of Success

• Increased quantity of news reports about women,
  agriculture and rural communities
• Greater public awareness of the role of women in
• Models of good reporting on using women as sources in
  agriculture stories
• Strengthened commitment to improving women’s
  participation in newsroom decision making
• Women farmers access to information through
  responsive and responsible news reporting
• Statements by policymakers on improving rural
  communities linked to news reporting

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