HOLIDAY HOME WORK CLASS : VII                      SESSION : 2012-2013
Dear students your summer vacation will start from 16th May,2012 and school will reopen on 27th June,2012
ENGLISH : (a) Collect information about atleast five real life heroes and prepare a project. (b) Read
newspaper daily to enhance your vocabulary and paste a thought provoking editorial. Identify parts of
speech in it. (c) Make a poster with appropriate slogans to highlight the need to conserve water from
Grammar book Pg -234. (d) Work book : complete comprehension on Pg 29, 30 and Paragraph on Page 36
(e) Learn and write understanding words better Gr. Book L – 33 to 1 to 20 (f) Do letters from Gr. Book Pg –
196 Q 7, 9 in your creative copy. (g) Watch English News Channels daily and write a paragraph about your
favourite News Reader / any special news or event. (h) Write diary entries of any two days of your
fgUnh : e/kqfjek&¼1½ ikB & 4 ls ikB&7 rd “kCnkFkZ fy[ks vkSj okD; cukvksA (main copy)
¼2½ dgkuh lap; &ikB & 4 ls ikB&7 rd dfBu “kCn nks&nks ckj fy[ksA ¼3½ lkekU; dk;Z ¼
O;kdj.k dkih es ½& ¼d½ i;kZ;okph &11 ls 20] ¼[k½ foykse& mfpr ls lkdkj ¼x½
vusdkFkZd & v/kj ls d`’.k] ¼?k½ fHkUukFkZd & 1 ls 5] ¼M½ eqgkojs & 12 ls 21 ¼4½
^ckyJe^ ij ,d ys[k fy[kksA ¼fp= lfgr½ jpukRed dkWih es djuk ¼5½ ^dYiuk pkoyk^ ds thou
ds ckjs esa tkudkjh izkIr djds ifj;kstuk rS;kj djksA ¼6½fopkjdksa vkSj nk”kZfudksa dh
lwfDr;ksa ij ,d pkVZ rS;kj djsaA ¼dksbZ 10½ ¼7½ e/kqfjek] dgkuh⪅ vkSj O;kdj.k ds
ikB&2vkSj ikB&4;kn djsaA O;kdj.k dk lkekU; dk;Z ;kn djsA ¼8½ dqN vko”;d iqLrdsa [kjhnus
ds fy, vfrfjDr :i;s fHktokus ds fy, firk th dks i= fyf[k,A ¼9½ ^lPpkbZ^ ls ;k ifjJe ls lacaf/kr ,d
dgkuh fy[kksA ¼fp= lfgr½ jpukRed dkWih esA
MATHEMATICS : PROJECT : (i) S. no. 1 to 10 : properties of multiplication of integers (explain with
examples) (ii) 11 to 20 : Make a chart of conversion of units of mass, length , capacity. (iii) 21 to
30 : Draw Bar graph of no. of matches won by various teams in IPL, 2012. (iv) S. No. 31 to ……. : Triangle
and its properties Do these questions in H.W. Copy : Pg. no. 97 Q : 4, 7, 8, 9 , Pg. no. 155 Q : 6, 8, 9; Pg. no.
279 Q :2,9 Q : 9 Pg. no. 283 Q : 9, 10 ; Pg. no. 285 Q : 3 , 10.(v) Collect the Worksheet available at
the school website and solve it in H.W. copy.
SCIENCE : (i) Revise lesson 2 and 5 and do 20 general questions from each of them. (ii) Collect information
about the scientific discoveries / inventions made by any one scientist and prepare for discussion (iii)
Design a poster / banner / pamphlets on any one topic : Save water , prevention of air pollution , Global
warming (iv) Prepare a project on : (a) Water as disaster – Tsunami (S. No. 1 to 10) (b) Satellites launched
by India recently (S. no. 11 to 20) (c) Acid rain (S. No. 21 to 30) (d) Parasitic Plants (S. No. 31 to 44) (v)
Collect the Worksheet available at the school website and solve it in H.W. copy.
SOCIAL SCIENCE : (1) Make activities in “Manual Activity Book” : (i) Draw different types of rocks and
write 3 lines on each. (ii) Draw diagram of different layers of atmosphere on each. (iii) Show the Empire of
Ala – ud – din Khilji in the physical map of India. (2) Make a project on any one of the following according
to 1 to 11-Qutab Minar S. no. 12 to 22 : Saving the planet earth S. no. 23 to 33 – Akbar the great S. no.
34 to 43-Lok Sabha election 2014. (3) Make 10 extra question from Civics L – 2 , 3 (4) History L –3, Geo – 2
and Civics L -1 for F.A.2 (5) Write questions in H.W. History : L 2 Q.C – 2, 4, 5 Geo : L – 2 Q. C – 1, 3, 6
Civics : L-2 C-2,3,5.
laLd`r : Ukohu df.kdk laLd`r ikBekyk &¼1½ ikB&3] 4] 5 ds “kCnkFkZ djksaA ¼2½
fgUnqeklkuka ukekfu fy[kr~ ¼fgUnq eghuksa ds uke fy[kksa½ ¼3½ ckyxhre~ & ^izkr% dky%^
pkVZ cukdj ;kn djksaA ikB& 4 ^”kDrs% efgek &^”kDrs% izeq[ka L=ksr% lw;Z% orZrs^ n”kokD;kfu
ikBkr~ fpRok fy[kr ikB&5-& fo|kfo’k;dku~ iap”yksdku~ lady;r~ ¼fo|k fo’k;d ik¡p “yksd fy[kksa ½
df.kdk dkih esa djksA O;kdj.k & “kCn:Ik & efr] cqf)] lk/kqq] Hkkuq fy[kksa] /kkrq:Ik &
vl~]d`]Hkw]ue~]& yV~] y`V o yM-~ ydkj esa fy[kksA vifBr x|ka”k & ¼i`0 &122½ 1]2 djksaA]
fp=k/kkfjr o.kZu & ¼i`’B & 126½ 1]2 djksa ¼O;kdj.k dk dk;Z O;kdj.k dkWih es djksa½
G.K.: (1) Collect and write 5 headlines of each Political Entertainment Games news on national level. (2)
Write& Learn State , Capitals & their Chief Minister (3) Learn F.A-1 Course , Do Current Affairs Latest
Who’s Who.
DRAWING : (1) Draw and Colour the following topics in the drawing files : (i) Save water poster (ii)
Birthday Greeting (iii) Fruits Composition (shade) (2) Make any one of the activity : (a) Flowers using
stockings, duplex paper or any other material (b) Photo frames using newspaper rolls.
COMPUTER : (i) Solve the given worksheet (ii) Design an attractive web page on “Avoid Junk Food” and
paste the print out in your copy. (5 Marks) (iii) Learn for F.A. 1
PHY EDUCATION – Project on IPL Cricket 5th 2012 (20 Page)
                 WORKSHEET FOR CLASS : VII [12-13] SUBJECT - MATHS

1. Find ( - 25) × (- 32) by distributive property.

2. Simplify 639 – (- 436) + (- 839)

3. Simplify :     26 – 6 × 2 of 9 + (40 – 20)  5

4. Subtract the sum of 873 and – 3000 from the sum of – 904 and 7093.

5. The sum of two integers is310. If one of the integer is – 80. Find the other integers.

6. Which is greater :      of      OR      of

7. A fruit seller buys 720 fruits of which          are apples that he bought ,     were found to be

   rotten. If he sold all the good apples at Rs. 5       each. How much money did he receive on

   selling all the good apples.

8. Simplify : 4

9. (a) Find 272 seconds as a fraction of an hours and minutes.

   (b) Write 730 hours in days and hours.

10. How many pieces of ribbon of length 0.35m can be cut from a piece 9.8m long.

11. Find in Kilograms the total mass of a bag of flour of mass 2.6Kg, a ajar of jam of mass

   460gm and a packet of rice of mass 500gm.

12. Reduce the following rational number to the simplest form : (a)           (b)

13. Represent     ,     on number line.

14. Simplify :               -

15. Mr. Gupta bought 6Kg 800gm mangoes and 4Kg 250gm apples. Mr. Bansal bought 5Kg

   600gm oranges and 5Kg 550gm bananas who bought more fruits.

16. Subtract the sum of 9 and – 35 from the sum of – 45 and – 65.

17. In a class of 35 students ,    of the total number of student went for a picnic find the no. of

   student did not go for picnic.

18. The side of an equilateral triangle is 2.8cm. Find the perimeter of triangle.
                                      WORKSHEET [2012-13]

                               CLASS-VII      SUBJECT-SCIENCE

I. Answer the following questions in brief:-
       1. What will happen to life on earth in the absence of photosynthesis?
       2. What is the function of ‘kink” in a clinical thermometer?
       3. What precautions to be taken in using a laboratory thermometer?
       4. What is the correlation between nutrition in insectivorous plants and their habitat?
       5. How will you prove that heat is a form of energy?
       6. What are villi ? What is their location and function?
       7. Where is the bile produced? Where is it stored? What is its function in the digestion
          of food?
       8. Why do we get instant energy from glucose?
       9. Write one similarity and one difference between nutrition in amoeba and human
       10. State the similarities and differences between the laboratory and clinical
       11. One litre of water at 400C is mixed with one litre of water at 600C, What will be the
          temperature of the mixture?
       12. Proteins are nitrogenous {nitrogen-containing} food. How do plants get nitrogen for
          making proteins?
       13. What is the range of a clinical thermometer on Celsius scale and on Fahrenheit
          scale? Mention the normal temperature of human body on both scales?
       14. When does the flow of heat from a hot object to a cold object stop?
       15. Differentiate between ingestion and egestion.
II. Give reason for the following:-
       1. Saprophytes keep the environment clean.
       2. A laboratory thermometer is not suitable for measuring human body temperature.
       3. Wearing more layers of clothing during winter keeps us warmer than wearing just
          one thick piece of clothing.
       4. In places of hot climate it is advised that the outer walls of houses be painted white.
       5. Stainless steel pans are usually provided with copper bottoms.
       6. The clinical thermometer has a short temperature range from 350C to 420C.
III.   Name the following:-
       1. The thermometer which can automatically record the highest and lowest
          temperatures reached during the whole day.
       2. A plant that has both autotrophic and heterotrophic mode of nutrition.
       3. The various organs of the human digestive system and their associated glands.

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