Unit8 First aids Teaching Plan by 9N9T3x


									                                 Teaching Plan
Title     Unit8 First aids               Type                  Listening-speaking
Time      Nov.14th,       Teaching      Guiding          and Teacher Zhang
                 2005 methods           practising                        Hongmei
Aids      Recorder     , Learning       Look-listen-speak Class           Class10,
          Multi-media methods                                             Grade 2
Teaching aims       Knowledge : Talk about some accidents to learn about first
                    Ability : Foster the Ss’ ability of listening and speaking.
                    Moral:Educate Ss to gain more knowledge and to help others.
Important points Improve the Ss’ ability of listening and speaking
Difficult points    How to help the Ss to master the Noun clause.
                                Teaching          procedure
Steps                 Contents                     Activities
              A picture on computer        T: What’s wrong with the man? How to
Leading in    screen .                     save the drowning man?
                                           Ss: Talk about the picture .
Warming       Talk about the pictures      Ss: Watch, think, speak and act out .
 up           on the screen .              T: Play the video and show the
                                           pictures . Direct.
              1. Listen         to     the Ss: Watch , listen and answer the
Listening         materials .              questions.
              2. Check up the answers      T: Show the exercises ,play the tape
                  to the questions .       and direct the Ss to finish them .
              1. Sum up the Useful         Ss: Review, watch , practice in pairs .
Speaking          Expressions .            T: Sum up and direct the Ss to
              2. Practice in pairs .       practice .
Summing       Sum up the main              Ss: Listen .
  up          contents ,tell them the      T: Sum .
              importance of first aid
              Write a composition Ss: Listen .
Homework      about an accident and T: Speak .
              giving first aid.
Blackboard           Unit 8 First aids
 writing        drown              choke   Remarks
                unconscious aid

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